Synagogue of Satan

Revelations 2:9. “I know your suffering and your poverty (but you are rich) and the blasphemy of those who call themselves the First People, when they are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
Revelations 3:9. “And behold, I grant some of the synagogue of Satan, of those who say about themselves that they are the First People and are not, but they are lying, behold, I shall make them come and worship before your feet and to know that I love you.”

In 1948, after World War I and II, a group of the world’s leading violent nations of Amorites, known as the League of Nations that later morphed with deceitful intentions into the United Nations, selected a part of the African continent for a nefarious purpose. They called it the Middle East and selected a part of it which they called Israel (Is-it-real?) for their mission to deceive the world. Therein they planted a group of people who fraudulently call themselves Jews who adopted Judaism for political and fiendish gain some centuries ago, but have never been the people of the Saviour’s biological inheritance. Majority of these Jews are of the former nation of Khazar (Ashkenazim; Genesis 10:3) and Sephardim (2 Kings 17:31). More resources concerning these Jews can be found at:

Satan’s own people

Ọlọrun (transliterated by the Jews to “Elyon”) has always been aware of the lies of the Jews as Ela who is Ọbatala and Eṣumare aptly describes them as the synagogue of satan. This means that they are Satan’s own people, bride, church, congregation and assembly. Èṣú (short for Eṣumare) has also told us that Satan is a murderer, a liar from the beginning, the father of lies who also lies from his resources (John 8:44).

John 8:44. “You are from your father Edi (re-lexified by Amorites to” Devil), and the desire of your father you are willing to do; from the beginning he has been murdering men and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from what is his, because he is of falsehood and is also its father.”

Since lies are a false imitation of the truth, it can be seen that as Ọlọrun chose a people who are the Ọmọ Oduduwa (chosen offspring of Oduduwa; Genesis 35:9-15; Deuteronomy 6:10; 7:6) for bringing salvation/goodness to the world, Satan tried to imitate this by selecting his own people for bringing condemnation to the world through deceit (cf. Malachi 4:6; see “Myths of Ífè” by John Wyndham) – Oduduwa is also known as Eniyan which is translated as “the chosen one” and his heirs who are the Ọmọ Oduduwa are inheritors of this destiny.

The emergence of these Jews probably began to take shape whenever the Ọmọ Oduduwa were being deported and/or massacred. One such instance occurred during the 4th age when the Fulani-led Hausa (“Hausa re-lexified to “Assyria) deported the Ọyọ Empire which is the biblical northern kingdom of Israel and replaced her with foreign populations who were taught the rituals of Ọbatala (or Ifa) in the land (2 Kings 17:24-41). Another was surely after the Amorites engaged in the massacre and enslavement (genocide + mentacide) of the original peoples of Ifẹ (biblical kingdom of Judah) during the colonization by the one the Amorites hail as “Alexander the Great” sometime before 323 BCE. Some others happened around the time of destruction of the Temple in Ile-Ifẹ (biblical Jerusalem) in 70 CE and other genocides of the so-called First (66-73 CE), Second (115-117 CE) and Third (132-135 CE) “Jewish-Roman wars” in fulfillment of the prophecy of Zechariah 13:7-9. Most of the true people of the northern kingdom of Israel had already migrated from a crumbling Hausa-Fulani Empire sometime around 612 BC to the Horn of Africa which was still at that time united with the Arabian Peninsular. Also, since Oduduwa (usually shortened to “Oodua”; re-lexified to “Abraham”) and his descendants have dark complexions and kinky/nappy/wooly hair, the persecution of the Apostles and the early/true followers of Eṣumare by the Roman Empire (Matthew 24:9; Revelations 6:9-11) in their territories/colonies would have been very easy – the Romans just needed to have the blacks surrounded by Amorites and slaughter all blacks in their midst. Today, this is known as ethnic cleansing and subtly as racial profiling.

Complicity of Neighbours

Certain nations of the Eurasians that surrounded the Ọmọ Oduduwa when they were in the Levant and eventually occupied that area as impostors have remained there for about two millennia. They cannot deny that they do not know the truth about the synagogue of Satan, and they must still have relevant historical records in their possession. Same goes for their impostor religious institutions including the Islamists, Roman Catholic Church and her offshoots (including schism-related like the Orthodox and Protestants) which perhaps can be described as the bride of Satan, and who maintain silence being part of the blasphemy/cover-up. The Edo people have also been joining the Amorites at times to do same but every time have been thrown under the bus by the latter.

Satan’s people and the kingdom’s of the world

A growing number of people, especially descendants of trans-Atlantic slaves, are beginning to see the links/filial relationships that exist between the synagogue of Satan and the Vatican and monarchies/rulers of Europe and the Arab world. These are the ones who control the economies, finances/wealth and kingdoms of the world, manipulating and installing their puppets as heads of Amorite-defined governments. It has been said that they own, control and manipulate central banks around the world. They promote economic systems worldwide that serve to direct the wealth of nations into their hands. Thus they assiduously work to perpetually keep others in consumer-mode with the aim of maintaining a one-way traffic to export their finished goods and heavily restrict/curtail the importation of same. They practice mercantilism, valuing money (Mammon) over and above, if at all, salvation. In doing this they seduce other nations into worshiping Mammon at their high places and sacred pillars otherwise known today as high-rises and skyscrapers (in addition to church spires and the minarets of mosques – these will be brought/cut down and destroyed during the prophesied massive and never-before seen earthquake (Revelations 16:17-20). Many of them have been identified as the Rothschilds, Illuminati, New Word Order, etc.
For more on these people see:

Not surprisingly, the proof of their control of kingdoms, which they have tried denying severally as of conspiracy theories, can be seen in the account of the temptation of Eṣumare for forty days by Satan, as narrated in Luke 4:5-8.

Luke 4:5 And Satan took him (Eṣumare) up to a high mountain and he showed him all the kingdoms of the earth in a short time. 6 And the Edi said to him, “I shall give You all this dominion and its glory, for it is delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I want.” 7 ”If therefore you will worship before me, it will be all be yours.” 8 Eṣumare answered and said to him, “It is written: ‘You shall worship Ọlọrun your God, and him only you shall serve.’”

Here, Satan attempted to use lust for wealth to tempt/seduce Eṣumare into giving away his inheritance – remember Esau (Genesis 25:29-34) – but he never wavered. Included also is a very important detail, a confession admitted by Satan, that all the kingdoms of the world and their authority were in his hands to give to whomever he wished – an imitation of the knowledge that Eṣumare’s role as the Prime Daodu (Revelations 1:5; 2:7,17, 22-28; 3:12,21). Today it is inescapably obvious that the Jews are in control of nations/kingdoms simply because they are the synagogue of Satan.

Fake way of life

As the synagogue of Satan is a nation of liars, it follows that everything they do, including their way of life, religion, rites/rituals, festivals, economy and so on is a lie. For instance, the way they dress is a lie as the biblical Israelites who are really the Ọmọ Oodua have never worn such but apparel like agbada, buba, ṣokoto, fila, gele, etc. Another is the Jewish language called Hebrew or Modern Hebrew which is a poor mimicry and hideous re-lexification of the true language which they have never been able to cannot speak and understand all the words, mispronouncing, mistranslating and misunderstanding the lexicon. The evidence is quite obvious e.g. the Ọmọ Oodua dialects are tonal and gliding, unlike Hebrew that sounds strange to the soul. Consequently, since Satan tries to imitate the truth, the language spoken by Satan’s people must be Satan’s language. Similarly, their prayers and supplications are offered not to Ọlọrun – the Most High – as they deceptively want the world to believe but to none other than Satan and his ministers who are unclean spirits and known commonly as angels.

To look to the synagogue of Satan for direction concerning Ọlọrun, Eṣumare, his people, and his gospel is tantamount to embracing Satan, loving lies and seeking to perish.

Fake Arabs?

In the fake Middle East today there are many peoples who, just like the synagogue of Satan, claim that the region has been their ancestral home for ages. This is doubtful as the descendants of Aku (re-lexified to “Jacob”; the Ọmọ Oodua) and Edo (Edo-Igbo; re-lexified to “Edom”), have always had negroid features like kinky/wooly/nappy hair and melanin-rich skin. Thus the biblical Ishmael and his descendants must have had such features as well. Heck, even the biblical Assyrians who are the Hausa are still around in West Africa. Is it that the present peoples of the fake Middle East are:

  1. White-washed descendants of the original settlers? Or
  2. Blatant liars just like the synagogue of Satan?

Of course these fake Arabs would not want to admit that the biblical Israelites always had/have features of blacks as this very fact proves that Islam is a lie and the Arabs are liars. For more on the true whose identity the Arabs have been stealing see “The True Arabs”. The Ọmọ Oodua, Hausa and others remember that the true people of “Ishmael” are known as the Larubawa.

Violent People

Eṣumare constantly advocated peace and urged his people to eschew violence even to the death. The manner of greeting among His people, which is primarily about well-being, even exemplifies it. For instance, they frequently greet each other with the somewhat rhetoric question

Ṣe alafia ni?
I hope you are full of well being – rough translation; perhaps a cognate of “shalom”: Ṣe Alafia ni > Ṣ(e)ala(fiani) > Ṣala > Ṣalom > Ṣhalom

Today the Ọmọ Oodua, most of whom settled in the region of Guinea (written as Canaan in the bible; the region commonly called Slave Coast) of West Africa, are the most accommodating of the peoples of West Africa, especially Nigeria, as all other Nigerian nationalities live peacefully in their midst – an indicator of their attitude of seeking alafia. Also, there are Ọmọ Oodua who are devotees of their traditional religion, Christianity and Islam but still live peacefully with one another as they see themselves as first as Ọmọ Oodua, very much unlike the present peoples of the Middle East who exhibit an extreme kind of lunacy as seen in their high affinity for violence. Eṣumare’s peace is not as that of the Amorite-dominated world a.k.a. NATO, UN (UNSC), M-16, KGB, CIA, Vatican, EU, Synagogue of Satan, AFRICOM, etc.

Eṣumare told us that Satan is a murderer (John 8:44), and murder is an act of violence. Hence, the violence exhibited by the Synagogue of Satan and their collaborators like the Arabs, NATO, UN (UNSC), M-16, KGB, CIA, Vatican, EU, Synagogue of Satan, AFRICOM, and the likes is not surprising. They constantly flex muscles by displaying their skill in warfare and associated implements as they have faith in these weapons but not Ọlọrun. Even the Christians fight among themselves and throw punches at each other in fake Israel. See:

Axis of Evil

If there is an axis of evil it is none other than Christianity-Judaism-Islam as the fake and violent peoples of the Middle East who constitute this axis have used these religions as a veil of deceit to cover the world (Lamentations 3:65; Isaiah 25:7).

Stepping forward

The true “biblical Israelites”, that is, the Ọmọ Oodua, utterly dissociate themselves from these violent ones who constitute the axis of evil, including their society and culture. This is necessary and will happen in accordance with the prophecy concerning the divine revival among Eṣumare’s people who will seek Ọlọrun with all their heart and all our soul (not hearts and souls as in various church denominations but as one Ijọ (re-lexified to “church: (I)jọ > Jọ > Jọj > choch > chuch > church) which takes place in the 4th generation after the slavery by the Amorites and before he gathers us back to His land (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 30; Jeremiah 33). We ought not to look to ancient Egypt as she was like the North American continent of today that has been overrun by the Amorites.

Deuteronomy 28:68. Ọlọrun will bring you into Egypt again with ships, by the way of which I said to you, You shall see it no more again, and there you shall sell yourselves to your enemies for bondservants and for bondmaids, and no man shall buy you.

Likewise the oyinbo should utterly reject the lies propagated in their societies about themselves and the axis of evil, at the same time confessing to Ọlọrun (Acts 26:17-18) their iniquities and the iniquities of their ancestors who propagated evil and persecuted his people. One of such evils is the cover-up of the massacre of the early believers as seen in the pre-crime report of Ezekiel 37 and Zechariah 13:7-9, and another is lying that the name of Most High is Jehovah or Lord etc and that the name of His son is Jesus or Lord. Remember that just as Eṣumare led Israel along with a mixed multitude out of Egypt (Exodus 12:38), he will again gather his people along with a mixed multitude out of the nations of the world to his land (Amos 9:12; Ezekiel 47:21-23). But are they willing?

To learn more about Satan’s people, I strongly recommend “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (Vols 1 & 2)” though a preferable title would have been The Secret Relationship Between the First People and Satan’s People,” or “The Secret Relationship Between the Synagogue of Ọlọrun and the Synagogue of Satan.”

10 thoughts on “Synagogue of Satan

  1. Zionism is inconsistent with biblical teaching.

    TheJudaism of the Rabbis is a counterfeit of the faith of Father Abraham.

    All religions are used to advance selfish causes.

    It is right to speak against perversion of truth.


  2. I find a lot of statements ambiguous and lack reference makes it look like you are grasping at straws to prove your theory, the few links you have included are links to other people’s work and the links do not have a direct relationship to the points you are trying to make.

    “Also, since Abraham and his descendants have dark complexions and kinky/nappy/wooly hair” – Any SOURCE to prove this?

    “The proof can be seen in the way apparel (agbada, buba, ṣokoto, fila, gele, etc) that the Yoruba/Ewe, who are the true Israelites, have always adorned” – Again any SOURCE to prove this?

    In as much as your story ( i cant really call this a research because you don’t really have any sources or references) sounds interesting, you should work on facts and not thoughts in your head.


    • Yours is laced with hypocrisy and fascism.

      “Original research” in academia builds (not regurgitates) on the research of others and does not necessarily have to follow the same path as the mainstream. Instances of such abound like the discovery of the Mendelian laws of genetics and the famous Planck’s problem. My approach and insight are peculiar thus links supporting my views may not abound. Is it a crime to express alternative views? Also, I do not yet have access to libraries and the likes, and this free wordpress platform does not allow for a suitable way of including footnotes. However, you did not bother to first find out whether or not I have had to deal with constraints, which says a lot about your judging abilities and bias.

      I did provide links to academic papers; how did you not come across them? Were you blindsided by bias? This particular topic has been discussed severally elsewhere and with references included; do you own research.

      The evidence of the physical appearance of Abraham and his descendants is all over the Bible and there are lots of extra-Biblical literature on that. Its not hard to find.

      That the Yoruba and the Hausa (Assyrians) who are cousins adorn similar apparel is enough evidence that their Biblical ancestors dressed likewise and not like the “synagogue of satan”.

      It is from thoughts in the heads of people that original research is produced. You do think as well, don’t you?

      Apparently you do not work on facts but that which is appealing to you. You should ask yourself why comments are enabled on this blog and why and similar sites provide that option.


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  4. LOL! You have reached a level of pure insanity! You need prayer because you may be suffering from reprobation. These are lies that you’re spreading and to think you spent your precious time doing so is pure Satanism. I pray that you will some day be dilivered from an ancient evil called Racism. Shalom


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