Analysis of historical fractals: determining the religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism as Indo-European, non-Abrahamic and Canaanite, and Ifa as the only Abrahamic religion

I have removed this essay and replaced it with the series Historical Fractals.


31 thoughts on “Analysis of historical fractals: determining the religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism as Indo-European, non-Abrahamic and Canaanite, and Ifa as the only Abrahamic religion

      • I’m a yoruba woman , and this is pure trash!!.. How can you twists scriptures??… Is there anything in the HISTORY OF yORUBA THAT EVEN ACKNOWLEGES ANY OF GOD’S DIETARY LAWS?.. thats just to list one example?.. you think almighty God cannot preserve his truth and his people?.. all these trash going about on the internet that the isrealites are the blacks who were taken into slavery and all the trash!!!. if the blacks were the true isrealites, where in all of our religion is anything, even just one, that is close to, or comforms to any of the laws God gave to the Isrealites?…


        • You have little or no idea what scriptures have been twisted or by whom. You do sound like one of the decieved folks in these greco-roman idolatry practices called religion. Go get some learning. You might wanna start with an explanation of a Mosaic prophecy Deut 28, esp verse 68. Read the whole chapter though. Then lets know which people/nation fits.
          Where do Yorubas come from do u know? Where did the belief of the Kehinde twin being older than Taiwo come from?circumcision? 8th day naming of children?
          What are the scriptural Urim and Thumim? The Ephod/Ifa?
          Yahuah El Shaddai foretold that the children of Israel will discontinue in their heritage due to sin.


    • We both know you are not Yoruba. You still exhibit the usual behavior of slandering the Yoruba out of envy when you have no evidence, even after more than 3 millennia. You also repeat the same identity theft.


  1. Bravo brother, this is an article worth waiting for. Complement for the time you took to put all your thoughts together.
    More grease to your elbow.


    • I appreciate your encouraging comments and I hope that you have been uncovering more historical fractals as well. As you might have noticed, Nigerian and world politics are very easy to understand when viewed as fractals.

      Would you be able to help me with the meaning and etymology of ’emere’ and ‘elede’, including the associated Ifa verses? And, can you read up about Olosa one of the wives of Oduduwa? the second question is just for you to get prepared for a very interesting revelation.


      • Is ‘elede’ as in owner of pigs and is ’emere’ as on another word for abiku omo. Please clarify this and I will ask around for the meaning. I am actually living outside of Niger and only just learning about Ifa. You are actually the one who introduce Ifa to me through your site so ‘thank you’.

        I will go read about Olosa.
        Did you get my email titled ‘About Ifa” and sent on Feb. 9th?


  2. My understanding of emere is that of children that were born who already know when they will die and are actually looking forward to that day of death, who embrace death just to be free and also looking forward to be born again to this world when it suit them.

    These kind of children have full consciousness of their previous journey upon this earth. They seem to chose the same parents over and over again and bringing grief into the home until they are stopped through the intervention of a powerful Alawo.


  3. I am still trying to recover from the shock of discovering who Osara is. Isn’t everything being distorted for us. It is a pity that we have to learn about our culture with so much trepidation and suspicion. The same story but distorted by the translator of bibeli.
    After reading the article on Osara, I went into a shock for sometime in which I was going “o my god, o my god”!
    I know her as Osa and not the full name. Thanks for the shock. My question is now who is Olokun in the bibeli in this story?


    • It seems that a huge chunk of text was deleted from Genesis 1-2 and elsewhere by the Amorites. That is why the story of Osara in the amorite bibeli only includes her incarnation after the time of Noah. She had been around long before then. To identify Olokun we would have to get her name since ‘olokun’ is a title.


      • I wonder what her real name was, can’t be Keturah or Haggai though? Maybe the elders would remember some story about her, would you be able to find out?


        • I’ll keep trying. But, I wonder why our elders have been silent about the names of the wives of Oduduwa and those of the wives and children of Oranmiyan. Perhaps this silence is from Olodumare and for our own good till the 4th generation. Do you have any info about Aku?



          • No I don’t have any information on Aku, but I will ask around and hopefully there are still people around who will remember what this is about. I remember it being so funny seeing the elders greeting each other with this word when I was a little child, we used to imitate them and giggle about how funny it sound and also what it meant to us at the time.


          • I didn’t experience much of that kind of learning as a child; maybe I isolated myself a lot. That’s one of the best ways of learning – observation and practice – rather than the costly and brainwashing formal education we;ve let ourselves be burdened with.


    • Have you seen my latest update to “A Reconstruction Of Early Yoruba History”? It supersedes this one which I may soon delete or rewrite. Also, I hope to be at that Oluwo’s place (you know where) to partake in their Odun Ifa. It starts this evening and ends tomorrow. If I can’t be there this evening I’ll try hard to be there tomorrow.


  4. You sir have made many of us proud with your opinions. But…..

    Why do you insist on insulting others religion and Opinions? No religion in the whole wide world has any adherent insulting the ifa religion. Even some Muslims and Christians in yorubaland still participate in some ifa practices. Tolerance! Tolerance!!

    Why still do you insist only the yoruba people alone were israelites when in other parts of the world like the Pashtuns of Afghanistan also have every trace of been the lost tribe of Israel. Just like the Yorubas they also have an Oral tradition to this dating eons. They and not the yorubas are being persecuted today because some (as you call them Amorites) believe the Imi si Aye (another word from you and very excellent) will emanate from among them the Pashtuns. But as a researcher with the internet i know you know there are other tribes too here and there. They did not all come to Yorubaland

    Why do you so much conceal the truth that God is universal and worship to him is not only through only one set of language and tradition. This your “chosen people” style is laughable and is so much like the racist Aryan Hitler, the jews and christian zionist ways.

    Why are you hell bent to denie vehemently that even more and more people like yourself, myself and million others through research realise that real true blooded Arabs up to this day even the Tribe of Muhammed (you so much despise and dehumanize him for no intellectual reason- perhaps this is a leech from your recent Christian past) that Muhammed is also black (he never denied it) and a descendant from let me borrow from you Abraham and Oduduwa. Did you hope that with your Ifa magic wand you could wish this Omo Oduduwa and his Black ancestry back to Abraham and beyond away from the planet? You are doing no justice to yourself and your repute as a researcher. He, his religion and other blacks like him where persecuted and driven out of Arabia.

    Did you know?or do you conceal that even Muhammed the Arab predicted 1500 years back (Oh Boy) the comming of a black ruler (like himself black) with black followers living among the Israelites (maybe the yorubas) will come in the future to rule the levant (refered to has Black banners) and fulfill the mandate that the weak or meek (Third world) will inherit the holy places once again. He even indicated that Arabs numbers will be none or few, thus it will be a black movement. Have you slowed down at all to dig and see if there is something revealing here. I guess Muhammed (The white supremacist, Terrorists and Usurper) does not get your attention. It is your blog, Do as you like.

    Do you know Mohammed as more rights to be heard than you. (This Black Omo Oduduwa the despised son of a SLAVE MOTHER) has more rights to be heard than you. You have forgotten 24 Million black Africans were taken to slavery and despite that keep their dignity and many like you are making us proud)……because you fail to realise he is a much more stronger Omo Oduduwa than you. Way stronger generations ahead. You should be proud of him, if at all you are not proud of what the Arabs turned out to be). Again it is your blog.

    Your bitterness with the world in relation to the Yoruba race is creating void between your message and truth seekers. This is marring your beautiful works. It makes it look like you are pushing an agenda and hoping for the attention to be a false prophet, but with a little wisdom you have a beautiful proposition that the world must stop to take a look at.



    • Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other contraptions of white supremacists are not religions but frauds and I identify them as such. I have not spoken ill of indigenous religions of the Ainu, Polynesians, Zulu, Mande, Igbo, Hausa, and that of many other non-white peoples around the world. We Omo Oodua believe that there are many roads to the market where indigenous peoples all venerate Olodumare, but one thing I am sure of is that the aforementioned frauds are roads to losses and condemnation.
      Those who call themselves black arabs have been deceiving themselves about muhammed and Islam, hence they remain thoroughly suppressed.
      Those Pashtuns also deceive themselves.


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