Divine Outlook For Nigeria And The World In 2013

Many people around the world celebrated with glee the entry into the year 2013 of the Hellenist calendar (Daniel 7: 25). Targets have been set, resolutions taken, and inquisitions have been made into what the year holds in store for mankind. Many Nigerians like to listen to pre-arranged (Job 1:6 – 2:8) and false prophecies which have been used to lure them deeper into the abyss of Christianity and Islam. However, the true outlook for the year as provided from the divine via the traditionalists have been ignored by their own people who have been suffering and dying in vast numbers but yet refuse to return to their roots, to their traditions (Romans 10:14-21). Below are three excerpts from a newspaper publication of interviews with Nigerian traditionalists about Nigeria and the last from an Aku (Omo Oduduwa) traditionalist concerning the world – the things to expect and guidance on how to navigate the year 2013 successfully. They all display a consistent theme. (Note: Pictures snapped from print edition of source newspaper)

Ifayẹmi Elebuibon, renowned Ifa priest

Source: 2013: Nigeria through the crystal ball. Sunday Sun. December 30, 2012. Page 41

Ifayemi Elebuibon

Members of the Boko Haram will continue to unleash violence on a large scale. Government will call them to negotiating table, but they will deceive Jonathan. More serious problems will also come up for the president and this is why he must seek spiritual help. The president can have solution through the Christian, Islamic or traditional way. But it is advisable for him to return to the roots, as I would like him to go for the traditional approach. He should assemble a team of priests to offer sacrifice on his behalf to the gods and our ancestors. Jonathan should make himself available at Eagle Square where the sacrifice will be carried out. But if he is not available, he can send a representative. Federal Government will provide 200 pigeons and seven hearts of a lion, which we will use with other items to make the sacrifice. This sacrifice of appeasement will be performed in broad daylight and thereafter all will be well with our nation. Since government has been allowing leaders of other faiths to pray for this nation, they should also allow traditionalists a chance to offer prayers for peace in Nigeria. We should also pray that the present argument and debates over 2015 would not put this nation asunder. If we are not careful, agitations over 2015 may snowball into a serious crisis that will lead to break-up of Nigeria. Our political leaders must be careful with their actions and utterances.

Ọba Olalekan Ifayẹmi, paramount leader Saala Ogboni Fellowship of Nigeria

Source: same as above

Olalekan Ifayemi

I see blood. There will be a lot of blood shed and this is why we need to pray very well. Our leaders should assemble traditionalists all over the country to offer sacrifice to our deities and ancestors. Many lives will be lost. Boko Haram sect members will increase their attacks and many lives will be wasted. President Jonathan needs all the luck in the world to be able to deal with some of the crises that will rock the country. Jonathan should not seek re-election. If he attempts to go for a second term, he will win, but his attempt will lead to bloodshed. Many lives will be lost and at the end of the day, Nigeria will be the worse for it. We need to offer sacrifice to survive the years. Many of those scheming and jostling for 2015 will not survive till then.”

Okhue Iboi, spokesman Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (said that past revelations have never failed)

Source: same as above

Okhue Iboi

This is a year that the poor should rejoice. Many corrupt politicians will die. Some of those that looted billions (of naira) will pass to the world beyond. We saw this clearly in our crystal ball during our end of the year meeting in Jalingo, Taraba State. More than seven times, it was revealed to us that Sanusi would not survive 2013 as the CBN governor. It was also revealed to us that two state governors would not survive the year. Their time is up on this planet and it is time for them to go.”

Baba Olosun, Ibile Faith Society

Source: “https://www.facebook.com/baba.olosun/posts/401103733306644

Published January 2nd 2013

From our own side, (Ibile Faith Society) the Odu of 2013 is Ofungbe. This Odu is for the whole world. We usually divine for the whole world during new year Ifa divination. There will be more turbulence and war and crisis in the world this year. Ifa says, people are more empowered to fight now than before in the world. Weapons are more available now than anytime in history. Misunderstanding, confusion, power show and ego are the reasons behind all these turbulence. As individual, men should care and treat women well and men must also care well for their wives, happiness of women will make family to be more happier. All powers that be in nature are behind women. When men are treating the women of the world well, Esu will be happy and make the men to be progressing and successful. Sacrifice should be giving to Esu and pray for peace in the world and in individual homes. Odun ayo o. Blessings for all in 2013. Baba Olosun. www.yorubareligion.org


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