Christian and Muslim Religionists and audio amplifiers in Nigeria

Audio amplifiers like the microphone, megaphone, and speakers were not invented in or by Nigerians. Yet preachers here and in Lagos especially, all “Christian and Muslim”, use them as if they inspired their invention. They use them to assail ear drums from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk, in the open and within their buildings of congregation.

At times, when I wake up at dawn or am about retiring to bed at night and want to pray/meditate, someone is busy trying to distract me with noise (christian and/or islamic) . These evangelists seem to prefer going to residential areas to preach rather than also to police stations and government parastatals like NNPC, PPPRM, the Nigeria Police, NFA, Nitel, and so on. Isn’t this very much unlike the biblical John the Baptist? Also, there are the muezzins and calls to prayers. There are also the different churches who hold so many programmes during the week and act like they want to be heard all over the country from their buildings if possible.

How then is the individual to meditate and find quiet time to pray to his MAKER with all concentration even in the dead of the night? Aren’t these religionists trying hard to make a Babel out of Nigeria? Isn’t there an overdose of avoidable noise pollution already?

I then wonder whether or not this is unrestrained lunacy and self-induced blindness.


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