Deriving the meaning of Abba from Oba

The Aku (a.k.a. Omo Oduduwa) people call their kings OBA, which seems equivalent to Abba as mentioned Mark 14:36. In Nigeria where there is one of the largest concentrations of Aku people, kings are generally referred to in the English language as royal fathers. This is an apt translation of Oba as the royal father is regarded as a father on a grander scale than the father of a family. Since a nation can be regarded as a family or a unit and the family head who is a male accordingly regarded as the father, the Oba or royal father is the father of all the people (his subjects).

Likewise, since Eshumare the Saviour, is said, according to the bible, to refer to Olodumare as “Our Father”, “Father” and “Abba”, and since Abba is the same as Oba, Abba just might mean “Our Father”, “Father of Man” and “Father of All”. The Oba is seen as the representative of Olodumare’s and the irunmoles.


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