Apartheid among Igbo people

This article was first published on pages 53-56 of the Saturday Sun of 26 May 2012; I could not get an online version so I typed it (unedited) and scanned the associated pictures.


  • Igbo men, women who can’t freely marry or be married

By Henry Umahi

A talk-of-the-town wedding took place between Mr. Vincent de Paul Ohiri and former Miss Ann Nwokeocha at St. Kelvin’s Catholic Church, Ogbaku, in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State on Saturday, July 30, 2011. Conferring a historic status on the event, over 10 priests officiated, even as the episcopal Vicar of Ogbaku, Zone III branded the bride a martyr because of the circumstances surrounding the marriage.

A significant number of people descended on the church that day to witness what some termed a ‘sacrilege,’ as it played out. While the kith and kin of the groom came in their numbers, members of the bride’s family were conspicuously absent. In fact, it was different tales for the two families: While the former celebrated, the later mourned. Reason? The Ohiris saw the wedding as a conquest of sorts, but for the Nwokeochas it was a catastrophe, an abomination.

Indeed, the Nwokeochas saw their daughter as ta black sheep who not only brought shame to the family but also destroyed sacred values of the family, to the extent that even the forebears would be turning in anger in their graves. Therefore, they went on ‘strike.’

According to a source, “Ann, a Diala was ostracized from her family for consenting to marry a man, who the family described as Osu.” It was gathered that even while going through the three months wedding counseling, she stayed outside the family, who made mockery of her and generally treated her with utter contempt and disdain.

Shame of a tribe

Ann was a victim of the Osu caste system, which is one of the best-kept secrets of the Igbo. In some communities in Igbo land, there exist the Diala and Osu dichotomy. The former literally means the freeborn or ‘sons of the soil.’ In other words, they are masters. The latter are outcasts, inferior human beings and people dedicated to the gods. In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Osu is termed a “person dedicated to a god, a thing set apart – a taboo forever and his children after him. He could neither marry nor be married by the freeborn. He was, in fact, an outcast, living in a special area of the village, close to the Great Shrine. Wherever he went, he carried with him the mark of his forbidden caste – long tangled dirty hair.”

The Osu caste system could be described as Nigeria’s version of apartheid. It is a practice that has endured from generation to generation. Even with the advent of Christianity, which preaches the equality of mankind to the effect that there are no more Jews and Gentiles, the menace subsists. In fact, in some places, Dialas are said to avoid contact with their Osu brethren during the Holy Communion. And any Diala who marries an Osu is ostracized: He or she cannot buy or sell things in the village market. In fact, his kinsmen will be under obligation not to relate with him in any manner till death.

Not long ago, a traditional ruler in Imo State was allegedly kidnapped because he conferred a chieftaincy title on an Osu. Also, another Imo community was engulfed in crises, six months after the monarch made an Osu a chief. Consequently, the title was withdrawn in the interest of peace.

The Osu had suffered various forms of deprivation and dehumanization. It was gathered that the Osu “were made to live separately from the freeborn. In most cases, they resided very close to shrines and market places. The Osu were not allowed to dance, drink, hold hands, associate or have sexual relations with Diala. They were not allowed to break kola nuts at meetings. No Osu can pour libation or pray to God on behalf of a freeborn at any community gathering. It is (was) believed that such prayers will bring calamity and misfortune. They were also denied chieftaincy titles, membership of social clubs, even as their harvest offerings were heaped separately in the church. And because of the treatment they were subjected to, from one generation to another, some of them poisoned their own children to save them from the indignity inherent in their birth.

However, over the years, the fortune of the Osu has improved remarkably. From being regarded as worthless human beings, they are no longer discriminated against in every material particular. Indeed, many of them have excelled in various spheres of life and occupy respectable positions in society. Some of them have become governors, ministers, ambassadors, actors and actresses, etc. But one area the Dialas have refused to let go completely is the area of marriage. A report said: “The Osu caste discrimination is very pronounced in the area of marriage. An Osu cannot marry a freeborn. The belief is that any freeborn that marries an Osu defiles the family. So, freeborn families are always up in arms against any of their members who wants to marry an Osu. They go to any length to scuttle the plan. Because the of the Osu factor, marriages in Igboland are preceded by investigations – elders on both sides travel to native villages to find out the social status of the other party. And if it were found that one of them is an Osu, the plan would be automatically abandoned. Many marriage plans have been aborted, and, in fact, come married couples have been forced to divorce because of Osu factor.

Indeed, the existence of the caste system is one of the reasons a large percentage of the ladies from the Osu enclaves remain unmarried even at advanced ages. Some of them, therefore, seek spouses outside Igboland, where their social status will not be an issue.

For instance, when Okonkwo, in Things Fall Apart, learnt that his son was in a dalliance with Clara, an Osu, he said: “Osu is like a leprosy in the minds of my people. I beg of you, my son, not to bring the mark of shame and leprosy into your family. If you do, your children and your children’s children will curse you and your memory… You will bring sorrow on your head and on the heads of your children.”

Osu Enclaves

Imo State could be described as the headquarters of the Osu caste system in Nigeria, although there are flashes of the menace in some other Igbo states. In some parts of Abia and Anambra states, the caste is dead and buried, like mystery Babylon, which will arise no more. Investigations revealed that the practice is not pronounced in Orlu zone, as it is in Owerri and Okigwe areas of the state. It still grips such places as Mbaise, Mbano, Obowu, Ifakala, Orodo, Ogwa, Afara, Naze, Awaka and Emekuku. Also involved are Ngor Okpala, Mbano, Ihitte Uboma, Onuimo, Okigwe, Ideato, Amaigbo, Nkwerre, Abba, Owerre-Nkwoji, Isu, Ekwe, Umundugba, Umuaka, Okwudor and Amucha, among others. But to be sure, not all indigenes of the above communities are Osu. Most of them are, in fact, Diala.

The making of the menace

The inevitable question is: how did the Osu caste system evolve in Igboland? Explaining the history of Osu, a source said: “There are many versions of oral information on the origin of the Osu caste system. In the absence of documented information, oral sources are central to the study of history in Igboland and other parts of Nigeria. There is paucity of written information on the issue of Osu caste system. This is apparently because many people shy away from discussing the issue, for fear of being branded Osu lovers. However, available little documented information shows that the Osu caste system started out of the indegenious religious practices of the Igbo.” Offering insightful perspectives into the Osu menace, Hos Royal Highness, Eze Edward Nwosu Nwokororie, the Okata 1 of Ofekata, told Saturday Sun: “Truly, Osu or whatever you may call it exists till today and it started about 1840s. There is no Osu who is up to 30 years of age that will not be able to trace it to his great grandfathers. God did not create Osu; it was a human creation. It was created between 1840s and 1920s.”

On how it started, the monarch explained: “In those days in Igbo land, people were very much interested in rearing children. Many people died because of malaria, fever and things like that, but due to ignorance, people thought that it was the gods that were responsible for those deaths and so they would want to appease them. That was the belief, but they didn’t know that there were sicknesses, like appendicitis and malaria fever that killed many people then. They thought that human sacrifice would appease the gods and the gods would stop killing their children and that was the genesis of the Osu system.” And because of the high regards and/or fear they had for the gods or deities, they gave their most brilliant, handsome and strongest sons and most beautiful ladies as sacrificial offerings. Perhaps, this is why many of those still carrying the yoke are beautiful women and brilliant men.

Eze Nwokororie added that in the early days, the freeborn and Osu did nothing in common. “In those days, there was no relationship between them. They did everything separately. But today, in our own community, we relate with them. We eat together, go to the same market and go to the same church. The only thing we don’t do today is inter-marriage. We don’t inter-marry,” he said.

He said that as custodians of the people’s culture and tradition, they (traditional rulers) are making efforts to stop the practice. He said: “Personally, I have called on the other traditional rulers to come together and do something to end it through education and persuasion. They told me to start from the church. I even booked a mass in the church last Easter with the theme: Finding ways to put an end to the Osu practice. Others who are not happy with the practice have all joined the crusade. If it is stopped, God will take the glory and human beings shall be happy for it. The mass held at Stella Maris Catholic Church, Orodo.”

Indeed, efforts have been made at various levels to eradicate the practice without achieving the desired end. Take this: The defunct Eastern Nigerian government enacted a law abolishing the Osu caste system in 1956. Those who were known and addressed as Osu and their children were freed and discharged by the law. Declaring the practice as unlawful, the law made it a crime punishable, as per the provisions, for anyone to call another an Osu or discriminate against him or on that basis. However, after about 56 years of being in the statue, no person or persons have been prosecuted on account of contravening the law. In other words, it has remained an unenforceable law.

Although the practice can be said to have been driven underground, the Osu are still being persecuted in some places. For instance, not long ago, the Osu people of Eziama Obi-Orodo autonomous community, in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State, were attacked by some Dialas from Umunya, a neighbouring community. The attackers did not only lose their property and money but also razed their houses as well.Even the community town hall and transformer were not spared. A Save Our Soul letter signed by Chief Christopher O. Ezeh, chairman, Eziama Development Zone, stated that one of the victims, “Mr Nicholas Iwumezie, died of heart failure because nothing was left in his shop, hence the wife became a hopeless widow. The said dead husband was deposited at the mortuary. On the day of his burial, the mob (attackers) seized the corpse but for the intervention of one Rev Father Emmanuel Oparaugo of Stalla Maris Catholic Parish Orodo, who caused the release of the corpse.”

The letter added: “Imo State government never cared to know what happened despite series of newspaper publications urging her to intervene and compensate the community. Eziama Town Hall was damaged by the said mob. The entire community is being denied social amenities viz; water (bore hole), school, good road and electricity. Eziama is badly stigmatized because of the so-called caste system”.

Disclosing that “the entire Eziama people have cried out loud to the five royal fathers of Orodo to grant the people of Eziama their human right grace, as per constitution of Nigeria and Human Right charter, to no avail”, the letter further said: The people of Eziama need the intervention of good spirited individuals and organisations so that the people shall be free like South Africans and so-called Negroes in America.”

Some of the destroyed property have been rebuilt by the owners, others remain in state of ruins, relics of war.

Tales from ‘Osuland’

The Osu are normal human beings with no distinct features. Saturday Sun visited Eziama-Orodo recently and some of them shared their experiences with us. Chief Comrade Placidus Anujoru, an indigene of Uhuechendu Umuezeoke Akata Orodo, told his story as an Osu thus: “Unfortunately, I happen to belong to the sect they call Osu but naturally, I don’t believe I am Osu. My grandfather, the late Andrew Duruezeocha, was a native of Ubahu Orodo. Ofekata autonomous community is in Orodo and Orodo has five autonomous communities. Ubahu is one of them. The story had it that my late grandfather was powerful. His relations wanted to use his fowl to offer a sacrifice, which he refused. And knowing that he was powerful, they had to create rainfall; that night, they caught him and was moving him down to sell into slavery when the great grandfather of our Eze here interceded and said he should be allowed to live. They said they required money for their sacrifice and he paid them money and returned him here. The evil they wanted to sacrifice his fowl to, which he refused, caused him to be sacrificed to the same devil. So, he had to stay like that.

“We had other relations; some of them are from this community and they were captured and sold. The Eze and his people here rescued them. The funniest thing is that some the people too who are afraid of their immediate relations, when they think that they are not safe staying with them, run out of their homes and enter any of the bushes owned and inhabited by the so-called evil spirit. And while they are there, they are looked at as the Osu. That person was not a rogue; he was not a murderer. Just simply because his immediate relations wanted to get him for sale and while he was trying to resist, he had to run away, either to safeguard himself and ran into such evil forest. So, it is unfortunate that it had to continue even after Christianity had reached this part of the world. My father was not dedicated to any deity. So, we can’t understand why such evil or wicked name should be associated with us. And I hope our people should get out of such evil beliefs. If you believe in God, you receive protection from God. You worship God, you adore Him and you gain the benefits associated with good Christians.

“If one is a pagan and associates with paganism, he should inherit what comes out from there. You can’t be called a Christian as well as a pagan and yet you believe in God somehow, but you rely solely on pagan sacrifices and worshipping. So, it is the opportune time for most of our people to understand actually that the period of evil worship is over because right now, if you look at a gentleman and say he is devilish, he takes offence. If you tell him, you are a servant to devil, he takes offence and yet he practices paganism. So, it will be better for our people to redress their position. If they are associating themselves with Christ, then they should bend towards Christ and do His wish. If they wish to associate with the devil, they should go ahead until they get redeemed. If they still continue with paganism, it then appears the death of Christ; the redemption of man by Christ did not affect them.”

On the denial he had suffered personally, the 72-year-old retired civil servant said: “When I was still in primary school, somebody called me Osu; he was my mate. I saw it as a humiliation and that time we had learnt how to box. I heard that the boy is from Odumara Orodo and I had to give him the beating of his life. His parents brought him to our house. Fortunately or unfortunately, his mother was my mother’s friend. They regretted the incident, humiliated the boy there and warned him never to call me such a trash. Again, my son wanted to marry a girl who is a Diala and when we told her we are from here, her parents made enquiries, as usual, and the marriage failed probably, because we were associated with Osu. And it appears to be universal too. Some of our sons and daughters who find favour in the opposite sex and decide to marry, their parents, after investigations, might turn down the marriage, not because the two people who saw themselves are no longer interested in themselves, but because of the stigma”.

Chief Christopher Ezebunwa from Eziama Orodo told his story thus: “What I want to tell you is what my father told me about the Osu caste system, as he heard from history. Men who marry two, three or more wives do so because they want to have more people. He who is alone has nothing. My father told me that when Ezealla, which is the deity that Orodo people worshipped, wanted a human being for sacrifice, the Orodo people went and bought a slave for the sacrifice. Later, when the slave died, they went back to Arochukwu but the deity said they wanted an indigene of Orodo for the sacrifice, as Abraham did in the Bible. So, the community gathered and resolved that on a certain date, all of them would come out with food and wine so that they would appease the Ezealla. Their plan was that when the time comes, they would give sign and the last person to leave the place would be used for the sacrificed to Ezealla. All the people, who went there and had relations were told of the plan by their relations but this particular man had no relation. So, when they gathered at the centre, eating and drinking, the time came and the sign was given but this particular person didn’t understand the sign. While others were getting ready to leave, he was still wining and dining. When they left him alone, he was caught for the sacrifice. My father said the man was from Okwo Orodo, the first son of Orodo. That was our ancestral lineage and that shows how we started being seen as Osu otherwise we are the original sons of Orodo. Since then, we have been discriminated against.

“So, when the man discovered what happened, he started marrying wives anyhow. Even his children married many wives. My grandfather, known as Emeaghara, had 400 children so that we can be many, since it was lack of relations that led us to this condition. That’s why we are too many. Before the discrimination was so much that we had our own church, our own market (Orie Eziama), collected our own tax and had our own chief. But that bad name followed us. Initially we were known as Umunkwo, which is very close to Nkwo Orodo that belonged to Ezealla. When the discrimination became too much, we decided to change the name, Umunkwo to Eziama, which we now answer. We relate, we befriend them and they do so with us but when it comes to marriage, they will not allow that. That’s why we are soliciting for help. Orodo used to be one community but today it has been divided into five autonomous communities.”

Ezebunwa, a retired police officer, said that they have made concerted efforts to remove the toga of Osu without success. On what caused the problem between Eziama and Umunya, he explained: “One man from Umunya, who lives at Amaku called one Alvan, an Eziama man, Osu. Alvan got annoyed and dragged the man to Ihu Ezealla, that is the deity and offered him to the deity just as our own great grandfather was offered to the deity, which made us to become Osu. That’s what I heard because I was not there. So, when he reported to his people what happened, they regrouped and attacked our community. The people of Umunya, Amaku and other Orodo people teamed up and attacked us. I saw it as an attempt to eliminate us. They came to our place and destroyed a lot of things. Many people ran away, though I didn’t run. I am an ex-soldier; I can’t run. I remained and threated that anybody who entered my compound would be a dead person and none of them entered. We had to employ about 35 mobile policemen who stayed for about two weeks, guarding our community. We were paying each of them N500 everyday throughout the period they stayed. But when we got a hint of what was about to happen, we informed Eze (name withheld). He dismissed our fears and told us to go and be law abiding. He promised to communicate to the Eze of Umunya and we believed him and went back home. And that was why they caught us napping. When we invited the police and about 10 of them were arrested, their big brother, a Professor, went to the police and bailed immediately. That was the first in my life and in the history of Nigeria I saw people involved in cases of arson and looting that got bailed almost immediately they were arrested.

“We lodged complaint to Mbaitolu LG during the administration of Osita Opara. Opara instituted a commission of inquiry, which came here to investigate the incident but we never heard anything again. That was the end of it all. We even resorted to newspaper publication. Some people were writing and calling on the then governor, Ikedi Ohakim, to compensate us even if he could not look into the matter, but as I speak with you, nobody has ever come to our aid in that respect.”

Ezebunwa opined that it is easier for a cow to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Diala to marry an Osu. He, however, maintained that the attitude smacks of hypocrisy. “Even when they impregnate our daughter and we go to them, they will say they don’t marry from our place. But the question we had always asked them is: Why should you befriend our girls to the point of getting them pregnant when you know that you don’t marry from our place? There is this man who came to marry one of our daughters and because of that, his relations excommunicated him. He is looking for where to build a house now because they refused to give him a house to live in because he married from our place. Orodo Christian brethren have pleaded with his relations to let him be, that we are all human beings, no matter where we come from. But they are still denying him his right,” he said.

Mr. Alloysius Ekenta lamented that those who regard him as an outcast looted his wares. He said: “When the incident happened, they came into the market here and broke into my shop and carted away my goods. I sell fairly used motorcycles for sale and they burnt all of them, plus all the things inside my shop. This happened a few years ago but up till now, nothing has happened to the people that perpetrated this crime and we have not gotten any compensation.”

Mrs. Rhoda Akugammadu, a widow from Eziama-Orodo, also told an unpleasant story. Hear her: “It was on Novebmer 1, that it happened. Somebody had a misunderstanding with somebody from our village and his people from a different village attacked our village. When they came to attack us, we reported to our Eze, but he told us not to fight back. For three days they fought us but we didn’t fight back. They destroyed my house. They took my box of clothes, radio, television, refrigerators, bicycles and about 300 plastic seats that I used to give out on rent. Even my shop was not spared. They made away with goods worth more than N500, 000 from my shop, including cash because I used to leave the money I realized from the day’s sales at the shop.”

The 45- year woman added: “My business came to a halt since after the incident because nobody has come to my aid and I am a widow with eight children, who are still young. Since then, what I have been doing for sustenance is to work as a labourer. Sometimes, I got N200 or N300 in a day, as the case maybe. I have been looking up to God for assistance. Even the two iron doors in my shop were taken away. Even my zinc was not spared; they totally damaged everything. It was just recently that I managed to effect little repairs in my shop, in anticipation that help might come somehow so I can go back to my business. This daily paid job is not enough to sustain my family and I. Besides, it is very strenuous and not steady. There is another woman, Patricia Onyejere, who is also a widow. They finished her husband’s property at Nkwo Orodo; they destroyed everything her late husband left for her and her children at Nkwo Orodo. There was a man, Mr. Damian Anyanwu, whose house was burnt down. He lost his house completely during the ugly incident. So, many things happened but my joy is that nobody died. Although, Mr. Augustine Onyejege was badly cut with machete, thank God he survived. If you see him, you will see scars all over his body. It was just by the grace of God that he survived. I used to rear goats and fowls but they took away everything during the incident. I had over 100 fowls but they took all of them away. Though we still reported to the police, nothing happened.”

Other versions

Investigations revealed that there are other versions of the caste such as Agwu, Ume and Ohu. According to an Imo lawmaker, who pleaded anonymity, “the Ume is a more dreaded version than even the Osu but they are in a very small minority and are mixed up in both the Diala and Osu conclaves. But when it comes t marriage, both Diala and Osu wouldn’t like to touch the Ume or willingly relate with him in business because it is believed the Ume’s Ikenga is very hot and mar swallow the fortunes or destiny of his neighbor.”

In certain communities in Orlu/Orsu areas, for example, it is a taboo to marry girls on certain market days.

Our leaders should be sworn-in with traditional objects–Elebuibon, Ifa Priest





Sat, 06/02/2012 – 23:51

Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, a renowned traditionalist and foremost Ifa priest in Nigeria despite his belief in Ifa and other traditional gods is married to Christians and Muslims. However,  Elebuibon said he doesn’t  regret marrying  women from other religions, which he described as foreign religions.

Elebuibon, a visiting Professor of Ifa Mythology at the Chicago State University and  the Araba Awo of Osogbo, said Ifa had predestined his greatness 10 years before his birth, adding that his mother got him directly from the goddess of Osun river in Osogbo over 60 years ago. In this interview, the Osogbo born artist and playwright explained the mystery behind his birth and also spoke on other issues affecting the culture and traditions of the Yoruba nation. Excerpts:

Background My name is  Ifayemi Elebuibon and  I was born to the Oluode family in Osogbo, the Osun state capital. I am a direct descendant of Olutimehin, the great man that founded Osogbo. My father married six wives and my mother was the youngest. He  was an herbalist. Before my birth, Ifa had told my father that I would be a great achiever.  My parents had problems conceiving children,but  later my father was told that River Osun would give a child to them. My mother drank water from  Osun river before she eventually gave birth to me, and that was why I was named Osundagbonu and Ifayemi. Ifayemi means Ifa oracle  suits me. I have always enjoyed the support of Ifa and it has never disappointed me since my childhood . Ifa has been so wonderful to my household .

My father taught me how to worship Ifa early in life. I started receiving training in the art of Ifa  divination when I was four years old. I was 17 years old in 1955 when the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, introduced the first free education scheme. I was with my father when the  government was enrolling pupils in school in  Osogbo.  All attempts to convince my father to let me go to school did not yield any good result. He insisted that I would not go to school because my older sibblings who went to school abandoned  Ifa.  In 1957 my father died and I was taken to Chief Ifaniyi Agbongbon who continued training me in the art of Ifa divination. I thought initially this was impossible after my father’s death, but to my surprise, I continued with it. After some years, I began to learn from my friends who were attending  school.

As  they did  their homework  I would join them and study with them. Initially , I was writing rubbish  but later I  understood the art of  writing . Some of my colleagues are now professors. They include Ismaila Raji, and a host of others. My friends taught  me how to read and write. Unfortunately, the man teaching me Ifa, Chief Agbongbon was not favorably disposed to my action and he beat me each time I was reading, but I managed to persevere.  One day, a  teacher asked for the spelling  of sokolokobangose and despite the fact that I didn’t go to school I was able to spell it  correctly and he  was impressed.

Formal Education One of my friends introduced  me to  correspondence courses and I started. That was how I began  formal education . My Ifa teacher had a Ghanian friend who said people in Ile-Ife loved Ifa and art work and so he left for Ile-Ife. My  Ifa  teacher couldn’t read his  correspondence, but later after some studying I told him to give me his letters, and when I read the letters and replied on his behalf he was impressed. Later, his Ghanaian friend  came visiting  and asked of who wrote the letters for him and he said I did. He later sent for me and gave me 20 kobo.

In1962, I joined Duro Ladipo and his Mbari-nbayo Drama Troupe. My education got a boost when a  director at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ibadan helped me with my education.  I made friends among European group members  and in 1975 we started traveling out as a group. In 1977, I started traveling alone to deliver lectures at  universities overseas.

Scholarly works/recording I have written about eight books, including Wife of Oranmiyan, Healing power of the sacrifice and Invisible Power of the Metamorphic god. In addition, I have produced many records and my  first was Eeyan won. I established my company Yemi Elebuibon Records Stores in 1979. We started Ifa Olokun Asorodayoo series at the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Ibadan in 1980. We have done series of records and films. I have also done a one-hour documentary on Obatala , Osun and others. I am an artiste  and resident professor  at   universities overseas where I teach African philosophy. I have also delivered lectures in Nigeria too.

The Ifa Oracle Ifa is a great oracle in Africa, like Jesus came from Jerusalem and Mohammed came from Saudi Arabia, so also Orunmila came and  gave  knowledge and wisdom. Ifa consists of so many things  which human beings need. Orunmila has its own disciples. Odu Ifa has 266 chapters and so many verses. Ifa teaches us so many things about the founding of each town. The roles of Ifa are enormous in the lives of all and sundry.

Odu Ifa is now  almost in all parts of the world. Orunmila is like Jesus or Mohammed because human beings transform to oracles. Ifa verses are now in almost all the parts of the world. I have written six books that contain the mystery of Ifa Oracle. All Africans must believe in Ifa regardless of their religions because Oranmiyan is a supernatural being sent by God to deliver the people.

My marriage, family and Ifa Ifa directed me to those I  married. I consulted the  Ifa before I married my wives. All my wives were  either Christians or Muslims before we  married ,  but Ifa directed me to them and told me that they would later be  converted to my own religion. All my children know about Ifa divination and  I practice Ifa with all my wives and children. Some of my children have been ordered by Ifa to take after me and they will definitely take after me like I took after my own father.

Ifa says many things clearly about marriage  after looking at where one wants to marry from. It is very important to consult Ifa , because it  may say something important or different from one’s perception about the woman or man  an individual wants to marry. Ifa advises us about whom to marry, and we Ifa priests are free to marry as many wives as we can manage.

Above all, I have no regrets marrying from  Christian and Muslim families although their  families  were against  our relationship initially. Later they accepted me and today we are living together happily. Now my wives   have been  converted to Ifa divination and worshipping. All origins are traced to traditional religion. None of my wives is giving me problems.

Yoruba & other Nigerian cultures Something urgent must be done to prevent the deterioration of the Yoruba culture . It’s very rich but we do not value our culture. Our origins should be traced and  we must value our own things. Disrespect or lack of  regard for our own things are making our  culture to fade . We must not be ashamed of our culture because it’s  very rich. Generally, if our country must develop, we need to promote our cultures and traditions. Today, Nigerians are not respected abroad, because of cultural decadence.

Our government will be better for it, if we use traditional objects in administering oaths taken by  our leaders instead of  the  Bible or Quran. Such  traditional objects include land and iron. Our leaders should swear by traditional objects if we actually want to develop this nation.

The use of foreign objects to swear-in our leaders is making corruption  thrive in Nigeria. Nobody can say boldly that he’s a Nigerian to  the outside world. Nigerians  abroad are now ashamed of themselves, and this is as a result of bad leadership . If we want good people to represent us, we must change our orientation.

Christianity ,Islam & Tradition Those who want to do well are not given the opportunity to rule. Churches and Mosques are increasing by the day, yet corruption continues to thrive in  the land. However, traditional religion cannot die in this country because of its therapeutic effect. It’s the last remedy  after prayers and fasting at various places and  even after medical services people still resort  to traditional means. It remains the last remedy and the last hope for the people.

In the Western world where foreign religions were brought to Nigeria, they  still value their culture and traditions and they respect traditional religions, they practice it and the governments  respect  its converts and practitioners. That’s why their industries stand for years.

Cultism Cultism has no origin in Nigeria. Its genesis is traceable  to Europe. Ifa  divination is not shrouded in secrecy, because  it’s done in the open. Some traditionalists meet in the night because  night is very convenient for them. At that time, many practitioners are in high places, and the nature of their jobs do not afford them the opportunity to gather during the day.  Cultism is a bad omen and it can jeopardize the future of our young ones.  Our youths who are members of different cults should shun cultism for the sake of their future and the reputation of their families.

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[This interview, including the image, was taken from page 6 of Sun Newspapers of June 3, 2012 but the link is no longer active]

Alice C Linsley: enemy of the Almighty, slanderer, plagiarist, anti-Negro, white supremacist and apostle of Lucifer

Alice C. Linsley, one of the Amorites (or angels among the oyinbo), is the author of blogs like JustGenesis (http://jandyongenesis.blogspot.com/), Biblical Anthropology (http://biblicalanthropology.blogspot.com/), and Ethics Forum (http://college-ethics.blogspot.com/). She teaches World Religions, Philosophy, and Ethics at Midway College, Midway, Kentucky, where she holds the position of Adjunct Professor. In addition, she is a staunch member of the Orthodox Church. With these she aggressively preaches Christ to the world, arguing for Christianity but at the same time deliberately tries to cover up knowledge that:

  • Christ is Zeus
  • Zeus is Jesus
  • she prays to Lucifer for the reign of Christ (Zeus)
  • Christianity is a lie
  • Churches like hers are impostors
  • She is not of Olodumare (Aku appellation for the Almighty)

I came across her blogs sometime in July 2011 and began to contribute and compare notes while she subscribed to my blog. This period coincided with my quest for Christian zealousness. Thankfully, as Olodumare led me to the Word which is Ifá I began to see ever more clearly the strong delusion and the absence of Truth in Christianity. My blog became to me an avenue to expose the lies. The more I sought the Truth the more she tried to confuse till I wrote on 6 April 2012 about the doctoring of the Book of Revelations and the replacement of the Name Eshu (YEshua) with Zeus (Jesus), all by her people the Amorites, following which she unsubscribed. It is not compulsory that we agree on anything as each person has the gift of freewill but, as the Aku (aka Omo Oduduwa; erroneously as Yoruba) say, “what is bad is bad.”

A proof of her dishonesty is her essay, “Recovering the African Background of Genesis” (6 June 2012). I had a Guardian newsprint copy of a review of some scholarly works published by Nigerian philologist, Modupe Oduyoye, but could not find an online version. So I typed it unedited and scanned his picture therefrom and published it on my blog with the title “On Modupe Oduyoye’s Review of Genesis.” When she saw it she modified it a bit and published it at JustGenesis as if she had read any of his publications. She also included one of the pictures that I had scanned without indicating the source although it is linked to mine. The evidence that it was scanned can be seen in the quality. Also, she did not acknowledge the original reviewer, Yemi Ogunsola. This seems like a clear case of plagiarism.

On 10 September 2011 I published an essay about the phonetic and etymological similarities of the names Eshu and Yeshua, Aku and Hebrew/Aramaic respectively and short for Eshumare who is the Son of Olodumare. Alice C Linsley agreed.  Sometime after my expose on the alteration by the Amorites  of the Book of Revelations, I included in the comment section of the aforementioned Eshu-Yeshua essay a link to an article written by Remi Oyeyemi about the Amorite-influenced slander of Eshu amongst his people, the Aku (Isaiah 52:5). Immediately she read Remi’s article she published an essay on her JustGenesis blog titled “Esau in Yoruba Tradition,” claiming that Remi identified the Biblical Esau as the Eshu of Aku history, that Esau ruled Ketu, and that Ketu is of the Jebusites (Ijebu). She lied. There is no such association of Esau and Eshu in Remi’s article, Ketu is not Ijebu, and the description of Eshumare in Ifa (the Word of Olodumare to man) corresponds exactly to that of the biblical Son of Olodumare but never Esau. There is more. She had previously expressed her agreement with another essay of mine, “A case for the Edo/Idu people as the Edomites,” in which I argued that the people of Edo kingdom who are neighbours of the Aku are the biblical Edomites, and she could have inquired from Edo indigenes about their progenitor. Obviously she set out to blaspheme against Eshu, a rebellious attitude well described in Revelations 16. Some may want to argue that I blasphemed against Zeus/JeZeus/Jesus, however, my arguments are based on logic. Why did she employ lies?

Why does she, like her white supremacist Amorites, shy away from the fact that Zeus, IeZeus, Iesous, JeZeus and Jesus are cognates? Why does she not admit that Yeshua is not Jesus? If she had humbly and truthfully studied Aku history she would have noticed that the Edo progenitor, the Biblical Esau, is mentioned therein as Isẹdalẹ.

She agreed on her blogs that Edo people are the same biblical Edomites, and had connected the Ijebu with the biblical Jebusites, but deliberately tried to knock off any suggestion that the Aku are Eshu’s people in spite of abounding evidence. She claimed that the Ijebu migrated from biblical Israel to settle in southwest Nigeria with their supposed relatives who, as she further argued, never went to the Levant/Canaan. She also argued that the Yoruba were never in Israel/Canaan. In the comments section of her essay “Extant Biblical Tribes and Clans” she claimed that the Aku never migrated from the Middle East, whereas that region is clearly mentioned in Aku tradition. If the Edo/Edomites could have migrated from that region to Nigeria, what excludes the Aku from same? Also, she could as well have argued that the biblical Abraham who is actually Oduduwa went to Canaan to meet with and settle with his relatives or that Moshe (short for Moshebọlatan; re-lexified to “Moses”) led the children of biblical Israel to the same Canaan to meet with and settle with relatives or that the Dutch/Afrikaans went to South Africa to settle with their relatives or that the Edomites left for West Africa to settle with their relatives (Daniel 11:41) or that the British went to Australia to meet their relatives or that Neil Armstrong went to the moon for same, and so on. Obviously she did not understand the statement in Zechariah 9:7 about the Ijebu already being part of Aku/ biblical Israel; an attitude well described in Psalm 92:6 and Daniel 12:10.

Since the Edomites are blacks, why does she not use that information to search for Eshu’s people? One reason could be that she really is one of the Amorites that prefer to use his-story (false story of this planet) to deceive and dominate the world. The identification of Eshu’s people is a fatal blow to the evil triangle of Christianity-Islam-Judaism, frees people from her Christ, and helps blacks to free themselves and find their way home from bondage as the story of Eshu’s people is also the story of blacks.

Another example of supremacist attitude was her argument that Oduduwa/Abraham the progenitor referred to Olodumare as EL, even though I had argued otherwise since his language is tonal and the Aku know instead of ELA who is Eshu and the Ol- prefix means “owner/epitome.” It was as if she indirectly said the Amorites have an understanding of the progenitor’s language that is better than his living descendants, and is the same way the Amorites arrogantly try to tell their own tainted version/understanding blacks’ stories to blacks – his-story. El as it appears in translated bibles is probably correctly pronounced as OluEla, or maybe even Ola.

Christianity is utter rebellion against Olodumare as it, along with Islam and Judaism, was invented by the Amorites, a violent people, partly to cover up their racial cleansing of the original black natives of the so-called Middle East. This crime is a major portion of their iniquity (Genesis 15:16). They are devotees of Lucifer and pray to him, the Western ones doing so in the name of their Christ. What they do not openly admit is that this Christ is Zeus. Since Alice C Linsley promotes the name Jesus instead of Eshu and prays not to Olodumare, she must be one of the Luciferians, bearers of destruction. Who knows if she is one of the shape-shifters?

How can someone with all these biases teach WORLD RELIGIONS, PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS? Is the Midway College committed to the causes of brainwashing and white supremacy?



Lucifer as the Olósí of Aku (Ọmọ Oduduwa) History

Lucifer is an appellation attached to the devil also known as Satan. It is a cognate of Olósí, someone described in a version of Aku (Ọmọ Oduduwa) creation story as rebelling against Olódùmarè (God Most High). Support for this is immediately obvious from the similar accounts recorded in the bible (Isaiah 14:12-15) and the aforementioned version of Yorùbá creation story of the arrogance, pride, vanity, expulsion and fall from heaven to the Pit of someone who dared to rebel against OlódùmarèLucifer is from Lucis ferre, which is still used by a section of his people among the oyinbo (Amorites who have acted just like him: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, racism, white supremacy, and so on) that handle Lucis Trust, the publishing concern of his United Nations. Since the appellations Lucis and Olósí are cognates, Lu– > (O)lo and –ci(s) > -si; the s in Lucis being of a Hellenist (ancient Greco-Roman) method of altering Aku/biblical names that end in vowels by padding such ends with consonants. Olósí is a concatenation of Olo which means owner, and ósí which means left. Thus Olósí is translated in that Aku (erroneously called Yorùbá which is actually another appellation for Ọyọ) creation story as:

  • owner/epitome of the left side, or
  • owner/epitome of the other side, or
  • owner/epitome of the side of chaos, or
  • owner/epitome of deviancy, or
  • owner/epitome of the evil path.

Lucifer and Lucis do not mean light bearer and of light respectively as the Amorites want the world to believe. Arguments have been put forth by his people who use his-story (false account of the story the world by Amorites to cover their lies and fill the world with stupor and delusions) to portray him as voluntarily leaving ọrun (heaven) for Ile Aye (earth) to give man the technical abilities needed to survive in this world. Obviously this is a lie as Olódùmarè threw him out and he fell to earth. In their deranged white supremacist urge to boast and defend their evil actions, they ended up revealing to us that Lucis is their mentor and the one who has been giving them the technology that they have been using faithfully to destroy the earth – warfare, fashion, consumer goods, deluded medicine, industrialization, disease, fornication, etc. – aimed at bypassing Olódùmarè.

The ancient Greco-Romans (Christians/West), Turks (Muslims/phony Arabs) and Russians (Jews/synagogue of satan/Khazar/Khazakstan/Ashenazi/Slavs) massacred the people of Èṣúmare (see: Èṣú is the true name of the Saviour), the Son of Olódùmarè, and the indigenous Negro populations of the Levant/”Middle East” while selling many into slavery. These violent people thereafter divided the Promised Land amongst themselves, but it was not enough for them. They conspired to engage in the most idiotic and deranged group identity theft, declared themselves to be the actual natives, and used “shock and awe” (violence), brainwashing and delusions to spread their tentacles all over the world (Psalm 83).

Just like Olósí/Lucifer, they took the land of Èṣúmare’s people by force (John 11:12), they steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), there is no truth in them (John 8:44) though some whites have realized that they inherited lies (Jeremiah 16:19-21), and till date they try hard but vainly to hide the truth (Matthew 10:16-33; Mark 4:22; Luke 8:17; 12:2). Examples abound including deliberate mutations (insertions, deletions, other alterations) of the original texts which they used to forge their bible; destroying the noses of ancient Egyptian sculptures; forging artifacts; destroying and hiding ancient and revelatory manuscripts (Turks/Muslims destroying the libraries in Egypt and elsewhere, the British suppressing the original manuscript of “History of the Yorubas” authored by Samuel Johnson who soon joined his ancestors due to the shock, and Wikipedia suppressing information about the actual identity of ancient biblical nations, physical appearance of the Amorites, and lying that the name Jesus is derived from Joshua and Yeshua); using sorcery to propagate schizoid visions (Isaiah 47:9; Micah 5:10-15), using the masses as drones and driving them to commit psychotic acts of violence (Jeremiah 51:6-8); and using mass media including the internet which they dominate and control.

The erection of the altar and statue of Zeus (IeZeus/JeZeus/Jesus) on top of the altar of Èṣúmare in his Temple in 168 BCE, the destruction of this Temple and the subsequent erection of the temple of Jupiter (Roman for Zeus) in 138 CE, and a church in 325 CE, the erection of mosques and Islamic centres in 700 CE, the erection of Jewish synagogues, the use of symbols – images (Isaiah 21:9; 45:20-25; Jeremiah 50:38; 51:47,52; Daniel 3; Micah 5:10-15), numbers, letters – to erect the temples of Christianity-Islam-Judaism over the altars of human hearts, the deception of the world into looking up to Amorites as if they are chosen and saviours, and pushing people to argue against Olódùmarè’s existence, exactly matches the Aku and biblical descriptions of Lucifer. These Amorites, white supremacists, and people who look down on blacks including the Aku, do Lucifer’s will and are therefore his people (Psalm 83; Isaiah 14:1-27).

The original Aku name and cognate of Satan is Osi (means “left) which is short for Osi’fa (eunuch, impotent one, 6th grade of the Left). It had been forgotten just like the people and priests forgot the Name of Olódùmarè (IYE; the ‘Ye’ part of Yeve/Yehve/Yihve) of Olódùmarè (Jeremiah 44:24-26).

Using Olósí as reference, it can be confidently argued that Lucifer or Lucis does not mean light bearer but

  • darkness bearer
  • bearer of evil
  • bearer of destruction
  • bearer of abomination.

Also, his people, especially the Roman Catholics with their numerous images like those of the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican in Rome, Italy, have gleefully but morosely given us the express image of Olósí (the image of a man wearing a red robe and surrounded by naked beings) and his prophet Zeus (JeZeus/Jesus) Christ. This we can use to avoid the image of the beast and his mark (the cross and not an electronic chip that many have been led by the Amorites to believe).

Olósí’s network seems to be everywhere in this world, going by the information his people openly share on the Lucis Trust website., including also their deceptive but vain efforts to achieve the reign of Christ of earth. What they do not openly admit is that their Christ refers to Zeus; Èṣú (short for Eṣumare/Eshumare) is not known to His people as Christ but IMISI IYE, which the synagogue of satan and fellow Amorites erroneously transliterate as Messiah. Only Èṣú can save those who love and seek Olódùmarè with all their heart, strength and soul.

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Èṣù is the true name of the Saviour

Èṣù as pronounced by the gbe m Oduduwa (nation of the descendants of Oduduwa), biological heirs of Oduduwa (re-lexified in the bible to “Abraham”) the true name of the Saviour. This name has been insanely and mischievously edited by the Amorites, a people who brazenly oppose Olódùmarè (the Almighty). This fraud is quite easy to detect as all of creation is founded on truth.

Ọpa tẹẹrẹ kanlẹ, o kan ọrun

Truth is a staff stretched thin from heaven to earth yet does not snap

Otitọ ni omi fi tẹlẹ isa

A jar of water is lined with Truth (Truth is crystal clear)

Names in Old and New Testaments

Translations of the Old Testament are from the Greek Septuagint and other doctored Hebrew (also known as Jews, Satan’s reptilians, synagogue of Satan; Revelations 2:9 and 3:9) and Aramaic manuscripts which are all plagiarized texts and of the Amorites, not the original manuscripts of the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa. From these Amorite Bible versions of the West/Hellenists it can be seen that almost all names in the Old Testament differ from those of the New which they also forged. Of the New Testament the Amorites, Hebrews included, allegedly admit that they do not have original scripts, and cannot fully translate, transliterate, read, write and speak the original language. However the Hebrew creatures refer to their Satanic and phony language as modern Hebrew and the true language as ancient Hebrew in a vain attempt to deceive the world into thinking that they are the original people instead of the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa. This is not surprising as the Amorites slaughtered the blacks, including the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa who used to live in the Levant/Middle East, and took their places and divided the land among themselves (Jeremiah 8:10; 12:14; 51:51; Lamentations 1:10; 2:7; 5:1-2; Ezekiel 36:1-7; Joel 3:2). Since then that part of the world stretching into North Africa has been almost totally filled with foreign populations. These constitute the most notorious, most insane, most brazen, and most imbecilic fraud in the history of mankind.

Thus the Orthodox Church and Satan’s lizards including Christian, Judaic and Islamic gatherings which are profane and insane assemblies and claim to use the closest translations and transliterations of the true language lie from their own resources (John 8:44). They have put up various names as that of the Son of Olódùmarè with the only exception being the Peshitta versions of the bible – allegedly written in Aramaic – where the name is consistent in both Old and New Testaments. Such names include Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yahoshua, Yahushua, Yahushua Yahuwashua, and so on. Furthermore, the name Yeshua in the Old Testament of the Peshitta is rendered as Joshua and Jeshu(a) in the Old Testament of the Latin/Catholic/Protestant/Greek Septuagint/Western/Hellenist/Greco-Roman versions. It is especially with these versions that the Amorites have used as one of their tools to sow confusion, disorientation and deceit around the world.

Before the genocide, a terrible time of tribulation and sustained racial cleansing, the Greco-Romans whose language is flat and necrotic but unlike that of the gbe m Oduduwa which is tonal – it is easier for native speakers of tonal languages like Chinese to pronounce accurately indigenous black African names at first attempt than for an Amorite – did write the name of the Son of Olódùmarè as Iesou which is a cognate of Yeshua:

Ie– > Ye- and –sou > -shu(a);

the a in Yeshuais intentionally misleading.

After the mass murder they set about producing copies of the Scriptures, Gospels and other divine texts but with many misleading and deliberate edits, including replacement of Iesou with IeZeus, a name recorded in ancient texts as corresponding to the number 666. They also wrote IeZeus as IHCOUCIesousIasous and later Jesous (which is clearly JeZeus) and then Jesus, and it is derived from the name Zeus of the chief Hellenist (Greco-Roman) god:

Ie– > Je- and –Zeus > -sous > -sus.

The Amorites have always associated Zeus with many appellations including Soter which is Greek for “Savior”, Christos which is Greek for “Christ”, and Sarapis (or Serapis). When Ptolemy 1, an Amorite, inherited ancient Egypt (reigned from 323 – 285 BCE) from the Macedonian known as “Alexander the Great Colonialist” he introduced there the worship of Zeus but with the name Sarapis Kristus – the idols had the Amorite face of Zeus. This is how they introduced the worship of Zeus in all the lands that they colonized. Thus they have deceived almost the whole world into praying for the reign of Zeus and thinking that the faithful ones among the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa knew the Son of Olódùmarè by the name Jesus which is in fact meaningless and strange to their tongue. These people of Lucifer (they have behaved like him) still carry out such fraud today even among themselves.

True Name as known by HIS true people

Long before the racial genocide the people of the northern kingdom of Israel (not actual pronunciation) who were dominated by Ọyọ (also known as Yorùbá; the tribe of Ọranfẹ which if the biblical Ephraim), and many of those of the southern kingdom of Ifẹ Oodaye (biblical Judah; Oodaye re-lexified to “Judah”), along with others like the Egun (Aegean people of Philistine/Palestine; Ae– > E- and –gean > -gun; can be found in Badagry and neighbouring coastal areas, the Ijebu (Jebus; the s in Jebus being a deliberate distortion by the Amorites), and so on, migrated from the Levant to the region of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsular which was still joined together. This region was known as the land of Èṣùmare which is not surprising since the gbe m Oduduwa are called by the name Èṣùmare (2 Chronicles 7:14) who is the Son of Olódùmarè However, the Amorites in collaboration with blood-thirsty nomads like the Abyssinians fraudulently renamed this region as “Aksum”.

It is very likely that the most or all of the Ijẹbu had joined Sungbọ (re-lexified to Sheba) their ancestor when she returned to her kingdom (which the Amorites call D’mt) during the reign of Oriṣa Oko (re-lexified to “Solomon”; c. 970 – 931 BCE) in Ifẹ. While Ọyọ returned to their inheritance upon the collapse of the Hausa/Assyrian Empire (Assur/Aššur: Hau- > –A and –sa > –ssur/-ššur) in 605 BCE, the non-Ọyọ tribes of the biblical kingdom of northern Israel did not likewise return and might have been scattered but definitely eventually settled in that region of Èṣùmare. These groups all settled there during or immediately after the resumption of Babylonian imperialist campaigns by the Macedonians and Greco-Romans. Upon settling there they resolved to return to Ọrọ Olódùmarè (the Word of Olódùmarè; cf. John 1:1-18) who is also known as Ifá (re-lexified to “Ephod”: Ifa > Epho(d); the d in Ephod being an insane distortion by the Amorites) who Ọyọ had earlier goaded those other non-Ọyọ tribes into rejecting for which they were punished with deportation (2 Kings 17) – note that “Ifá is also the name applied to the associated liturgy., spiritual system and the means and tools of divination, and Olódùmarè gave Ifá to the Ẹgbe Ọmọ Oduduwa.

In Ifá liturgy is the name of various deities (doubters of deities should see Psalm 8:5; 82:1,6; 95:3; Isaiah 44:26; Ezekiel 44:6; Daniel 4:13-17; John 3:11; 10:31-38), making it a reliable database to use in searching for the true name of the Son of Olódùmarè.

Of all the names in Ifa the closest to Yeshua and Iesou is Èṣù, pronounced as ÈŠÙ or Èshù; the È sound is similar to that of ‘a’ in late and the ṣ or š as shYe-/Ie– > È- and –shu(a)/-sou > ṣú. Èṣù Laalu, a deity well known to all Ifá devotees would seem to be the candidate but he is not. Rather, he is the Oriṣa mentioned in the bible as Joshua son of Nun (“son of” is a terribly mischievous term inserted by the Amorites when forging the bible, and there is even no hint of the genealogy of the so-called Nun in the bible; “Nun” is a re-lexification of “Laalu”), assistant of Ọrunmila who once incarnated as the Oriṣa known as Moṣe (short for Moṣebọlatan). There is another deity who has been forgotten by his people and he is known as Oṣumare the Spirit of the Rainbow. He is known in Ifá as the Irunmọlẹ of Olódùmarè’s presence (cf. Genesis 9:13-15). Since

  1. “Olódùmarè” is also called “Eledumare”
  2. “Olódùmarè is derived from the elision Olodu-ikoko to ntan Oumare which is translated as “Owner of the mystical pot that emits the Rainbow” from which can be seen that Oṣumare literally proceeds from and comes in the name of Olódùmarè

it is incontrovertible that Oṣumare is also Èṣùmare. Furthermore, the name “Èṣùmare” can be truncated just like other names of the language of the Ọmọ Oduduwa to “Èṣù” which is the stem, “-ṣù” being the root. The attributes of Èṣùmare as seen in the name Olódùmarè is exactly the same as that of the Son of Olódùmarè as mentioned in the Old and New Testaments of the bible (Exodus 23:20-23; Deuteronomy 18:18-19; Psalm 118:26; John 12:13).

The name “Èṣù” also has cognates in the languages of the brothers, cousins and neighbours of the m Oduduwa:

Èṣù – Èṣù (Edo), Ekwensu (Igbo), Ayeshu (Akan of Ghana), Shu (ancient Egypt, not the present day lunatic Egypt) and so on.

Meaning of the Name Èṣú

The ṣu in Èṣù means to emit, to throw out, to evacuate, to eject/inject. These would seem conform to his activities when preaching about himself, that is, Ifá, about 2,000 years ago during which he healed people via the evacuation of illnesses and unclean spirits and the injection of life into the maimed and wounded. He also evacuates his people from danger and chaos and evacuates same from his people who include all those hearken unto Ọrọ Olódùmarè, which is none other than Ifá, and do it (Luke 8:19-21).

His Name blasphemed continually everyday

About 200 years ago, a Yorùbá boy named Ajayi was kidnapped by the Fulani, a terribly wicked people, who sold him as a slave to the Portuguese. He was later set free by the British – such activities like slave abolition were used as a ploy by the British Amorites/reptiles monarchy to deceive the world, including blacks and especially the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa that they (British) cared for them – in faraway Sierra Leone, deceptively brainwashed into accepting Christianity, given the Amorite name Samuel Crowther, indoctrinated into British/Macedonian ways, used as a conduit and drone to deceive and infect the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa, and rewarded with the title of Bishop. The British needed one of Èṣù’s people because the Amorites needed a mole/Judas Iscariot with the DNA of their prey to serve as an agent/vector to spread the virus of Jesus: “a man’s enemies are the men of his own household” (Micah 7:6; Matthew 10:35-36). He was the first to translate the bible from English to the Amorite script now used by the Yorùbá to read and write though he did not indicate any awareness that the bible is a plagiarized record of the history of his very own people; at least he was used to bring to them the evidence. The worst part of all these is the British who serve Lucifer used him to declare JeZeus/Zeus as the Savior and Èṣù as Satan to Èṣù’s people and other sent-away relatives and descendants of Oduduwa like the Igbo (from Edo) and their Nupe (Moab?) cousins. Many of Èṣù’s people who had just experienced civil wars, ritual murders and slavery, fell for the signs and wonders of the Amorites/Lucifer/Gentiles and thereafter served them and adopted Christianity, thus committing the abomination of playing the harlot with foreign ways and religions and fornicating with the spirit of harlotry; a repetition of history – Isaiah 57:1-8; Ezekiel 23; Hosea 4:12; 5:3-4. That the Amorites achieved this evil and deranged transposition is a testimony of their purely satanic and insane disposition, an appropriate reason to act with skepticism toward everything Amorite and reject anything Amorite to be on the safe side. Note that some Gentiles like Cornelius of Acts 10, the Roman centurion officer of Matthew 8:5-13, and Adunni -Olorisha Susanne Wenger, would have noticed that they inherited lies, and these ones would seek to be grafted in as one of Èṣù’s people (Isaiah 11:10; 49:6 56:3,6-8; Jeremiah 16:19-21). Èṣù’s people have to take responsibility for their actions as they make them happen – an indicator of their present morose state of consciousness.

Till today there are many of such moles amongst Èṣù’s people, just like during the time of the Maccabees when many fornicated with Hellenist (Greco-Roman) ways. These drones have been increasingly using the educational system of the Amorites to indoctrinate and infect their prey right from the cradle while they erect temples to Zeus everywhere and on every street corner:

Ezekiel 16:23 “It has happened after all your wickedness (woe, woe to you!) says Èṣùmare, 24 that you also built for yourself a shrine, and made a high place for yourself in every street.25 You built your high places at the head of every road, and made your beauty an abomination, and have opened your feet to everyone who passed by, and multiplied your prostitution.”

Thus they blindly pray with all their heart, might and soul in the name of Zeus for the earth to be destroyed and cursed (Malachi 4:6), for him to reign at their fatal expense, and for the impossible defeat of Èṣù, the Son of Olódùmarè.

Satan, into whose hands has been given the dominion of this world and its glory to do with as he wishes (Luke 4:5-8) deceives these people with the cares of this world (which manifests as an insane rat race for materialism – consumer goods, industrialization, the glitz and glamour, Amorite/Hollywood/Oscar/MTV/Grammy type of fame, honor from men, corporate/white collar jobs, Hellenist/formal miseducation like MBAs, and so on) – and they gullibly believe that Olódùmarè has been answering their prayers, whereas Zeus who fraudulently calls himself Olódùmarè is the one they have been praying to. They do not understand the advice from Èṣù to have their treasures stored in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21) as the redeemed would receive their reward when he establishes his kingdom on earth (Matthew 6:1-6) which turned out to be the Kingdom of Èṣùmare. They also blind themselves to his declaration that he has a mandate to kindle a fire on the Earth that would utterly melt/destroy/consume the worldly cares. Since Èṣù is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the opposite is true of the Anti-Messiah:

  • Jesus (JeZeus/IeZeus/Iesous/Zeus) is the Obstacle/Dead-End, the Lie and the Death!

The Amorites who worship Jesus are his bride/body while the blacks who choose to serve him have been giving their lives, shedding their blood, as a ransom for his. These blacks, especially those of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa, are the ones sacrificed by the Amorites on his behalf to enable him and them take over and rule the earth.

The region of Nigeria in West Africa where the biblical nations of the one hundred and twenty provinces which Daniel administered for King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Daniel 6:1), including the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa descendants and those who contended with them like the Edomites (Edo & Igbo), Nupe (Moab?), Hausa (Assyrians), Egun (Aegean), and others settled according to similar geopolitical patterns. The British monarchy got this choice portion along with other “commonwealth” nations to colonize by satanic means just like the Greco-Roman-Byzantine imperialists did about 2,000 years ago in the Levant. It should not come as a surprise that Nigeria has been seen by others as an astonishment, a hissing, a curse, a proverb and a byword. The country has witnessed a directly proportional relationship between religiousness (brain-dead/drone-like zeal for foreign religions especially Christianity and Islam) and chaos – the more people pray in the name of Zeus and speak blasphemies against Èṣù the more the chaos in the land and the lives of these people. This is also the sorry story of blacks all over the world.

It is very sad that Èṣù’s people whom He delivered, nurtured, brought up, protected and sacrificed himself for as a ransom, now speak evil of him. Indeed He has been the most afflicted of all men (Isaiah 52:14), just like His people who profane His Name. Èṣú spoke of the blasphemies very long ago via he mouth of Isaiah (misleading transliteration) His prophet:

Isaiah 52:5 “Now therefore, what do I have here,” says Èṣùmare, “seeing that my people are taken away for nothing? Those who rule over them mock,” says Èṣùmare, “and My Name is blasphemed continually everyday.”

Ifa priests having added to confusion

In the period prior to and during the Amorite occupation of the tribal kingdoms that constitute the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oduduwa (17thcentury till date: colonialism = neo-colonialism = adoption of foreign ways and religions = horror = abomination), a repetition but on a grander scale by the Greco-Romans (Daniel 7; 8;10; 11; Matthew 24), many terrible iniquities were being committed by Èṣù’s people, including the elders and priests, and of the kind described throughout the bible like in Jeremiah 2. For instance there were lots of ritual murders, use of ogun ika (evil charms, sorcery) against innocent victims, and the likes. It seems many priests were under a delusion that they knew what they were doing, and eventually passed on a misunderstanding of Ifá from generation to generation. In addition, some Ifá devotees still speak of Ẹla (the Great Spirit, Child of the Ruler) and Ọrunmila as if they are the same person especially because Ifá and Ẹla are one, and Èṣùmare and Ẹla and Ọbatala as three different persons whereas they are One – it seems Ọrunmila reminded His people that Oluwa (probably an elision of Olu awa; or Our Ruler/Leader; re-lexified by Jews to “Eloah”) is One (Deuteronomy 6:4). They also forgot that there are two divinities that bear the name Èṣù. Another is that many people did not learn that the Ifá symbols/objects/figurines are, in the words of Asar Imhotep, “mnemonic devices that remind the wisdom seeker of how he/she’s supposed to act.” Eventually many people believed that in such objects was their salvation, thus giving an excuse for the hypocrites or idolatrous Christians to accuse the former of fetishism and idolatry.

There is also a version of an account of creation about the establishment of the Yorùbá seven weekday names. Here, it is narrated that Èṣù had brought chaos on earth which Olódùmarè halted by sending Ẹla from heaven to Earth to restore order and thereafter ascend back to heaven. It is also added that Èṣù sought but failed to oppose Ẹla. This account is tainted by Amorite/Zeus/Christian/Islamic feedback, an outcome of the exponentially multiplier effect of Bishop Ajayi Crowther’s ignorant betrayal. Such a conclusion is true because Èṣù is Ẹla and therefore cannot oppose himself or Olódùmarè, neither can Èṣù Laalu oppose Ẹla. should not be dismissed since Ẹla has appeared in the flesh earlier among men as Ọrunmila, when He appeared to Oduduwa, and later as Èṣú when He was born to Mọrẹmi (Miriam/Maryam/Mary: Mi/Ma– > Mọ and –riam/-ryam > rẹmi) sometime between 6 BCE and 33 CE. Rather, it is known that Olósí, not Èṣú, rebelled against Olódùmarè and was thereafter imprisoned in the bottomless Pit at the centre of the Earth from which he has been released periodically – see “In the beginning (a Yoruba version).

Searching for Yorùbá cognate of Satan

Some Ifá devotees have argued that there is no Satan and nothing like a final judgment. This is strange because the priests also say that Ọrunmila means Ọrun ni o mo ẹni ma la or Heaven knows those who will be saved, which implies that not all will be saved and conversely others will be condemned. Those who will be saved are the ones who call upon the name of the Son and believe him while those who follow Zeus will be condemned to the Pit. Since “Èṣù” is the true Name of the Son of Olódùmarè and the Amorites cognates are YeshuaIesou, etc, and “Satan” is the Amorite name of the devil and Zeus of his false prophet, there must be a cognate of the name “Satan” in the tongue of the m Oduduwa. A clue is from the records of ancient Egyptians:

  • Satan – Set (ancient Egypt, according to Amorite Egyptologists).

Just as the Amorites derived the appellation Lucis/Lucifer, which is of Satan, from “Olósí”, they also derived “Satan” from “Osi-ẹfa”, which can be truncated to “Osi” from which they also derived “Set” It is not surprising that Èṣù’s people forgot his name and were easily deceived by the Amorites into forgetting about Osi and referring instead to their Saviour as the devil (Jeremiah 44:24-26), perhaps this name is that of Olósí.

Èṣù’s people call upon and believe Him

Thankfully, Èṣù has already prayed to Olódùmarè for mercy (Luke 23:34), to forgive his people for their ignorant actions (Psalm 82:5; Isaiah 6:9-10; Acts 28:25-27). Those of his people who venerate him in this world have been facing persecution and ostracism (Daniel 3; 6; John 15:16-25; 16:1-4) from the drones, also known as walking dead, who worship Zeus and have received his mark (Ezekiel 9; not a chip as the Amorites want the world to believe).  It has thus been an evil time as some of Èṣù’s followers including those who return to him have had to keep a low profile (Isaiah 59:15; Jeremiah 26; Daniel 3; 6; Amos 5:12-13; John 7:7; 19:38).

Anyone still arguing for the name Jesus in spite of all the evidence to the contrary loves lies (John 3:18-21; 12:42-48) and will not enter Olódùmarè’s kingdom (Psalm 73:27; John 3:18-21; Revelations 21:27; 22:15). Rather, those who love the name Èṣù and wait for him shall not be put to shame (Psalm 17; 22; 31; 40; 69; 71; 109:21-31; Jeremiah 15:15-21) but will dwell in the Kingdom (Psalm 69:35-36)!