A case for the Edo/Idu people as the Biblical Edomites

Sometime during the afternoon of September 21, 2011 I was contemplating about the connection, if any between the biblical Edomites and the Edo/Idu people of Nigeria. Then I received the answer – the red colour.

Many people have wondered what happened to the Biblical Edomites after Hellenist (Amorite/Greco-Roman/West) conquest. Some have assumed that Satan’s synagogue who are the Jews are the Edomites, some have argued instead for the Caucasians/Amorites. Such assumptions are misleading as the implication is that Isaac (Ajaka) and Rebecca (Abẹkẹ?) had as ibeji (Aku for twins) a black man (Aku; re-lexified to Jacob) and an Amorite/Caucasian (Esau). Another proof that the Edomites are not Amorites is the biblical prophecy of Ezekiel 25 where it is mentioned that the people of the east who are the Amorites that took over Mesopotamia would invade the lands of the nations of the Levant, of which Edom is one, and displace the indigenous inhabitants.

In order to identify the extant descendants of Esau it is best to consider cultural patterns associated with the eponymous ancestor and his descendants as recorded in the bible. The RED colour stands out as the most useful marker:

  • When he was born “he came out red” (Genesis 25:25) – most likely he had a reddish-brown skin tone.
  • He was also called Edom because of a red stew which, according to Genesis 25:30, he liked to consume, perhaps his favourite. Aku was aware of this trait (Genesis 25:29-30) and perhaps used it to his advantage in getting the birth right.
  • The nation that came out of him was known to the Greeks as Idumea or red people.
  • Scholars have noted that Edom territory or Idumea is marked by the presence of reddish sandstone. Perhaps Esau (aka Edom) settled in that territory because of his innate attraction to the red colour (Genesis 36: 6-8).
  • In Isaiah 63:1-3 the Saviour who is Eshumare (Èshú), is described as dressed like an Edomite after dealing with the Edomites because his white garment became dyed with blood which is of red colour.

Remarkably, the Edo people and their Edoid/Igboid descendants in southern Nigeria also share this peculiar attraction for the red color. They are the people of the Benin Kingdom located just east and south-east of the Aku (common name for the chosen heirs of Oduduwa; a.k.a ọmọ Oodua or offspring of Oodua/Oduduwa) territory with whom common history and traditions is a known fact.

  • They wear red attires with lots of red beads as seen in the pictures from http://www.nairaland.com and video below. This has been their distinctive marker amongst Nigerian peoples.
  • The ancient name of Edo is Idu, the name of their progenitor is Idu, and her people bear names with Idu as prefix or just Idu.
  • In Nigeria, their homeland is the region of highest cultivation of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) from which the reddish-orange palm oil is derived; they, along with the Igbo who appropriated their culture and were ejected from the Edo kingdom in 1748, dominate the palm oil market as they are the largest wholesalers and retailers.
  • A lot of violent crimes including cult activities take place in their homeland with the attendant bloodletting.
  • They have always sought to annex the territory of the ọmọ Oodua and claim to be their seniors.
  • They were sacked by the same set of Amorites, that is, British/Babylonians, a repeat of history.

However, the Edo people seem not to know their pre-16 or 900 CE history which may be due to lack of publicly available written records upon migration into West Africa from the Levant, just like the Aku people, and/or a deliberate attempt at dissociation from the Esau and related prophecies. Other similarities unrelated to the red colour include:

  • Edo is situated southeast of Aku territory, just as the biblical Edom
  • According to Amos 9:12, ọmọ Oodua would possess the remnant of Edom at the end of the 4th age; this re-occurred during the present 6th age from the 12thcentury CE when Ọranmiyan who is Aku and the orisha of the irunmọlẹ called Osoosi, an Aku prince, ambassador and later king, became ruler of the Edo people upon their request and approval by Ifa; he established his son from an Edo princess as the Oba (king) of Edo, thus re-establishing the Oba dynasty, and some Edo peoples like the Esan, Isoko, Urhobo etc later emigrated from Edo.
  • In the Book of Jasher is the narrative of how Esau was beheaded near the tomb of Aku (Jacob) who is Ọranyan/Ọranmiyan (Orion) and his head remained with Aku’s children while the Edomites ran away with the headless body of their ancestor. Fast-forward to the 12thcentury CE when Ọranmiyan (same person; atunwa/reincarnate) was sent to become Oba of Edo and establish a dynasty. Whenever an Oba (Oranmiyan’s descendant) slept his head was taken to a site in Ile-Ifẹ (spiritual home of the Aku; corresponding to Jerusalem) called Ọrun Ọba Ado (resting place of Edo kings).
  • Just as Esau and the Biblical Edomites were associated with dubiousness and ancient envy against the Aku, the Edo have not stopped fabricating tales to distort history and justify their crave for seniority.
  • Ajaka (re-lexified to Isaac) told Esau that he would live by the sword (Genesis 27:40). The royal symbols of authority in Edo are the ceremonial swords, and the Isoko and Igbo threaten a lot with their cutlasses and machetes.
  • Ajaka had two sons, Ọranmiyan (Jacob) and Ado (Edo/Edom) who became Alado (king) of Ado (Aku for Edo). Ọranmiyan, though the younger, inherited the land while the Ado/Edo was sent away (Genesis 36:6-7). Isẹdalẹ, the other name for Ado/Edo, is a compound name with the main part Isẹas the actual pronunciation of Esau. A crude translation of Isẹdalẹ could be ‘the first to arrive on earth’ which indicates that he was the first of the twins to be delivered.

The do in Ado/Edo is translated as copulation or the satisfaction of sexual desires or reward-seeking behavior, and Ado/Edo refers to a person of lewd character. It turns out that such propensities are exhibited by dopaminergic individuals of which associated behaviors include preference for instant gratification. Unsurprisingly, the people of Edo, including other former Edo peoples like the Etsako, Isoko and Urhobo, are known for their peculiarly high promiscuity and prostitution used for the acquisition of material rewards, and their women are of extremely pretty countenance. Italy has been a notorious destination for many Edo girls and women to engage in prostitution, both voluntarily and otherwise. Non-Edo men have testified of the propensity of these females to give in to the satisfaction of sexual desires, especially since expatriates moved to the Niger Delta area and the associated prospects of acquiring oil dollars. The impact on the Edoid peoples nonetheless has been a consistently high level of violence as warned in Leviticus 19:29. There are lots of children without true identities, who have not known their fathers, and who are half-castes; children of iniquity. Violent crimes including abductions frequently occur and are not limited to politics. Youths, especially of higher education institutions, and elders are members of violent cult groups. Thankfully, Eshumare has been showing them mercy (cf. Numbers 24; Isaiah 11:14; Amos 9:12).

The name Edom is false as it is actually Edo, and does not immediately translate to red as the translation in the bible is one of the many such mischievous and/or delusional re-lexifications by the Amorites (Gentiles/oyinbo) of the bible. This is proof that the use of the delusional translation of the name Edom based on its -d-m consonants to translate the biblical Adam is fictitious (Amorite academic fallacy and his-story – white supremacists’ distorted accounts of times gone by) as the Adamọ/Adimu is the actual name and unlike Edo it possesses an -m- consonant. Edo and Adam does not mean red but the red colour is associated globally with lust and violence (blood-letting). “Edo” probably means “the dopaminergic/lewd/carnal one”.

The association of violence and reward-seeking behavior with Ado/Edo is seen in the account of Genesis 25:29-34 when Isẹ went hunting and returned home quite famished, but Ọranmiyan, taking advantage of the situation after perhaps having observed over time his brother’s high dopamine activity, gave him (Isẹ) some red stew in exchange for his (Isẹ’s) birth right ( Genesis 25:29-34). The aftermath of this episode was that Isẹ was thereafter called Edo, perhaps by his parents who had probably been noticing the same high dopamine activity.

Many people around the world seek to discover their talents, their niches. That of the Edo is quite simple to identify as it is that peculiar drive which so far has been channeled towards lewdness, as seen in the number of Edo persons trafficked continually to Europe for prostitution, the highest in Nigeria. Perhaps they can effectively tackle this by coming together to find their niche where this drive can be positively channeled for the benefit of their society. It could have been such that brought fame and splendour to the former Benin kingdom from the 14th to 18th century CE.

Some YouTube videos from MadMonarchist and Nedugie –


More pictures can be seen at http://cometonigeria.com/forum/index.php?topic=1828.0 and http://www.randafricanart.com/Benin_Oba_commemorative_heads.html


57 thoughts on “A case for the Edo/Idu people as the Biblical Edomites

    • I’m very grateful.
      It seems that many Nigerians ethnic nationalities have acquired a knack for inventing their own histories to gain political relevance today, thus breeding confusion.


  1. This is not unique to Nigeria. Political gain and relevance has driven different groups in the United States to create new “narratives” for themselves. In the USA, where there is less value placed on tradition, this is very common. It is often easier to live a lie than to live the truth.


  2. You are very in correct. Where do you get your research from ? Its suprising that people accept it as the truth. .The red beads are traditionally called IVIE or coral beads. It signifies royalty and only the Oba can wear a certain type. Brides adorn themsleves with it on their wedding day as pictured. You do not know my history. The ancient word is not Idu. I don’t know where you got that from. Igodomigodo was renamed Edo by Oba Eweka because they were refered to as Oviedo meaning child of edo. We are alo called Bini people.


  3. Oh thanks Idun maybe the root of Idu, thats why i didn’t know what it was. Yep Idu means area. I have actually heard of that name. The second link hmm. I disagree with the Idu part. Its the first I’ve heard of that and the names on the thrid link. My mum said Idu was an idol? Thanks I wanted to cuss you out when I saw your post but I have a more open minded now.


    • Your mum’s reaction is not surprising to me as one of the effects of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was to label our ways as demonic (acquired anti-nappy hair syndrome?). I guess you’ve observed that in our part of the world we never made images of the Supreme Being, unlike the Europeans. If you had cussed I wouldn’t have minded, considering the reactions I have been getting from my own folks. For instance, it seems they find it incredulous that Dawodu and not David or Dafidi is the actual name for Solomon’s dad.

      Best regards


      • Yes I agree that Odaudu was our father’s name. That is why all the men from Otukpo are greeted as Odaudu. You dare not say good morning, good afternoon or good evening to an Otupko man. If you see an Otukpo man, the greeting has to be Odaudu. Which means, acknowledging him as his father’s son. Son of Odaudu or David.


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  5. ? Esau came out red (As in the baby was not normal or such a contrast in color that it had to be pointed out … what color was Jacob? normal as in maybe the opposite of red/reddish) and hairy. The assumptions made here are not possible based on liking a color for people who have adopted traditions and names from other nation. What ya think?


  6. As recorded in the Bible, Esau had a peculiar fondness for the color red, and every detail in the Bible is important. Till today his descendants still love that color, but note that other nations, especially the Igbo, have since come out of the Edo kingdom with the same liking for the red color.

    The Igbo people have retained the same attitude of Esau as they are known for doing anything for money including the falsification of records – read the Book of Jasher, replacing Esau/Edom with Igbo, and you’ld understand this people. They still maintain the same ancient hatred for the Yoruba as described in Ezekiel 35 and the Book of Obadiah. They have retained the reddish skin tone compared to other black Africans, and both males and females appear quite hairy.

    I hope to write a 3-part series about the Igbo people soon.


  7. The book of Genesis attempts to sort Abraham’s people (both ancestors and descendants) into groups. This description of Esau as having a red skin tone is the same as the description of David as being “ruddy” or reddish. This feature is attached to the Horites of Edom (Gen. 36) who were devotees of Horus, called “son of God” and born to the Virgin Queen Hathor in a manger. The Horites originated in the Nile Valley of Sudan. That is the oldest known site of the veneration of Hathor and Horus (Google “Nekhen”). This is where Abraham’s Ainu ancestors came from. The Ainu rulers were bearded and had a reddish-brown skin tone.


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  10. This is my 2nd comment on your website/blog, calling you out on your myopic mindedness ambiguous posts. As usual the standard credible sources are missing. The bible is a great source for reference. Not yoruba culture/tradition or even similar names etc. Please read below and example of a source and how it relates to a country/ group of people.

    Genesis 27:38
    Then Isaac his father answered and said to him:

    “Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth,
    And of the dew of heaven from above.
    40 By your sword you shall live,
    And you shall serve your brother;
    And it shall come to pass, when you become restless,
    That you shall break his yoke from your neck

    This explains that Esau’s people would live everywhere on earth and in the best places, by the sword they conquered nations and removed nations from their ancient homes.

    Esau broke his yoke of his neck in 2chronicles 21:8-10 They revolted from the hand of Judah till this day.

    Read Obadiah 1:1-4
    There are countries out there that have fulfilled/ fulfilling these prophecies.

    Esau/ Edomite is a huge nation. The nation is too big to fit into a small tribe in Nigeria. Nigeria is too small to fit the whole ten lost tribes of isreal (manasseh included) and Judah (who are comprised of the jews or judah, levites and benjamin tribes) and the Edomites too.

    I have done a whole lot of research which would be another blog in itself so i wont put any more on here as i cant explain it all in a comment. you can contact me though for more links and sources to who the Edomites are and how they are fulfilling the prophesies in the bible till date.


    • Thanks for commenting, but I really don’t care whether this particular comment of yours is the 2nd or 3rd trillionth; heaven and earth did not shake, the internet did not blink, and I never trembled nor bowed. Yours reminded me of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (also called Epimanes). You were not forced to comment or read my posts, you made consecutive choices. Try taking responsibility for your actions.

      You referred to my posts as “myopic mindedness ambiguous” – this choice of words is quite senseless; you can ask others for their opinion.

      You mentioned that “As usual the standard credible sources are missing” and then recommended that “The bible is a great source for reference”; I find this assertion of yours ludicrous as references to Bible passages are clearly included in this post. To say that you should remove the log of wood from your eyes would or that you have eyes that do not see, in my opinion, be giving you much credit. Try opening them.

      Since the Yoruba people are Jacob/Orion/Oranyan’s descendants and they still speak the language spoken by Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Terah, Noah all the way to Adam, it becomes immediately obvious that the Yoruba language, customs/culture and beliefs should prove useful as reference points. If I put forth a hypothesis about Abraham’s descendants I should be able to back such with what I consider as suitable explanations. Some example in this post are the association of the red color with Edo(m) and Isẹdalẹ with Esau. Others who are interested and unbiased can take up such, as raw material for more formal research, from there and investigate further. There is no compulsion. Whether anyone accepts or not or sits on the fence is his/her choice.

      The way I interpret data does not have to conform to yours – I have my faculties and you have yours. Each person has his own skill and I use mine on this blog. Bullies and internet trolls ought to consider whether or not it would be wise on their part to mentor/sire/lead others (Matthew 15:13-14; Mark 9:42; Luke 6:39-40).

      Since you referred to Genesis 27:38-40, kindly ask yourself if, upon conquering the Horites and taking over Mt Seir, there is any mention in the Bible of Edom conquering nations, if at all any, and where Edom escaped to (see Daniel 11:41).

      As for “Esau broke his yoke of his neck in 2chronicles 21:8-10 They revolted from the hand of Judah till this day.”, read the book of Maccabees about how they subdued the Edomites.

      You mentioned
      “Read Obadiah 1:1-4
      There are countries out there that have fulfilled/ fulfilling these prophecies.”
      Which countries? In the passage is the prophecy that Edom would be humiliated and made “small among the nations” which is in stark contrast to your interpretation of Genesis 27:38-40 of which you asserted that “This explains that Esau’s people would live everywhere on earth and in the best places, by the sword they conquered nations and removed nations from their ancient homes.” Do consider the prophecy in Amos 9:12 – “that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the Gentiles who are called by My name.”

      Concerning your claims about the population strengths of Israel and Edom, apparently you missed or did not understand the prophecy that a remnant would be left of Israel after the Assyrian and Babylonian deportations and the coming tribulation – Isaiah 1:9; 10:20; 11:11; 37:4; Jeremiah 31:7; Ezekiel 7:16; 6:8; 14:22; Ezra 9:15; and many more.

      I will not contact you as you suggested; you see, megalomania is not my thing and we are not birds of the same feather.

      Proverbs 26:12. If you have seen a man that is wise in his own eyes, a fool is more useful than he.


    • Hello there

      I found your message very interesting and I would like to correspond with you..
      I also conducts research on the people and character of the Bible.


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  13. “The do in Ado/Edo is translated as copulation or the satisfaction of sexual desires or reward-seeking behavior, and Ado/Edo refers to a person of lewd character.”

    Dude, were you hit on the head with a brick or something? Seek psychiatric help. I usually try to ignore your stuff on Edo on nairaland because I know you’re basically clueless, but it’s hard to overlook your comments when you get into the realm of fabricating crap about other groups to satisfy your pathetic ethnic bigotry. Leave Edo out of your half-baked nonsense and steer your delusions in another direction. The rest of this article is drivel from a really confused individual and is not even worth commenting on.


    • PhysicsQED/Sola (Proverbs 26:12), you never showed any evidence of “fabricating crap”. You accuse me of ethnic bigotry yet have seen my criticism of various Yoruba activities; how come?

      Your people, when speaking about the pre-1914 might of the Benin kingdom, recall the exchange of ambassadors with Portugal. Your people still exchange ambassadors, but mostly females who work as prostitutes in Italy and Spain – lewdness lewdness lewdness – and are the pace setters in this regard according to the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) of Nigeria. So far, I have not noted any effort on your part to stop this traffic, not even a tenth of the effort you used in writing your silly comment and all your condescending comments directed at me on Nairaland. Is it that you are not bothered about your women or that none of your immediate family members is involved so you don’t show any care?

      If you like, refuse to see the big picture and play the ostrich by continuation of your baseless denial of your people’s history. Many Negroes are trying to find their way home, trying to understand their place in this life, seeking the truth. If your people can forget the past and look ahead, at the big picture which is redemption, they would admit to their identity as the Biblical Edomites. This admission is essential to dismantling the lies of the present world order and setting our people free.

      At least you avoided denying in your comment that the Edo people are the Biblical Edomites.


      • yemitom/amor4ce,

        I do not have to show evidence that fabricated crap is crap because I am not interested in convincing you that it is crap, rather you have to show strong evidence that the claims are valid and true and are not just your personal fantasies/delusions since you aim to convince other people that they have some validity by promoting them on your blog and promoting these blog postings on other fora. No, “do” does not mean what you said it does and anyway, you are not capable of translating words from languages in which you have no competence. No, the Edo are not the Biblical Edomites, and no, Benin’s might did not end in 1914 when the monarchy was “restored”, but in 1897 after the conquest and even decades before that its might had dwindled after civil wars. If the past might of another kingdom whose people share the same nationality as you bothers you in some way, go find a nice dark corner somewhere to sit down and cry about it. And it was foolish of you to assume that since I am not directly involved in combating human trafficking from Benin, that I have never contributed to organizations working against human trafficking. But I don’t intend to give out my personal details and history, especially not to someone who might not be fully sane. I have not seen your “criticism of various Yoruba activities” because I do not usually follow your posts, but it does not matter because the fact that one can engage in some degree of self-criticism or criticism of one’s own people does not somehow mean that one is incapable of being a bigot. That’s completely asinine reasoning. By the way, I did not accuse you of being a bigot because of your post about the Edo alone, which is really not even that bigoted but mostly just ignorant, but more because of that insane post you wrote on another page on this blog of yours about another group that you also share the same nationality with – after that post I lost whatever respect I had for you. Before I just considered you a regular poster – even if a little quirky and unorthodox – but when you stooped that low just to stoke the flames of that ethnic rivalry, that was when I started to consider you what I called you earlier.

        Anyway, you don’t understand the culture or history, and you clearly don’t like the Edo, so stop making a nuisance of yourself and stop with the dumb fairy tales about us.


        • And by the way, I don’t know who “Sola” is, and don’t care, but that is not me, but just someone else that disagrees with you. I disagree with that person’s claims that “The bible is a great source for reference.”, that “Esau/Edomite is a huge nation” and that “Nigeria is too small to fit the whole ten lost tribes of isreal and Judah” etc. all of which sound like someone’s unsubstantiated opinion to me. I don’t care about what that person is claiming and my views should not be claimed to be those of that Sola poster. If you want to address me, don’t conflate me with some other random poster next time.


  14. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about
    this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message
    home a bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog.
    A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.


  15. So u r trying to claim dat the yorubas r isrealites? And the igbos are edomites. And according to you clear explanation, everything happened here in nigeria and not Canaan. Hmmmm. Yahshuah said that some will claim to be israelites but r not. But r d synagogue of satan. ‘A wise man once said nothing’.


    • Igbos came from EDO. Before the arrival of missionaries, they used to say themselves that they descended from Edo royalty. Igbos generally behave like Satan’s people. Remember that Satan was known to be into foreign trade, and Igbos like to trade and call themselves importers and exporters.


  16. This history is based on lies and fabrications and imaginations of an individual who wants to gain some political or historical recognition which is not based on nothing but fabrications. Idumea (Idoma) are a homogenious group with one single language that is traced to the bible. Edo and igbos and all the other tribes mentioned want to run from their Canaanite and Nephilims root at all costs. But the bible is there to determine who we all are. No need fabricating history to run from your true origin. Canaan. Yoruba, Jebusites in the bible, Igbo Amorites and Nephilims in the Bible, benin area who changed to Edo recently are the smaller Canaanites who dwelt in Canaan.


      • Because their other name is Aduma and Adum. Aduma is the name of my grand father and only Idoma bears the name Aduma. Adum is also Idoma name and a local government area in Idumea (Idoma). the mothers of Idumea or Aduma or Adum were Ada and Oholibamah and these are Idoma names. These were Hittites and Hivites whose towns were Molada and Adada, all Idoma words. Molada means see Ada’s house and Adada means Ada’s father. Idumea town is also called the city of Adam. Adam is Idumea word that means father, the name God called the first man he created. Elah was a duke in Idumea and here I am, Elah. There are more reasons than this but I will stop here. If Edo is Idu or Idumea, tell them to tell me the meaning of the Hittite word Merghraaba or Umaaba, the hittite language of Ada and Oholibamah who were mothers of Idumea, Adum or Aduma. Oholibamah is also very deep Idumea word so let them tell us the meaning.


          • Thank you for asking for my opinion about the Mesopotamian Kingdom of Idu. Names Like Idu, Edoh and Idaa are Idumea (Idoma) names. But I cannot say that wherever these names appear in history make then to become Idumea (Idoma) Kingdom. Idumea (Idoma) was not a kingdom. They are children of Esau or Echo which means stone in Idumea(Idoma) language. Idumeans (Idoma) had no kings. They were ruled by elders and is still ruled by elders, even though the British colonialist tried to create Ochidoma who is like a figure head today. The geographical lacation of Idumea(Idoma) which starts from the Gulf of Aqaba and borders Saudi Arabia and across the Sinai all the way to the valley of Elah, which was later annexed to Judah, takes it outside the Kingdom of Mesopotamia which is current day Iraq. The borders of Idumea (Idoma) are: to the left is Egypt, to the right is Saudi Arabia, to the North is Israel and to the South is the waters of Gulf of Aqaba. So the land of Aduma was never part of Mesopotamia. But the Hittite empire where the mother of Idumea(Idoma) came from also extended from Anatolia which is Turkey, where there is mount Ida, which comes from the name of Greek God Idaa all the way to Mesopotamia. And if Idu is found in Mesopotamia, then that confirms the claims that the Hittite Empire extended to Mesopotamia. So the Kingdom of Idu is not Idumean (Idoma) Kingdom but the Hittite Kingdom. Idumeans (Idoma) had no kings as the Kings of Judah were the Kings of Idumea(Idumea). These were our ancestors from Otukpo. The Hittites had Kings because the mother of Idumea (Idoma) Ada and Oholibamah were Hittite and Hivites princesses and Basemath the grand daughter of Ismael. My conclusion is, the Kingdom of Idu was part of the Hittite Empire.


  17. @yemitom. I think you are looking for cheap relevance. You are completely unside down in knowledge. first you think you know the Edo history and you think the yorubas are isrealites. hmmm. i pity your ignorance. You started well by looking for knowledge, but please, get the right knowledge before you destroy yourself. You are towing the path of people that will later go and form a religion and call themselves Christ and saviour of mankind. My advice to you is ” go and ask for for real wisdom and knowledge” and also ask for deliverance from your psychotic mind


    • How am I looking for cheap relevance?
      What is the right knowledge?
      Where and to whom should one go to ask for real wisdom and knowledge?
      How is my mind psychotic?
      What authority do you have to determine if one’s mind is psychotic? With all I’ve published, even about the etymology of ‘Christ’ and the true identity of the saviour, how in the world did you arrive at the assumption that I’m ‘towing the path of people that will later go and form a religion and call themselves Christ and saviour of mankind’?


    • You have started your fake history once again. I have told you long ago that Edo people have no connection whatever with our people. They are Jeromilites and nothing to do with Idoma or Edom.


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