Physical Appearance Of The Amorites Of Genesis 15:16

I was able to get this from the relevant Wikipedia page history. This section was deleted on 27 October 2011 and is no longer in the current version. I tried restoring it on 8 January 2012 but within 4 minutes a certain Ian Thomson undid my edit – cyber racism? (Note: The internet archive can also be used to extract extinct webpages.)

The Egyptologist Flinders Petrie and Assyriologist Archibald Henry Sayce analyzed ancient Egyptian illustrations of what they identified as Amorites (Amurru) depicted as “white skinned, blue eyed, fair haired”.[7][8][9] According to Sayce (1889):

The Amorites… were a tall, handsome people, with white skins, blue eyes and reddish hair, all the characteristics, in fact, of the white race.[10]

Sayce further discovered a painting in a tomb (No. 34) at Thebes, belonging to the Eighteenth Dynasty which illustrates an Amorite chief with “white skin and red-brown hair”.[11][12] Henry George Tomkins (1897) an Exeter clergyman and member of the Royal Archaeological Institute also wrote the Amorites were blue eyed and fair haired.[13] Easton’s Bible Dictionary also contains an entry stating the Amorites are “represented on the Egyptian monuments with fair skins, light hair, blue eyes, aquiline noses, and pointed beards.”[14] The Encyclopædia Britannica, 13th ed., vol. 1, 1929, also contained a physical description of the Amorites from Egyptian illustrations:

Egyptian illustrations of the New Kingdom show the Palestinian Amorites to have been a race much more like the Northern Europeans than the Semites; long-headed, with blue eyes, straight noses and thin lips.
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27 thoughts on “Physical Appearance Of The Amorites Of Genesis 15:16

    • At the moment I still find Genesis 10:16 to be quite puzzling but I suspect the answer might be clearly in the Bible and I just need to search with peace. A way of confirming the spread of the flood could be to look at the history of the Khoisan who have been around for quite a while, or to study harder the history of the Ijebu people, and why the Ijebu settled in Jerusalem.


    • It suggest that some descendants of Nephlims survived the flood, they became the Amorites who originally lived in caves. Another suggestion can be found in Ifa post flood story. Noah took for himself another wife(from God knows where) who bore him three sons. Ashe, Epe and Ohun. Only Ohun survived and because of his bad traits, he was sent away to an unknown land far away. Interestingly Ashe, Epe and Ohun seems to be cognate of Shem, Japheth(yepet)and Ham. My suggestion is that Ham may have become the progenitor of the white race and not vice versa. That’s why they call themselves Amorites.


      • The whites were never descendants of Noah but fraudulently inserted themselves into his genealogy. I had published something about this in 2017 but then removed it for further editing. Sadly, all soft copies are in systems that crashed. Ohun didn’t have bad traits but was misunderstood, as with his two previous brothers, all of the same Odu.


    • It seems Blench ignored the oral accounts of migration from the various nations in this part of the world. For instance, the Ewe are found in Togo, Ghana and Benin, and they say that they are also Yoruba, having migrated from Ketu or old Oyo, both Yoruba settlements. However comparative linguists like Blench have grouped the Ewe and Yoruba languages as belonging to different families, as seen in that tree of page 10. Ewe language is said to be one of the tonal Gbe languages; Yoruba is also tonal. If only these linguists and molecular anthropologists would accept that many of the original peoples of the Levant did migrate into Africa and prepare maps reflecting such.

      Akokoid is Yoruba but situated on the fringes of Yorubaland and beside the Benin kingdom. Hence the Akokoid dialect features a mix of Yoruba and Edo Elements. If Blench had studied the predominant Yoruba dialect, ie Oyo + Egba, and the Ijebu dialect perhaps he would have come up with “Ijebuoid.”

      A particular Wadi is mentioned as a place where the Ijebu settled for a while prior to settling here in Nigeria. There is a town/city in Delta State of Nigeria that is called Effunrun – sounds similar to the Biblical Ephron.

      As for the flood, I have not yet come across any Ijebu account of it. The Yoruba however say that the first creation was ‘Ife Oodaye’ which means “Ife of first earth origin.” This was destroyed in a flood due to conflicts and excesses. The second and present creation is called ‘Ife Ooyelagbo’ which means ‘Ife of the survivors.’


      • Yes, there is a sad tendency among non-African linguists and historians to ignore or discredit the oral traditions of tribal peoples. The same people ignore the traditions represented in Sacred Scripture.

        The connection between ethnicity and language is somwhat problematic because conquered peoples are often required to speak the language of their conquerors. Also languages change. This is why Franz Boas argued that there is disconnection between ethnic origins and languages. I don’t think the disconnection is as great as he assumed. Language conveys ideas, and ideas, especially religious and cosmological ideas, are highly resistant to change.

        What is true will be confirmed eventually. You may well be part of helping to bring the truth forward.


  1. There is a lot of work to be done, and I believe we all have roles to play.
    I still don’t get the kinship of the Amorites and Jebusites, seeing the wide variations in physical features. Could there have been some terrible editing of Genesis 10:15-16?


  2. The Amorites are not listed in the biblical record as descendants of Noah. Therefore they would not be kin to the Jebusites. My guess is that they were Am- Ar, meaning people or tribe of Ar. Today we call them Aryans. Their tribal name appears in the titles of many of their rulers and some of those rulers married descendants of Noah.

    Likely these early Aryans lived in the Nile region before Abraham’s time. DNA studies indicate that the Nile Valley of East Africa had greater genetic diversity than anywhere else on earth.

    Genesis 10 speaks only of those peoples who are decendants of Noah. It mentions “Arvadites” and “Arkites” in Genesis 10:15-18. They are the peoples of Sidon and are classified as under the general label “Canaanite.” Arssh means throne in Arabic and among the Igbo, the scribe clans were called Ar or Aro. This suggests a royal scribal caste just as the Horites were a royal priestly caste.

    The relationship between the the descendants of Aram/Ram and the Aryans needs to be explored. Unfortunately, by the first century BC there is such a confusion of ethnicities that sorting things out is very difficult. My guess is that the Parthians are part of the puzzle.

    Genesis 10 does not tell us about all the peoples who were on the earth during the time of Noah. And there were other peoples, as evidenced by the migrations of peoples 70,000 and 100,000 years ago, long before Noah.

    Thanks for providing your blog as a platform for open discussion. How much this is needed!


  3. There are Israelites who were associated by their names with the Ar patrimony. They are Aroch (1 Chr 7:39, Ezr 2:5, Neh 6:18, Neh 7:10) and Ariel (Ezr 8:16, Isa 29:1, Isa 29:1, Isa 29:2, Isa 29:2, Isa 29:7). Ariel means “Scribe/Messenger of God.” So it appears that the Ar clans were scribes or messengers. This is further suggested by the name Ar-vad. Vad means “to speak” in Sanskrit. The association of the name Ar with the scribal caste is further demonstrated by the discovery of Aramaic scrolls from Arsames, the satrap, to his Egyptian administrator Psamshek and to an Egyptian ruler named Nekht-hor. (A.T.Olmstead, History of the Persian Empire, Chicago, 1948, pp.116-117) Some variations of the name Ar include Ar-Shem, Arsames, Artix, and Araxes, and all of these are figures named in historical texts.


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  10. Great source of information you are providing for people who are just starting out like me, this discoveries blows me to space and back but I found that I am still thirsty for more knowledge to know who are the Yoruba’s and our connection to the Bible. Thank you for all the works you have put into this and for making this available for people like me.


    • All glory to Olodumare; I’m very grateful.

      Know that the Amorites occupying North Africa all the way to the Middle East will soon be flushed out as they are the Canaanites of today whose way of life is wickedness/insanity. Just like in the past during the time of Moses, they invaded the land, especially the Promised Land, and mimicked the true religion but with the deliberate inclusion of many abominations, and have been pretending to be the original inhabitants. Thus IYE ASHE IYE (written by the Amorites as ‘EHYE ASHER ‘EHYE) commanded His people when they came out of Egypt to completely wipe them out. This time, once we acknowledge and seek ESHU, He will help us wipe out the mental/psychological Canaanites (lies of society, of Christianity-Islam-Judaism) from our minds to prepare us for our return. Also, he would have wiped them out by himself before we return and remove their abominations from the land.

      The most important first step is to accept ESHU. Another is never to forsake His priests (babalawo).

      Best regards


  11. It seems to me that many people are guessing on who the Amorites are. Where in the bible does it show that God’s promise to Abraham was fulfilled when they discussed the bondage for the 400 years. They were enslaved to the Egyptians for 430 years. Black people in America were enslaved and are still enslaved for almost 400 years. Could the Amorites be America? Slavery can be traced back to 1619 some say 1616.


  12. the fake jews owned the slaves in America as well as traded and transported here
    $$$$$$$…The jews keep the blacks and all humanity enslaved


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    Over 100 Hebrew scholars wrote the strong’s hebrew concordance.
    Strong’s #119: ‘adam (pronounced aw-dam’). to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy in the cheeks. *The White Man*

    Gen 3:15 I will put enmity=hatred (which could be called racism today) between you (Satan) and the woman, and between your *offspring and her offspring*.

    Gen 6:4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God (fallen angels that kept not their first estate) came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them.

    My belief is the fallen angels mixed their seed with adamite women to the point that Noah and his family were the last pure blooded uncontaminated adamites left on earth. This contamination may have been part of Satan’s plan to prevent the Messiah from being born who had to be unblemished pure adamite like the lamb for sacrifice that had to be pure and without blemish.

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    Yes he did help this person who he called a DOG but with great reluctance because it was not right to take the Children’s Bread and cast it to DOG’s was Jesus own words NOT mine.

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    If these he told the sinning Israelites to kill were NOT Israelites but mixed breeds or Nephilim then things make a little more sense.

    Before the flood came the bible says, ALL flesh had corrupted it’s way upon the earth.

    Could this be the reason for the flood this race mixing to the point that Noah and his family were the last few pure blooded uncontaminated Adamites left on earth>

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