Ogunsola : Holy Ghost Worker?

Source: The Guardian

12 January 2013 | Yemi Ogunsola


2 thoughts on “Ogunsola : Holy Ghost Worker?

  1. Quite an analogy, but after all you should ask yourself this, Wasn’t religious texts quoted as justification for slavery and also by anti-slavery activists? It actually boils down to the sense and direction of morality of individuals, persons and groups involved in this case, Nigerians


    • Slavery had existed before the manufacture of christianity, islam and judaism, but manipulated and fabricated religious texts were used by the Amorites to justify the most vicious form of slavery and racism against peoples with dark skin and wooly hair. Some of the anti-slavery activists were, in my opinion, wolves in sheep clothing, and work to perpetuate neocolonialism. The fact remains that certain peoples more than others see themselves as vastly superior, and that certain religions are used by these peoples with superiority complexes to give them a sense of morality and justify the maltreatment of others. Also, as long as people see what they want to see rather than the truth, religious texts will be manipulated to justify delusions of both the offender and the victim.


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