Èṣù is the true name of the Saviour

Èṣù as pronounced by the gbe m Oduduwa (nation of the descendants of Oduduwa), biological heirs of Oduduwa (re-lexified in the bible to “Abraham”) the true name of the Saviour. This name has been insanely and mischievously edited by the Amorites, a people who brazenly oppose Olódùmarè (the Almighty). This fraud is quite easy to detect as all of creation is founded on truth.

Ọpa tẹẹrẹ kanlẹ, o kan ọrun

Truth is a staff stretched thin from heaven to earth yet does not snap

Otitọ ni omi fi tẹlẹ isa

A jar of water is lined with Truth (Truth is crystal clear)

Names in Old and New Testaments

Translations of the Old Testament are from the Greek Septuagint and other doctored Hebrew (also known as Jews, Satan’s reptilians, synagogue of Satan; Revelations 2:9 and 3:9) and Aramaic manuscripts which are all plagiarized texts and of the Amorites, not the original manuscripts of the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa. From these Amorite Bible versions of the West/Hellenists it can be seen that almost all names in the Old Testament differ from those of the New which they also forged. Of the New Testament the Amorites, Hebrews included, allegedly admit that they do not have original scripts, and cannot fully translate, transliterate, read, write and speak the original language. However the Hebrew creatures refer to their Satanic and phony language as modern Hebrew and the true language as ancient Hebrew in a vain attempt to deceive the world into thinking that they are the original people instead of the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa. This is not surprising as the Amorites slaughtered the blacks, including the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa who used to live in the Levant/Middle East, and took their places and divided the land among themselves (Jeremiah 8:10; 12:14; 51:51; Lamentations 1:10; 2:7; 5:1-2; Ezekiel 36:1-7; Joel 3:2). Since then that part of the world stretching into North Africa has been almost totally filled with foreign populations. These constitute the most notorious, most insane, most brazen, and most imbecilic fraud in the history of mankind.

Thus the Orthodox Church and Satan’s lizards including Christian, Judaic and Islamic gatherings which are profane and insane assemblies and claim to use the closest translations and transliterations of the true language lie from their own resources (John 8:44). They have put up various names as that of the Son of Olódùmarè with the only exception being the Peshitta versions of the bible – allegedly written in Aramaic – where the name is consistent in both Old and New Testaments. Such names include Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yahoshua, Yahushua, Yahushua Yahuwashua, and so on. Furthermore, the name Yeshua in the Old Testament of the Peshitta is rendered as Joshua and Jeshu(a) in the Old Testament of the Latin/Catholic/Protestant/Greek Septuagint/Western/Hellenist/Greco-Roman versions. It is especially with these versions that the Amorites have used as one of their tools to sow confusion, disorientation and deceit around the world.

Before the genocide, a terrible time of tribulation and sustained racial cleansing, the Greco-Romans whose language is flat and necrotic but unlike that of the gbe m Oduduwa which is tonal – it is easier for native speakers of tonal languages like Chinese to pronounce accurately indigenous black African names at first attempt than for an Amorite – did write the name of the Son of Olódùmarè as Iesou which is a cognate of Yeshua:

Ie– > Ye- and –sou > -shu(a);

the a in Yeshuais intentionally misleading.

After the mass murder they set about producing copies of the Scriptures, Gospels and other divine texts but with many misleading and deliberate edits, including replacement of Iesou with IeZeus, a name recorded in ancient texts as corresponding to the number 666. They also wrote IeZeus as IHCOUCIesousIasous and later Jesous (which is clearly JeZeus) and then Jesus, and it is derived from the name Zeus of the chief Hellenist (Greco-Roman) god:

Ie– > Je- and –Zeus > -sous > -sus.

The Amorites have always associated Zeus with many appellations including Soter which is Greek for “Savior”, Christos which is Greek for “Christ”, and Sarapis (or Serapis). When Ptolemy 1, an Amorite, inherited ancient Egypt (reigned from 323 – 285 BCE) from the Macedonian known as “Alexander the Great Colonialist” he introduced there the worship of Zeus but with the name Sarapis Kristus – the idols had the Amorite face of Zeus. This is how they introduced the worship of Zeus in all the lands that they colonized. Thus they have deceived almost the whole world into praying for the reign of Zeus and thinking that the faithful ones among the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa knew the Son of Olódùmarè by the name Jesus which is in fact meaningless and strange to their tongue. These people of Lucifer (they have behaved like him) still carry out such fraud today even among themselves.

True Name as known by HIS true people

Long before the racial genocide the people of the northern kingdom of Israel (not actual pronunciation) who were dominated by Ọyọ (also known as Yorùbá; the tribe of Ọranfẹ which if the biblical Ephraim), and many of those of the southern kingdom of Ifẹ Oodaye (biblical Judah; Oodaye re-lexified to “Judah”), along with others like the Egun (Aegean people of Philistine/Palestine; Ae– > E- and –gean > -gun; can be found in Badagry and neighbouring coastal areas, the Ijebu (Jebus; the s in Jebus being a deliberate distortion by the Amorites), and so on, migrated from the Levant to the region of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsular which was still joined together. This region was known as the land of Èṣùmare which is not surprising since the gbe m Oduduwa are called by the name Èṣùmare (2 Chronicles 7:14) who is the Son of Olódùmarè However, the Amorites in collaboration with blood-thirsty nomads like the Abyssinians fraudulently renamed this region as “Aksum”.

It is very likely that the most or all of the Ijẹbu had joined Sungbọ (re-lexified to Sheba) their ancestor when she returned to her kingdom (which the Amorites call D’mt) during the reign of Oriṣa Oko (re-lexified to “Solomon”; c. 970 – 931 BCE) in Ifẹ. While Ọyọ returned to their inheritance upon the collapse of the Hausa/Assyrian Empire (Assur/Aššur: Hau- > –A and –sa > –ssur/-ššur) in 605 BCE, the non-Ọyọ tribes of the biblical kingdom of northern Israel did not likewise return and might have been scattered but definitely eventually settled in that region of Èṣùmare. These groups all settled there during or immediately after the resumption of Babylonian imperialist campaigns by the Macedonians and Greco-Romans. Upon settling there they resolved to return to Ọrọ Olódùmarè (the Word of Olódùmarè; cf. John 1:1-18) who is also known as Ifá (re-lexified to “Ephod”: Ifa > Epho(d); the d in Ephod being an insane distortion by the Amorites) who Ọyọ had earlier goaded those other non-Ọyọ tribes into rejecting for which they were punished with deportation (2 Kings 17) – note that “Ifá is also the name applied to the associated liturgy., spiritual system and the means and tools of divination, and Olódùmarè gave Ifá to the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa.

In Ifá liturgy is the name of various deities (doubters of deities should see Psalm 8:5; 82:1,6; 95:3; Isaiah 44:26; Ezekiel 44:6; Daniel 4:13-17; John 3:11; 10:31-38), making it a reliable database to use in searching for the true name of the Son of Olódùmarè.

Of all the names in Ifa the closest to Yeshua and Iesou is Èṣù, pronounced as ÈŠÙ or Èshù; the È sound is similar to that of ‘a’ in late and the ṣ or š as shYe-/Ie– > È- and –shu(a)/-sou > ṣú. Èṣù Laalu, a deity well known to all Ifá devotees would seem to be the candidate but he is not. Rather, he is the Oriṣa mentioned in the bible as Joshua son of Nun (“son of” is a terribly mischievous term inserted by the Amorites when forging the bible, and there is even no hint of the genealogy of the so-called Nun in the bible; “Nun” is a re-lexification of “Laalu”), assistant of Ọrunmila who once incarnated as the Oriṣa known as Moṣe (short for Moṣebọlatan). There is another deity who has been forgotten by his people and he is known as Oṣumare the Spirit of the Rainbow. He is known in Ifá as the Irunmọlẹ of Olódùmarè’s presence (cf. Genesis 9:13-15). Since

  1. “Olódùmarè” is also called “Eledumare”
  2. “Olódùmarè is derived from the elision Olodu-ikoko to ntan Oumare which is translated as “Owner of the mystical pot that emits the Rainbow” from which can be seen that Oṣumare literally proceeds from and comes in the name of Olódùmarè

it is incontrovertible that Oṣumare is also Èṣùmare. Furthermore, the name “Èṣùmare” can be truncated just like other names of the language of the Ọmọ Oduduwa to “Èṣù” which is the stem, “-ṣù” being the root. The attributes of Èṣùmare as seen in the name Olódùmarè is exactly the same as that of the Son of Olódùmarè as mentioned in the Old and New Testaments of the bible (Exodus 23:20-23; Deuteronomy 18:18-19; Psalm 118:26; John 12:13).

The name “Èṣù” also has cognates in the languages of the brothers, cousins and neighbours of the m Oduduwa:

Èṣù – Èṣù (Edo), Ekwensu (Igbo), Ayeshu (Akan of Ghana), Shu (ancient Egypt, not the present day lunatic Egypt) and so on.

Meaning of the Name Èṣú

The ṣu in Èṣù means to emit, to throw out, to evacuate, to eject/inject. These would seem conform to his activities when preaching about himself, that is, Ifá, about 2,000 years ago during which he healed people via the evacuation of illnesses and unclean spirits and the injection of life into the maimed and wounded. He also evacuates his people from danger and chaos and evacuates same from his people who include all those hearken unto Ọrọ Olódùmarè, which is none other than Ifá, and do it (Luke 8:19-21).

His Name blasphemed continually everyday

About 200 years ago, a Yorùbá boy named Ajayi was kidnapped by the Fulani, a terribly wicked people, who sold him as a slave to the Portuguese. He was later set free by the British – such activities like slave abolition were used as a ploy by the British Amorites/reptiles monarchy to deceive the world, including blacks and especially the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa that they (British) cared for them – in faraway Sierra Leone, deceptively brainwashed into accepting Christianity, given the Amorite name Samuel Crowther, indoctrinated into British/Macedonian ways, used as a conduit and drone to deceive and infect the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa, and rewarded with the title of Bishop. The British needed one of Èṣù’s people because the Amorites needed a mole/Judas Iscariot with the DNA of their prey to serve as an agent/vector to spread the virus of Jesus: “a man’s enemies are the men of his own household” (Micah 7:6; Matthew 10:35-36). He was the first to translate the bible from English to the Amorite script now used by the Yorùbá to read and write though he did not indicate any awareness that the bible is a plagiarized record of the history of his very own people; at least he was used to bring to them the evidence. The worst part of all these is the British who serve Lucifer used him to declare JeZeus/Zeus as the Savior and Èṣù as Satan to Èṣù’s people and other sent-away relatives and descendants of Oduduwa like the Igbo (from Edo) and their Nupe (Moab?) cousins. Many of Èṣù’s people who had just experienced civil wars, ritual murders and slavery, fell for the signs and wonders of the Amorites/Lucifer/Gentiles and thereafter served them and adopted Christianity, thus committing the abomination of playing the harlot with foreign ways and religions and fornicating with the spirit of harlotry; a repetition of history – Isaiah 57:1-8; Ezekiel 23; Hosea 4:12; 5:3-4. That the Amorites achieved this evil and deranged transposition is a testimony of their purely satanic and insane disposition, an appropriate reason to act with skepticism toward everything Amorite and reject anything Amorite to be on the safe side. Note that some Gentiles like Cornelius of Acts 10, the Roman centurion officer of Matthew 8:5-13, and Adunni -Olorisha Susanne Wenger, would have noticed that they inherited lies, and these ones would seek to be grafted in as one of Èṣù’s people (Isaiah 11:10; 49:6 56:3,6-8; Jeremiah 16:19-21). Èṣù’s people have to take responsibility for their actions as they make them happen – an indicator of their present morose state of consciousness.

Till today there are many of such moles amongst Èṣù’s people, just like during the time of the Maccabees when many fornicated with Hellenist (Greco-Roman) ways. These drones have been increasingly using the educational system of the Amorites to indoctrinate and infect their prey right from the cradle while they erect temples to Zeus everywhere and on every street corner:

Ezekiel 16:23 “It has happened after all your wickedness (woe, woe to you!) says Èṣùmare, 24 that you also built for yourself a shrine, and made a high place for yourself in every street.25 You built your high places at the head of every road, and made your beauty an abomination, and have opened your feet to everyone who passed by, and multiplied your prostitution.”

Thus they blindly pray with all their heart, might and soul in the name of Zeus for the earth to be destroyed and cursed (Malachi 4:6), for him to reign at their fatal expense, and for the impossible defeat of Èṣù, the Son of Olódùmarè.

Satan, into whose hands has been given the dominion of this world and its glory to do with as he wishes (Luke 4:5-8) deceives these people with the cares of this world (which manifests as an insane rat race for materialism – consumer goods, industrialization, the glitz and glamour, Amorite/Hollywood/Oscar/MTV/Grammy type of fame, honor from men, corporate/white collar jobs, Hellenist/formal miseducation like MBAs, and so on) – and they gullibly believe that Olódùmarè has been answering their prayers, whereas Zeus who fraudulently calls himself Olódùmarè is the one they have been praying to. They do not understand the advice from Èṣù to have their treasures stored in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21) as the redeemed would receive their reward when he establishes his kingdom on earth (Matthew 6:1-6) which turned out to be the Kingdom of Èṣùmare. They also blind themselves to his declaration that he has a mandate to kindle a fire on the Earth that would utterly melt/destroy/consume the worldly cares. Since Èṣù is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the opposite is true of the Anti-Messiah:

  • Jesus (JeZeus/IeZeus/Iesous/Zeus) is the Obstacle/Dead-End, the Lie and the Death!

The Amorites who worship Jesus are his bride/body while the blacks who choose to serve him have been giving their lives, shedding their blood, as a ransom for his. These blacks, especially those of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa, are the ones sacrificed by the Amorites on his behalf to enable him and them take over and rule the earth.

The region of Nigeria in West Africa where the biblical nations of the one hundred and twenty provinces which Daniel administered for King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Daniel 6:1), including the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa descendants and those who contended with them like the Edomites (Edo & Igbo), Nupe (Moab?), Hausa (Assyrians), Egun (Aegean), and others settled according to similar geopolitical patterns. The British monarchy got this choice portion along with other “commonwealth” nations to colonize by satanic means just like the Greco-Roman-Byzantine imperialists did about 2,000 years ago in the Levant. It should not come as a surprise that Nigeria has been seen by others as an astonishment, a hissing, a curse, a proverb and a byword. The country has witnessed a directly proportional relationship between religiousness (brain-dead/drone-like zeal for foreign religions especially Christianity and Islam) and chaos – the more people pray in the name of Zeus and speak blasphemies against Èṣù the more the chaos in the land and the lives of these people. This is also the sorry story of blacks all over the world.

It is very sad that Èṣù’s people whom He delivered, nurtured, brought up, protected and sacrificed himself for as a ransom, now speak evil of him. Indeed He has been the most afflicted of all men (Isaiah 52:14), just like His people who profane His Name. Èṣú spoke of the blasphemies very long ago via he mouth of Isaiah (misleading transliteration) His prophet:

Isaiah 52:5 “Now therefore, what do I have here,” says Èṣùmare, “seeing that my people are taken away for nothing? Those who rule over them mock,” says Èṣùmare, “and My Name is blasphemed continually everyday.”

Ifa priests having added to confusion

In the period prior to and during the Amorite occupation of the tribal kingdoms that constitute the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa (17thcentury till date: colonialism = neo-colonialism = adoption of foreign ways and religions = horror = abomination), a repetition but on a grander scale by the Greco-Romans (Daniel 7; 8;10; 11; Matthew 24), many terrible iniquities were being committed by Èṣù’s people, including the elders and priests, and of the kind described throughout the bible like in Jeremiah 2. For instance there were lots of ritual murders, use of ogun ika (evil charms, sorcery) against innocent victims, and the likes. It seems many priests were under a delusion that they knew what they were doing, and eventually passed on a misunderstanding of Ifá from generation to generation. In addition, some Ifá devotees still speak of Ẹla (the Great Spirit, Child of the Ruler) and Ọrunmila as if they are the same person especially because Ifá and Ẹla are one, and Èṣùmare and Ẹla and Ọbatala as three different persons whereas they are One – it seems Ọrunmila reminded His people that Oluwa (probably an elision of Olu awa; or Our Ruler/Leader; re-lexified by Jews to “Eloah”) is One (Deuteronomy 6:4). They also forgot that there are two divinities that bear the name Èṣù. Another is that many people did not learn that the Ifá symbols/objects/figurines are, in the words of Asar Imhotep, “mnemonic devices that remind the wisdom seeker of how he/she’s supposed to act.” Eventually many people believed that in such objects was their salvation, thus giving an excuse for the hypocrites or idolatrous Christians to accuse the former of fetishism and idolatry.

There is also a version of an account of creation about the establishment of the Yorùbá seven weekday names. Here, it is narrated that Èṣù had brought chaos on earth which Olódùmarè halted by sending Ẹla from heaven to Earth to restore order and thereafter ascend back to heaven. It is also added that Èṣù sought but failed to oppose Ẹla. This account is tainted by Amorite/Zeus/Christian/Islamic feedback, an outcome of the exponentially multiplier effect of Bishop Ajayi Crowther’s ignorant betrayal. Such a conclusion is true because Èṣù is Ẹla and therefore cannot oppose himself or Olódùmarè, neither can Èṣù Laalu oppose Ẹla. should not be dismissed since Ẹla has appeared in the flesh earlier among men as Ọrunmila, when He appeared to Oduduwa, and later as Èṣú when He was born to Mọrẹmi (Miriam/Maryam/Mary: Mi/Ma– > Mọ and –riam/-ryam > rẹmi) sometime between 6 BCE and 33 CE. Rather, it is known that Olósí, not Èṣú, rebelled against Olódùmarè and was thereafter imprisoned in the bottomless Pit at the centre of the Earth from which he has been released periodically – see “In the beginning (a Yoruba version).

Searching for Yorùbá cognate of Satan

Some Ifá devotees have argued that there is no Satan and nothing like a final judgment. This is strange because the priests also say that Ọrunmila means Ọrun ni o mo ẹni ma la or Heaven knows those who will be saved, which implies that not all will be saved and conversely others will be condemned. Those who will be saved are the ones who call upon the name of the Son and believe him while those who follow Zeus will be condemned to the Pit. Since “Èṣù” is the true Name of the Son of Olódùmarè and the Amorites cognates are YeshuaIesou, etc, and “Satan” is the Amorite name of the devil and Zeus of his false prophet, there must be a cognate of the name “Satan” in the tongue of the m Oduduwa. A clue is from the records of ancient Egyptians:

  • Satan – Set (ancient Egypt, according to Amorite Egyptologists).

Just as the Amorites derived the appellation Lucis/Lucifer, which is of Satan, from “Olósí”, they also derived “Satan” from “Osi-ẹfa”, which can be truncated to “Osi” from which they also derived “Set” It is not surprising that Èṣù’s people forgot his name and were easily deceived by the Amorites into forgetting about Osi and referring instead to their Saviour as the devil (Jeremiah 44:24-26), perhaps this name is that of Olósí.

Èṣù’s people call upon and believe Him

Thankfully, Èṣù has already prayed to Olódùmarè for mercy (Luke 23:34), to forgive his people for their ignorant actions (Psalm 82:5; Isaiah 6:9-10; Acts 28:25-27). Those of his people who venerate him in this world have been facing persecution and ostracism (Daniel 3; 6; John 15:16-25; 16:1-4) from the drones, also known as walking dead, who worship Zeus and have received his mark (Ezekiel 9; not a chip as the Amorites want the world to believe).  It has thus been an evil time as some of Èṣù’s followers including those who return to him have had to keep a low profile (Isaiah 59:15; Jeremiah 26; Daniel 3; 6; Amos 5:12-13; John 7:7; 19:38).

Anyone still arguing for the name Jesus in spite of all the evidence to the contrary loves lies (John 3:18-21; 12:42-48) and will not enter Olódùmarè’s kingdom (Psalm 73:27; John 3:18-21; Revelations 21:27; 22:15). Rather, those who love the name Èṣù and wait for him shall not be put to shame (Psalm 17; 22; 31; 40; 69; 71; 109:21-31; Jeremiah 15:15-21) but will dwell in the Kingdom (Psalm 69:35-36)!


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  1. i can see u really need some orientations and spiritual re configuration….u really know next to nothing about the holy trinity that is why you try to compare him with odu ifa.go and read ur bible well or can u show me ur proof from the word of God


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