In the beginning (a Yoruba version)

I saw this version of creation this version of the creation story, written by “Omilefun” and which seems not to be well known among the Aku (Omo Oduduwa). This does not mean that I share the same belief. However, the intention is to show the awareness in certain Aku quarters of the existence of the Pit and someone called Olosi (transliterated by the Amorites as Lucis and re-lexified by same to Lucifer) who rebelled against Olodumare.


9 thoughts on “In the beginning (a Yoruba version)

  1. It seems to say that Esu is not the devil in Yoruba language but rather OLOSI. Osi is Yoruba for left and the text says that Olosi means Owner of the left side as he was created to sit on the left side but then misbehaved and was condemned to the Pit, just like the devil.

    According to the Bible the Son of God does God’s will and sits at the right hand. Similarly, there is separation of wheat from chaff.


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    • How would you explain (i) Osun’s role in saving man for which she became an orisha, and (ii) Orunmila’s role as the Prophet who delivers from Olodumare the Word known as Ifa? Can you help me understand?


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