Where’s Dan in the Book of Revelations?

Where’s Dan?

The tribe of Dan is not listed with the tribes of the Aku a.k.a. Ọmọ Oodua (children of biblical Israel) mentioned in the Revelations 7:5-8 to be specific. This raises eyebrows and should be investigated with all honesty. I have pondered over it for quite some months (since 2011), and have tried to give the benefit of doubt to the translators of the Book of Revelations.

It is alleged that Aku (re-lexified to “Jacob”), who is mentioned in the bible also as Israel (Genesis 32:28) and who his descendants remember as the Ọranmiyan (also shortened as Ọranyan which the Greeks pronounced as “Orion”), had 12 sons from whom descended the 12 tribes of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua (nation of Ọmọ Oodua). Their names as recorded in Genesis 29:32-35, 30:1-24,35:16-18, 49:3-27, Exodus 1:2-5 and Numbers 1 are Reuben, Simeon, Oluwo (transliterated to “Levi”), Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Ga (re-lexified to “Gad”), Asher, Iṣẹkiri (transliterated to “Issachar”), Zebulon, Ajọsẹ (or Jọsẹ; re-lexified to “Joseph”) and Benjamin.

Eṣumare selected the tribe of Oluwo to minister to Him, thus Oluwo had no portion or inheritance in the land of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua (Deuteronomy 14:29; 18:1-9). This translates into a shortfall with 11 tribes having portions. To make up for this, Eṣumare assigned a double portion to the tribe of Ajọsẹ (Genesis 48:5-6; Joshua 14:4) – one portion each for his sons, Mina (re-lexified to “Manasseh” and Ọranfẹ (re-lexified to “Ephraim”); a case of the first (Reuben) becoming last and the last becoming first (Ajọsẹ) as mentioned in 1 Chronicles 5:1 and well described in the Ifa (re-lexified to “Ephod”) literary corpus. This ought to be the case in the Book of Revelations as it is mentioned in chapter 7 verse 4 that all the tribes of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua will be sealed. However, from verses 5 to 8 it can be clearly seen that the tribe of Ajọsẹ is mentioned along with the half-tribe of Mina while Dan is not included. Thus Mina occurs one and a half (1 ½) times, Ọranfẹ occurs half (½) time and Dan occurs nil (0) time.

Table 1: Comparison of the list of the tribes of Israel in the Book of Revelations with those mentioned elsewhere in the Bible

12 sons of Aku as mentioned in Genesis 12 tribes of Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua as mentioned in Revelations 7:5-8
Judah Judah
Reuben Reuben
Ga (Gad) Ga (Gad)
Asher Asher
Naphtali Naphtali
Simeon Simeon
Iṣẹkiri (Issachar) Iṣẹkiri (Issachar)
Zebulon Zebulon
Benjamin Benjamin
Oluwo (Levi) Oluwo (Levi)
Ajọsẹ (Joseph: Ephraim + Manasseh) Ajọsẹ (Joseph:Ephraim + Manasseh)
Dan Mina (Manasseh)

Could it then be that the words of the Book of Revelations was tampered with? John, the writer of this Book, did include therein the punishments to be meted out to the culprit(s) for adding to and/or taking away from the words of the prophecy of the Book; respectively they are the addition of the plagues to the culprit(s) and the taking away of the culprit(s)’s part from the Book of Life (Revelations 22:18-19).The list of tribes in the Book of Revelations is also contrary to the end-time prophecies in the “Law”, Prophets (Isaiah to Malachi), the Gospel, and Paul’s letter to the Romans (chapter 11 verse 26 to 32) concerning the return of Eṣumare (Ẹla) and all the scattered ones of the tribes of His people to their divine inheritance. Dan is also mentioned in the end-time prophecy of Ezekiel 48:1-2.

In the same Book of Revelations it is mentioned that the people who will suffer these punishments are those who do not believe in but reject Ọlọrun and His Son, utter blasphemies against His name, and accept the beast. These are the same people (including the Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Persians, Fulani and their related nomads) who tried to murder the truth by carrying out a genocide against the first true believers that are called by His name (His people including those grafted in) as described in the somewhat pre-crime prophecy of Ezekiel 37 and Zechariah 13:7-9 and perhaps spoken of in Revelations 16:17-20, who hid and perhaps tried to destroy the original manuscripts of the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua in order to forge the Bible, and who deceived the world – by seducing them to drink the wine of their fornication – into believing that the names of the Father and Son are names like Jehovah/Lord and Jesus/Lord respectively and replacing Àṣẹ with Amen. That they were able to do these indicates that it is not beyond them to tamper with the words of the prophecy of the Book of Revelations. These people of violence/evil include the ones who tried to plagiarize Ifa for their Bible and are Christians with Vatican/Rome as their locus. Thankfully, the Peshita is still available which can be used as proof of their mischievous intents, and the Ẹgbẹ Ọmọ Oodua still have an original scroll of the Divine Scriptures called Idi or Edidi (see pages 4 and 5 of “Ife and the origin of the Yoruba: historigraphical considerations”)

The recommended technique for studying the Bible accurately to avoid deception is described in Acts 17:10-11 concerning the Bereans who they cross-checked daily the preaching of Paul and Silas with the Scriptures, that is, the Law, Psalms and Prophets. Note that when Eṣumare preached the Gospel, He always referred to these Scriptures while reminding His listeners of the need to fulfill the Scriptures, thus encouraging them to use the it for background checks. Consequently we can use this technique to better uncover the frauds fabricated for the Bible, including the comparison of the end-time prophecies of the Old and New Testaments.

As for Dan and the Book of Revelations, where are the original manuscripts?


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