Apata is the name popularly known in error as Peter

Some years after the Redeemer was born as Eshu to Mọrẹmi (not Mary or Miriam) and Ọbalufọn (Joseph) around 2,000 years ago in the land whose name has been deliberately and schizophrenically falsified by Amorite identity thieves to ‘Israel’, He chose twelve disciples. The name of their leader is popularly known as Peter but this is a deliberate error as the actual rendition in the Aku (aka Ọmọ Oduduwa) language of his people is APATA.

The Edo (Edomites) who are neighbours of the Aku and descended from Idu (also known as Isẹ not Esau), the twin brother of Aku (also known as Ọranyan not Orion) who is the eponymous ancestor of the Aku, speak a closely related language. Thus, Apata is also an Edo name with the same meaning (discussed below) and pronunciation but with a slightly different spelling – AKPATA. The difference is the use of the letters ‘p’ (Aku) and ‘kp’ (Edo) which stems from the script in use  which is not indigenous but imposed by the Amorites via Edi-style perversion and hypnosis.

The ‘p’ sound as pronounced in English and which the Aku have no difficulty in pronunciation does not exist in Yoruba speech. Instead, there is the labio-velar plosive /kp/ which the Amorite colonists taught them to write as ‘p’ but then taught the Edoid and Igboid peoples and descendants of Keturah spread across the Benue Valley and Middle Belt of Nigeria to write same as ‘kp’. The reason was probably to cause them to forget their blood ties, shared history, and promote division. Same was done in the introduction of Amorite concept of language families which have been used for similar purposes e.g lying that languages of the Aku like Yoruba, Ga, Fon, Ewe, etc. belong to different language families and thus imply that the concerned peoples are unrelated.

The /kp/ sound is known to the descendants of Oduduwa (never Abraham) and is easily and correctly pronounced by two groups of blacks who are non-cattle rearers: the true Semites spread across West Africa and the Congo peoples who are the true descendants of Misri (widely known as Egypt) spread across Central Africa. However, it is not known to the Amorite identity thieves, including the synagogue of satan and fake Arabs, who seem unable to pronounce it. If they did they would have included it in their fake languages including ‘Hebrew’ which they have been teaching the world. This inability accounts for their variant spelling of Apata:

  • Peter, according to the western Amorites known as Hellenists who dubiously claim that the name is derived from Latin and that the Redeemer gave him a foreign name
  • Cephas or Kepha, according to the Turkic peoples and eastern Amorites (described in the Bible as people of the east) falsely claiming to be Semites

The first sound which is a vowel was deliberately removed, most likely on purpose by evil-minded Amorites, from translations and transliterations of original texts just as other words like Olosi and Oluwo which they changed to Lucis and Levi respectively. In addition the name was padded at the end with a consonant which can be seen in words like Ifa, Ijebu and Aku which they falsified to Ephod, Jebus and Yakub respectively.

From the Amorite-perverted version of the ‘New’ Testament, a collection of plagiarized and perverted texts, Apata was named thus by the Redeemer who in doing so spoke as Jakuta (the god of thunder and lightening, personification of electrical energy, translated literally as ‘hurler of rocks’). The Yoruba say that if a person is named Apata the meaning and implication is that that person is a rock against which no projectile (ta?), nothing, can penetrate or prevail. Unsurprisingly, this is the same as the Redeemer’s recorded translation in Matthew 16:18

I also tell you that you are APATA, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

Since his people are Aku (all those who acknowledge Ile-Ifẹ as their source; the biological descendants of Aku/Oranmiyan and those Ifa devotees grafted into the assembly/congregation/church of his descendants) and the Amorites have been striking at them with religious, economic, military, psychological and other weapons, it is obvious that the latter are from the gates of Hell and have been trying to prevail against the former.

10 thoughts on “Apata is the name popularly known in error as Peter

  1. Apata is simply the Yoruba name for the man whom in English is known by the name Peter. In the more traditional Aramaic, Cephas is how he is known. Neither of these three translations are “in error” – they are simply three different language names for the same person.


    • He is Yoruba (a NEGRO people) and his name is Apata, never Peter or Cephas which are fraudulent and erroneous and were invented by the swine you defend. When words are translated into other languages, the normal practice is for names to be transliterated as closely as possible to the original, not to pervert them.


      • You are a liar because you have called me a swine and have irrelevantized the Divine place of ALL the nations the Almighty has created. By elevating “NEGRO” above all other peoples, you are no better than a NAZI! In truth – ONLY PHARAO AND PHARISEES TALK LIKE HOW YOU TALK. Every nation has a unique and Divine place in redemption of the earth as do all of God’s creation. I am of the People of Israel will defend my own from the perversity of Pharaonic and Pharisee teaching which only lies and deceives the nations!


  2. What’s more is Cephas was of the Tribe of Judah and that makes him a memebr of the Nation of Israel. We are not a Negro people and we are not swine. We are brown and proud of it and we will defend the integrity of all nations and all colours from the deceit of Satan who is operating in the world to elevate his artificial status over and above God and all He created. You are no better than someone who worships the devil, Satan, if you believe such lies those Hitler spread maliciously while murdering millions of people in the name of racial superiority! How dare you slander a people who have almost been wiped from the face of the earth because of superioritizing ideology like the one you so zealously defend!!!!


  3. Ewe yisrael

    I thank the Olodumare for your life Yemitom keepup the good work. People need to do their research and study the bible to find the truth. My people perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

    Check these on youtube:
    Adolf Hitler and the black jews
    What the jews did to the Germans

    Paul is black too because the chief captain thought he was an egptian (Black), Act 21:38
    The modern day jews are not biblical jews, they are Ashenaz Gen10.
    You might find the website intresting:
    The table of nations
    Proof of hebrew presence in Africa



    • I’ll get back to you as soon as I get more definite info from elders about the traditional knowledge, including names, of constellations. The only immediately obvious relations are the names and associated professions.


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