Ifa proves the existence of historical fractals

Below is a YouTube video, uploaded by funanvatamalongo (Tata Jose Castro) on October 19, 2012, of an interview with an elder Ifa priest, Oluwo Solagbade Popoola, conducted by Jose Castro and Meibrin Parraga of Makaba 9 Radio and with Ifa as the topic. During the interview the Oluwo mentions that one of the two ways on which Ifa is based is the repetition of history, which is proof to Ifa devotees that may have had doubts about the validity of my essay about the existence of historical fractals for understanding world history.  (Some of my posts have been quite controversial, which I hope to address soon, but I urge readers to consider the merits and demerits of the ones about historical fractals.)

The part where this is mentioned is from 8.18 – 8.59

Here’s the relevant section of the transcript:

Ifa works in two major ways only. The first one is history repeats itself. Whatever happened thousands of years ago, if it happens again today, and if we use the same materials that were used thousands of years ago we are going to get the same result. That is the first principle under which Ifa works.

This is in agreement with my observations about Ifa which I will now describe.

Right from the first moment of creation till date patterns have been established and are repeated throughout the universe even from the lives of galaxies to the smallest particles. According to the story of creation as recorded in Ifa, there was a lot of entropy (disorder) at the beginning which Olodumare put an end to by establishing the pattern of anti-clockwise motion found all over the universe as seen for instance in the motion of galaxies. Thus, order was established after a period of disorder, a pattern that has been observed in biological systems including man. During the foundation of the earth, when Olodumare began the creation of humans and immediately afterward, certain events (itan/stories) took place which over time has been repeated and the lives of humans have been after the pattern of those events. These events are recorded in the Ifa literary corpus and are used whenever Ifa devotees desire to d’ifa or consult with the divine – during the d’ifa the querent makes his/her request known to Olodumare via Eshu who sees everything (not the oyinbo concept of a cyclops with one eye that they refer to as ‘all-seeing eye’; Eshu does not have one eye like cyclops) and returns with the approved message encoded as binary odu marks which the babalawo interprets according to the associated itan. The devotee is expected to trust and obey the message and apply the lessons therefrom. Just as fractals have the same features as the scale changes in size, these itan are applicable to the family, community, nation and the world. Thus, all the events taking place around the world are not strange but some people want to deceive others into believing otherwise so they can carry out their nefarious activities unnoticed and deceive people into partaking in their rebellion against Olodumare.

The existence of historical fractals proves the existence of intelligent design and Olodumare as the author, is evidence of the truth of atunwa (reincarnation), shows the error of Amorite-inspired rebellious behavior like atheism, perversions, etc., and exposes the version of world history generated and propagated by Amorites as deliberately false with the aim of entrenching their soon-to-be-extinct world domination. These lies about world history are taught especially in the field of anthropology and linguistics and are used to dismiss the truth as recounted by various indigenous melanin-rich peoples as spurious mythology and unscientific. While the Amorite leaders have been learning from the past to entrench mental slavery of blacks among other evils they have been lying to the world that atunwa is unscientific and false, in order to prevent people from seeing the connections that show they are the same people rebelling and deceiving others to rebel against Olodumare.

Those who have been seeking the truth about creation and the truth can analyze various historical events as fractals and they will see clearly the deception in this world. However, those in the academia might find it difficult to promote and publish their findings as such would be considered by the establishment as threats to their positions, hence the need to escape/resign from them. Everyone who wants to live truthfully will have to learn from the past and leave their false lives in this world, however hard it that might be.


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