No to three-child policy for Nigeria

UN special adviser Jeffrey Sachs (perhaps Kissinger’s protege, supporter of eugenics and the Tuskegee experimenters) played the devil’s advocate that he is going by his recent suggestion that Nigeria get on the same path as China. He recently suggested that Nigeria adopt a three-child policy in order to “manage” her rising population which is said to currently stand at 160 million.

My opinion is that the “advice” is sick and deranged. Why not focus on improving the quality of life and get Nigerians to be more productive instead of her past and present history consumption. Nigeria has enough resources for more billions of Nigerians. Efficient management of these resources, both human and otherwise, is very crucial in order for her numerous ethnic nationalities to live comfortably and prosper. It is very much possible and requires belief and diligent commitment.


One thought on “No to three-child policy for Nigeria

  1. Satan will try to employ every known (and unknown) devise to prevent the fulfillment of the complement of the childen of the covenant, knowing that once the pre-determined figure is reached, then, the Saviour (Yahushua) shall return. This will only happen,though, if the children of Yisrael return to Yahuah, confessing our sins and those of our ancestors, and obeying from the heart the Torah and Yah’s (Iye) sabbaths.


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