Between Ifa and Lex Luthor of Superman: how the oyinbo stole the story of land creation from the Ọmọ Oodua

It is already well known that the Amorites (Gentiles; oxy-hominoids; non -black, -yellow and -red people) among the oyinbo have been shamelessly but fiendishly plagiarizing the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the non-Gentiles, especially the adulawo (non-nomadic blacks), yet deriding their victims. At the same time they use that which they stole to fill the world, including their selves, with death-inducing stupor. One of such which seems to have passed unnoticed from the Gentiles of the west is their invention of a pantheon of fictional comic-book superheroes that are copied from Aku orishas and are oyinbo and homosexually dressed. The rulers of the Gentiles use such superheroes like Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Justice League, for occultist purposes of the evil kind and prepare their people psychologically for their gods who are unclean spirits to rule physically over them. In the process they steal ideas from the adulawo, especially Ifa. One glaring example is seen in the Superman series.

In a scene of the movie Superman Returns (2006), Lex Luthor who is portrayed as the arch enemy of Superman obtains some kryptonite crystals – according to the comic producers Superman is fatally allergic to kryptonium – and dumps them into a small pool of water that is part of a toy train set. Immediately the crystals begin mix with the water and spread as a hard rock-like material. Armed with this discovery he later drops some of these crystals somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean and the crystals spread forming dry land, his very own island. This creation of dry land in the midst of water is taken right out of Aku history which is documented in Ifa. According to Ifa this happened more than once. The first time this was in the beginning after the earth had been created and when it was covered with water and thus not yet habitable. It is narrated from different angles but the theme remains same.

  • One account has it that Olodumare (the Supreme Being) sent Ọbàtálá his Son to create dry land and gave Him some sand in a snail shell, a five-toed cock and some iron. bàtálá used a gold chain that had been forged by Ogun to descend from Ọrun (spiritual realm; home of the ancestors and of the Aku and all non-Amorites) to and hover over Ile Aye (earth). He then dropped some of the iron into the water and poured the sand onto it following which dry land emerged. Next, He let the cock onto the land and it began spreading it by using its toes to scratch it. Thereafter, He was able to land on it. Another version of this account makes mention of bàtálá having with him a pigeon in addition to the cock, and both birds spreading the sand.
  • According to another account, Olodumare sent the sixteen Odus of Ifa to make the earth habitable under the condition that they first performed necessary sacrifices before embarking on the mission. Fifteen of them did not perform the sacrifices and so could not proceed except for the most junior called Eji Ogbe who accomplished it in six days, including the command to the water to let dry land appear, and rested on the seventh, thus becoming the most senior.
  • Another account has it that Olodumare sent Ọrunmila along with other irunmọlẹ, all carrying parcels, to Ile Aye to make it habitable, a task which included making dry land to emerge.Only he was able to accomplish it, using the same materials as mentioned in the account involving Ọbàtálá except for a net instead of pieces of iron, and was thus the first to set foot on Ile Aye. Before permitting the others to descend He demanded tithes of their parcels.
  • Another time was during the global flood when Olodumare sent Ọbàtálá to create dry land again on the earth just as in the beginning. However, he got drunk on palm wine along the way and dozed off. Oduduwa who was sent by Olodumare to find out the cause of the delay took the materials from Ọbàtálá except the ashẹ and, hanging from a chain, poured the sand over the water following which dry land emerged.
  • Yet another time was when the descendants of Oduduwa who are known today as the Aku (Ekiti, Ijẹbu, Itsẹkiri, Dan, Ga, Yoruba proper or Ọyọ,etc) were migrating from the Sudan area (having previously come from the Middle East) to their original and present homeland called Ile-Ifẹ. Someone sent fifteen people to Ile-Ifẹ and another person named Ọkanbi, Oduduwa’s son, joined them. Ọkanbi was given a trumpeter named Okinkin, a servant named Tetu, something tied up in a piece of black cloth, and a cock,. When they arrived the place was covered with water which they found discouraging but then proceeded on the mission upon considering the consequent retribution, if they returned, of the one who sent them. After entering the water which was found to be shallow, and proceeding for some time, Okinkin blew his trumpet in obedience to the instructions which he had been given by the one who sent them. The blast of the trumpet was to serve as a reminder to Ọkanbi to untie the black cloth. Ọkanbi untied the black cloth and dropped some of the contents which were some sand and a palm nut into the water. The palm nut then grew within minutes into a tall palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). This was not just any palm tree but a special kind with sixteen branches. The sixteen people who were by then tired climbed onto it to rest there till dawn. By morning someone named Okiki saw them from the place where they had been sent and reminded Okinkin of the instruction to blow the trumpet the second time. Upon doing so Ọkanbi opened the black cloth and dropped some sand from it onto the water and it spread, forming a small mound of earth. Next, he dropped let the cock fly onto it and the cock began using its feet to scratch the earth and as it mixed with the water it began to expand into larger and larger areas of dry land. When he observed that a sizeable expanse of dry land had been created, he landed onto the earth and allowed Okinkin and Tetu to do so as well but not yet the other fifteen persons from whom he first demanded they pay him periodic tributes from then onward. The spot where the palm tree grew, where land emerged, was thereafter known as Ifẹ. What many descendants of Oduduwa have forgotten and/or failed to realize is that Ọkanbi is the same person as Ogunthe god of iron/technology who is known to have blazed the trail of the second habitation of Ifẹ and that he is the same person as Ajaka (the name is written in bibles by the oyinbo as Isaac, Genesis 21:3). He is also the same person known to his people the descendants of Oduduwa as Tobe Ode(written in bibles, Genesis 4:22, by the oyinbo as Tubal Cain; the Yoruba name Akin is the original cognate of Cain).

These accounts have been known to the Yoruba since time immemorial, way before the 21st of June 2006 when the oyinbo released Superman Returns. Till date the oyinbo have not acknowledged the source of the land creation idea. A curious detail about the Superman character is that he comes from a planet called Krypton from which the kryptonite crystals were obtained. According to the creators of Superman, this planet was destroyed and Superman who was initially thought to be the only survivor was sent to Ile Aye by his parents who perished.Furthermore, in the movie he saves Ile Aye by removing the island from it. This theft is symptomatic of transference, a mental disorder plaguing the oyinbo and seen in their violent and mostly incorrigible redirection of their severe inferiority complex to blacks.

They want to be seen as saviours but they damage the planet more and more, especially via industrialization and building concrete jungles, and use mass media which they dominate to promote and sustain this fraudulent impression. It is known that their rulers are oxy-hominoids and not from this planet, and this much seems alluded to in the origin of Superman from Krypton which had been destroyed. Perhaps the Superman series is a subliminal reminder of how they destroyed their home (perhaps seen in the industrialized concrete jungles seen in their sci-fi comics and movies) and why they seem incapable of seeing their works, including industrialization, as thoroughly disastrous. Here’s a speculation for conspiracy theorists. What if the oxy-hominoids sent the Voyager space probes to their former home?


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