Alice C Linsley: enemy of the Almighty, slanderer, plagiarist, anti-Negro, white supremacist and apostle of Lucifer

Alice C. Linsley, one of the Amorites (or angels among the oyinbo), is the author of blogs like JustGenesis (, Biblical Anthropology (, and Ethics Forum ( She teaches World Religions, Philosophy, and Ethics at Midway College, Midway, Kentucky, where she holds the position of Adjunct Professor. In addition, she is a staunch member of the Orthodox Church. With these she aggressively preaches Christ to the world, arguing for Christianity but at the same time deliberately tries to cover up knowledge that:

  • Christ is Zeus
  • Zeus is Jesus
  • she prays to Lucifer for the reign of Christ (Zeus)
  • Christianity is a lie
  • Churches like hers are impostors
  • She is not of Olodumare (Aku appellation for the Almighty)

I came across her blogs sometime in July 2011 and began to contribute and compare notes while she subscribed to my blog. This period coincided with my quest for Christian zealousness. Thankfully, as Olodumare led me to the Word which is Ifá I began to see ever more clearly the strong delusion and the absence of Truth in Christianity. My blog became to me an avenue to expose the lies. The more I sought the Truth the more she tried to confuse till I wrote on 6 April 2012 about the doctoring of the Book of Revelations and the replacement of the Name Eshu (YEshua) with Zeus (Jesus), all by her people the Amorites, following which she unsubscribed. It is not compulsory that we agree on anything as each person has the gift of freewill but, as the Aku (aka Omo Oduduwa; erroneously as Yoruba) say, “what is bad is bad.”

A proof of her dishonesty is her essay, “Recovering the African Background of Genesis” (6 June 2012). I had a Guardian newsprint copy of a review of some scholarly works published by Nigerian philologist, Modupe Oduyoye, but could not find an online version. So I typed it unedited and scanned his picture therefrom and published it on my blog with the title “On Modupe Oduyoye’s Review of Genesis.” When she saw it she modified it a bit and published it at JustGenesis as if she had read any of his publications. She also included one of the pictures that I had scanned without indicating the source although it is linked to mine. The evidence that it was scanned can be seen in the quality. Also, she did not acknowledge the original reviewer, Yemi Ogunsola. This seems like a clear case of plagiarism.

On 10 September 2011 I published an essay about the phonetic and etymological similarities of the names Eshu and Yeshua, Aku and Hebrew/Aramaic respectively and short for Eshumare who is the Son of Olodumare. Alice C Linsley agreed.  Sometime after my expose on the alteration by the Amorites  of the Book of Revelations, I included in the comment section of the aforementioned Eshu-Yeshua essay a link to an article written by Remi Oyeyemi about the Amorite-influenced slander of Eshu amongst his people, the Aku (Isaiah 52:5). Immediately she read Remi’s article she published an essay on her JustGenesis blog titled “Esau in Yoruba Tradition,” claiming that Remi identified the Biblical Esau as the Eshu of Aku history, that Esau ruled Ketu, and that Ketu is of the Jebusites (Ijebu). She lied. There is no such association of Esau and Eshu in Remi’s article, Ketu is not Ijebu, and the description of Eshumare in Ifa (the Word of Olodumare to man) corresponds exactly to that of the biblical Son of Olodumare but never Esau. There is more. She had previously expressed her agreement with another essay of mine, “A case for the Edo/Idu people as the Edomites,” in which I argued that the people of Edo kingdom who are neighbours of the Aku are the biblical Edomites, and she could have inquired from Edo indigenes about their progenitor. Obviously she set out to blaspheme against Eshu, a rebellious attitude well described in Revelations 16. Some may want to argue that I blasphemed against Zeus/JeZeus/Jesus, however, my arguments are based on logic. Why did she employ lies?

Why does she, like her white supremacist Amorites, shy away from the fact that Zeus, IeZeus, Iesous, JeZeus and Jesus are cognates? Why does she not admit that Yeshua is not Jesus? If she had humbly and truthfully studied Aku history she would have noticed that the Edo progenitor, the Biblical Esau, is mentioned therein as Isẹdalẹ.

She agreed on her blogs that Edo people are the same biblical Edomites, and had connected the Ijebu with the biblical Jebusites, but deliberately tried to knock off any suggestion that the Aku are Eshu’s people in spite of abounding evidence. She claimed that the Ijebu migrated from biblical Israel to settle in southwest Nigeria with their supposed relatives who, as she further argued, never went to the Levant/Canaan. She also argued that the Yoruba were never in Israel/Canaan. In the comments section of her essay “Extant Biblical Tribes and Clans” she claimed that the Aku never migrated from the Middle East, whereas that region is clearly mentioned in Aku tradition. If the Edo/Edomites could have migrated from that region to Nigeria, what excludes the Aku from same? Also, she could as well have argued that the biblical Abraham who is actually Oduduwa went to Canaan to meet with and settle with his relatives or that Moshe (short for Moshebọlatan; re-lexified to “Moses”) led the children of biblical Israel to the same Canaan to meet with and settle with relatives or that the Dutch/Afrikaans went to South Africa to settle with their relatives or that the Edomites left for West Africa to settle with their relatives (Daniel 11:41) or that the British went to Australia to meet their relatives or that Neil Armstrong went to the moon for same, and so on. Obviously she did not understand the statement in Zechariah 9:7 about the Ijebu already being part of Aku/ biblical Israel; an attitude well described in Psalm 92:6 and Daniel 12:10.

Since the Edomites are blacks, why does she not use that information to search for Eshu’s people? One reason could be that she really is one of the Amorites that prefer to use his-story (false story of this planet) to deceive and dominate the world. The identification of Eshu’s people is a fatal blow to the evil triangle of Christianity-Islam-Judaism, frees people from her Christ, and helps blacks to free themselves and find their way home from bondage as the story of Eshu’s people is also the story of blacks.

Another example of supremacist attitude was her argument that Oduduwa/Abraham the progenitor referred to Olodumare as EL, even though I had argued otherwise since his language is tonal and the Aku know instead of ELA who is Eshu and the Ol- prefix means “owner/epitome.” It was as if she indirectly said the Amorites have an understanding of the progenitor’s language that is better than his living descendants, and is the same way the Amorites arrogantly try to tell their own tainted version/understanding blacks’ stories to blacks – his-story. El as it appears in translated bibles is probably correctly pronounced as OluEla, or maybe even Ola.

Christianity is utter rebellion against Olodumare as it, along with Islam and Judaism, was invented by the Amorites, a violent people, partly to cover up their racial cleansing of the original black natives of the so-called Middle East. This crime is a major portion of their iniquity (Genesis 15:16). They are devotees of Lucifer and pray to him, the Western ones doing so in the name of their Christ. What they do not openly admit is that this Christ is Zeus. Since Alice C Linsley promotes the name Jesus instead of Eshu and prays not to Olodumare, she must be one of the Luciferians, bearers of destruction. Who knows if she is one of the shape-shifters?

How can someone with all these biases teach WORLD RELIGIONS, PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS? Is the Midway College committed to the causes of brainwashing and white supremacy?




10 thoughts on “Alice C Linsley: enemy of the Almighty, slanderer, plagiarist, anti-Negro, white supremacist and apostle of Lucifer

  1. Umm..

    Genesis 15:16 But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

    Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    We’re obviously not reading the same book? Where are you getting your stuff from? Just curious?


  2. Interestingly, I would like to know how you have related this bible passages to this article of yours, I am Yoruba and I don’t believe there is a Yoruba version of a bible as given by your olodumare. What has ms Linsley done that qualify her as afore mention names? If I were a Christian , Jew or Muslim I would have used same label for you.
    If she has stolen your research then take her to court, otherwise your cheap, childish name calling does not reflect your claims as a researcher of great and renowned scholar.
    Better still convince your “god” to fight her after all you are a believer or is it that your “god” is deaf and dumb? . Stick to your research my friend and leave spiritual pursuit to the true believers in the Almighty God, whose history cannot be written for He was and His and Forever.


      • I have no idea why Yemitom hates me. I have nothing to do with his ideas which revael a confused mind. My research is based on over 35 years of anthropological and linguistic study and is recognized worldwide.


        • You lie from your own resources like Satan your father. If not, why did you lie about Yemi Oyeyemi’s article? Why the denial about the name ESHU? If there is any shred of honesty in you and your anthropological studies, you would have acknowledged the link between the names ESHU and YESHUA. You lie from your own resources just like your father the Devil.


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