Anti-Christ or Anti-Messiah: On Whose Side Are You?

IYE has been suggested as the Name of Olodumare (Aku for the Almighty), which is erroneously written as YAH and JAH. It forms the suffix of the appellation IMISI IYE, which is erroneously written as MESSIAH, of Eshumare (can be truncated to Eshu) the Saviour who was born around 2,000 years ago. The translation of IMISI IYE seems to be recorded in Genesis 2:7 and is “IYE’s breath of life” that animates and gives life to flesh. The Jews (also known as the Synagogue of Satan), who fraudulently claims to be Eshu’s people (Lamentations 5:1-2; Ezekiel 7:20-24; Revelations 2:9; 3:9) but admit to not knowing how the original language of Eshu’s people was spoken and pronounced, write “ESHU” as YESHU. Unsurprisingly, they so much hate it, as seen in various online articles – google (submit an online query) “YESHU” for instance. Since the use of another name would perhaps have added to the ease in exposing their fraud, they altered the true Name in their fraudulent literature by padding it to the right with the vowel “a”: ESHU/YESHU → YESHUAESHU came to Ile aye (this world) in the Name of Olodumare which is clearly seen in the appellation IMISI IYE but not obvious in MESSIAH (John 5:43). The appellation “OLODUMARE” is an elision of “OLODU-IKOKO TO N TAN OSHUMARE” (Owner of the pot-like Odu which emits the Rainbow), “OSHUMARE” is also “ESHUMARE”, and it is clearly obvious that Eshumare comes in the name of Olodumare!

The synagogue of Satan along with their fellow fraudsters of Europe and Asia, who constitute the Amorites of Genesis 15:16 and the evil axis of Christianity-Islam-Judaism have been doing Satan’s bidding of deception by covering the world with deceit (Isaiah 25:7) and filling the nations with stupor (Isaiah 51: 17-23; Jeremiah 51: 6-10). One technique they have used to achieve these evils is to take out of the word from the original texts from which they forged the Scripture/Bible as warned in Revelations 22:19, and drawing people away from the Names ESHU and IYE. An example is the replacement of the title IMISI IYE (Messiah) with “Christ.” Another is the replacement of the title name “ESHU” with “Zeus”/”Jesus”.

“Christ” is a title that is perhaps indigenous to the HELLenists (ancient Greco-Romans) who say it is derived from the HELLenist “Christos” meaning “Anointed”. It is related to the Hellenist “Kyrios”, a title meaning “Lord” and associated with Zeus, the Greco-Roman chief god. They also say that it is the equivalent translation of IMISI IYE (Messiah) but so far have been unable to provide any evidence.

These Hellenists carried out a racial cleansing of the Middle East, including biblical Israel, and murdered the followers of Eshu in all the territories that they invaded and colonized in order to achieve their fraudulent dominance of the world. But they could not fully translate and understand the language of the Eshu’s people. Thus, they misinterpreted “IMISI IYE” as Christ either ignorantly or mischievously. They should tell the world the reason for the replacement as they could have simply used “Messiah” if they had any shred of honesty. Their use of Christ is to draw people away from the Name of Olodumare, the IYE part of IMISI IYE. In John 1:41 and 4:25 is proof of the replacement. ESHU and His followers would never have used a strange appellation from an alien language instead of theirs (Zephaniah 3:9) to describe Him.

Well, Zeus has historically been regarded by the Hellenists as their Lord, as their Christ. Since Zeus is Jesus, Jesus is Christ and Jesus Christ is a lie, Christians worship Zeus and rebel against IYE as Jesus was not, is not, and will never be the IMISI IYE (Messiah). However, ESHU/YESHU is the IMISI IYE and the Saviour. ESHU’s followers are one with IYE (John 17:11). ESHU is not Christ. Christ opposes the Messiah.

Taking this further, it becomes obvious that the term “Anti-Christ” is deceptive and the actual term should be “Anti-Messiah” or “Anti-Imisi Iye”. Thus, ESHU who is the IMISI IYE is “Anti-Christ,” Jesus/Zeus is the “Anti-Messiah” or “Anti-Imisi Iye” and Christians constitute the body of the Anti-Messiah.

This is not rocket science as the opposition is not ambiguous. Sadly, the Amorites have increasingly brainwashed themselves and the world to expect a delusional victory by Christ over the IMISI IYE (Anti-Christ), whereas the truth is that the IMISI IYE will defeat Jesus (Zeus) Christ and his followers. These sons of Satan have been lying thus for over two thousand years – 2,000 years of untempered lunacy!

  • Why did the Hellenists introduce the name Zeus, also written as IeZeus, Iesous, JeZeus and Jesus into their Bible?
  • Is it not an act of brazen rebellion to lie about the Names of Olodumare and the Saviour?
  • Why did the Hellenists replace the appellation (Imisi Iye) with Christ?
  • Why do the Amorites insist on the lie called Jesus Christ in spite of the overwhelming logical evidence that it is a fraud?

Consequently, many do not know that they have been deceived. Many of the Amorites would have noticed the fraud of Christianity but reject ESHU because they hold on to racist views – they do not want to accept that His people are one of the black families and they get infuriated at the thought of black leadership. Some Negro families would also likewise want to reject Him because they look down on His people who are known today as the descendants of Oduduwa (more commonly but in error as Yoruba). This foolish envy is part of the cause of their enslavement, misery and expulsion from the now known mischievously as the Middle East (Jeremiah 27:1-11) and continues till today in Nigeria and the black community worldwide. Indeed, some of the dark-skinned families would gather along with the Amorites of Gog and Magog in a fatally futile and deranged attempt to attack the restored nation of the descendants of Oduduwa (Ezekiel 38:1-6).

May IYE have mercy on the humble and contrite ones who truthfully seek Him (Psalm 51:17), draw them unto ESHU (John 6:44) and thwart the efforts of those who want to prevent such (Numbers 22-24), Ashẹ!


5 thoughts on “Anti-Christ or Anti-Messiah: On Whose Side Are You?

  1. What I am concerned about is righteousness in leadership, not race. I will not submit to unrighteous leadership, no matter white or black. Christianity has done damage world wide by teaching against righteousneds. One of their major doctrines is “our righteousness is filthy rags”. That is a lie and used Isaiah 64 taken out of context. A person can be a pastor/rabbi all day long, but if they are unrighteous person they are hypocrites.


    • The race factor cannot go away just like that but will be a big factor when the Redeemer comes to judge the Amorites who have perhaps been racists from the beginning. there can’t be justice as long as there is no punishment for the evil of racism (action equals reaction) but it does not mean that blacks will not go unpunished for their acts of righteousness as well. Since the Amorites and non-Negro black Africans like the Fulani and Somali used racism to judge others, racism will be used to judge them as well.

      For the record the true pastors are the traditional theocratic rulers like the various kings in Negro Africa that were relegated by the invading Amorites. Church pastors are thieves. Rabbis are thieves and the Amorite fraudulent answer to the Yoruba ‘Araba’.




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