Taking the Ham out of Abraham – Yes or No?

The biblical name Abraham is said to mean “father of nations” and that for Ham is said to be “burnt” or “black”. What I don’t yet understand is how the former was arrived at given the similarity of the spelling in Hebrew of ham in both names.

Hebrew is written from right to left

Abraham  אברהם

Ham            הם

Aren’t the meanings of words derivable from their roots?

I don’t yet know much about linguistics but am I not seeing a racist attempt to give Ham a bad name in order to hang him?

Why is the name HAM not said to mean NATION or MULTITUDE?


The reason is that the Amorites have been extremely dubious and used those fictitious names to tell lies. Abraham is actually Oduduwa and Ham is Iwa.


2 thoughts on “Taking the Ham out of Abraham – Yes or No?

  1. I found this aspect of the scripture puzzling but If you search the scriptures again you will realize that Ham was not cursed even though he was the guilty one. The curse was on Canaan his first born alone. So it means Ham and his other sons were free of that curse. If you search closely again you will realize that Abraham was actually given the land of Canaan and the eventual Jerusalem would come from there and also the High priests. Which might indicate that not all the Sons of Canaan were cursed. If you check the other descendants of Ham’s sons you will realize how influential they have been from the Cushites (Cush also Ethiopia) we have Nimrod who was regarded as a Mighty one on the earth and called the Mighty Hunter before GOD. We have Phut (Ancient Libya) and Mizraim (Egypt) believed by many as where civilization started.


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