The other Eshu in Aku (Omo Oduduwa) history

From the versions of bible texts as published by the Amorites the Redeemer was born to his people the Aku ( aka Omo Odududuwa) around 2,000 years ago. Then, His name was Eshu (also written/pronounced as Èṣú and ÈŠÚ) which the Amorites pretending to be Semites write as Yeshu, Yeshua, etc. while the Hellenist Amorites replaced the name with IHCOUC (IeZeus, Iesous, Jesus) which is a modification of Zeus the name of their chief god. There was another person whose life was recorded in bible texts who the Amorites admit had the same name as the Redeemer but which was also mischievously edited. They allege that this person was the son of Nun of the tribe of Ephraim and assisted Moses as their people were led out of ancient Egypt that had been colonized by the Hyksos who are Amorites and his name is recorded in bible texts published by Hellenist Amorites as Joshua and by the pretender Semites as Yeshua (Exodus 32:17; Numbers 12:16-14:38; Book of Joshua).

The Hellenists spread their false religion of the Prince of Greece called Christianity around the world, lying about the Redeemer’s name and publishing in their bibles two deviant versions of His name – Joshua in the ‘old’ testament and ‘Jesus’ in the ‘new’ and the fraudulent Greek Septuagint. Till date they have not been able to explain this discrepancy despite stupidly arguing that both have the same meaning. Perhaps they want the world to believe that the name evolved from ‘Joshua’ to ‘Jesus’. A reason for the discrepancy could be that the books of the ‘old’ testament were plagiarized and mutated by the ancient Greeks who initially colonized the Promised Land, and those of the ‘new’ testament and apocrypha were treated likewise by the ancient Romans who took over. Hence, strange names and different writing styles are seen in the latter as against the former. (The Romans placed a lot of emphasis on oratorical skills and embellished writing as seen in the academia till date, a foolish legacy used to promote class differentiation and supercilious attitudes by those who attend(ed) formal/Amorite education systems.)

The name Eshu is the theophoric part of compound Aku names like Eshubiyi, Eshutosin, Eshuyemi, Eshutosin, etc., any of which could have been of the biblical Joshua who is really Eshu Laalu. Interestingly, by leading his people into the Promised Land he played a role very similar to the Redeemer’s. While the Redeemer led the people spiritually into the Promised Land the son of Nun was His physical representative. This becomes more obvious when it is noted that, Moses, just like Olodumare, did not lead them into the Promised Land (the kingdom prepared by the Olodumare for the Redeemer), and Olodumare told Moses that he would be as God to his people (Exodus 4:16; 34:29-35) implying that Eshu Laalu who was/is always with Moses was like the Redeemer who is always with Olodumare (compare Exodus 17:8-14; 23:20-23; 32:34; 33:7-11;and Deuteronomy 18:15-19 with Deuteronomy 31:1-15).

The identification of Joshua the son of Nun as Eshu Laalu in the Ifa literary corpus would go a long way in getting the correct names of the festivals, and the nations Israel and Egypt/Misri.

There may yet be another person likewise named Eshu (written mischievously as Jeshua and Joshua) who lived during the time of Babylonian-Persian subjugation of Judah and whom Olodumare ordained as High Priest. He is referred to in

  • 1 Chronicles 24:11; 31:15
  • Ezra 2:2,6,36,40; 3:2,:8-10,18; 4:3; 5:2; 8:33
  • Nehemiah 3:19; 7:7,11,39,43; 8:7,17; 9:4-5; 11:26; 12:1,7-10,24-26

I don’t yet know if he is the same (reincarnated/atunwa) person as the Eshu Laalu of the Exodus, but, just like this Eshu assisted Moses and physically led his people into the Promised Land, he assisted Zerubabbel and was used to lead his people back into their Land from captivity in addition to receiving symbolically from Olodumare the Ash (authority) just like the Redeemer (Zechariah 3; 6:9-15; Book of Haggai). This analysis is based on seeing the lives of individuals as historical fractals and, if the assistants of Moses and Zerubabbel are the same person, the implication is that Moses is the same person as Zerubabbel. Perhaps their destinies are just similar.

However ludicrous this might seem to some people, there’s more to come in a future post on this blog about historical fractals which will be used to expose further the trait of perversion carried by the Amorites.

Furthermore, the Amorites claim that the name Jeshua is also derived from Yeshua and same as Joshua. If their motives were honest, they could have told Christians to pray in the names Joshua and Jeshua in addItion to Jesus.


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