No to three-child policy for Nigeria

UN special adviser Jeffrey Sachs (perhaps Kissinger’s protege, supporter of eugenics and the Tuskegee experimenters) played the devil’s advocate that he is going by his recent suggestion that Nigeria get on the same path as China. He recently suggested that Nigeria adopt a three-child policy in order to “manage” her rising population which is said to currently stand at 160 million.

My opinion is that the “advice” is sick and deranged. Why not focus on improving the quality of life and get Nigerians to be more productive instead of her past and present history consumption. Nigeria has enough resources for more billions of Nigerians. Efficient management of these resources, both human and otherwise, is very crucial in order for her numerous ethnic nationalities to live comfortably and prosper. It is very much possible and requires belief and diligent commitment.


The fear of man is on all other creatures

I recently came across a clip from BBC and Discovery that shows three men from the Dorobo tribe in Kenya who making use of confidence and knowledge of the fear man on animals to steal meat from a pride of 15 lions. After watching the video I remembered Genesis 9:2

Genesis 9:2And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth [on] the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.

I find this video quite inspirational – can be viewed prior to delivering a speech or elevator pitch, taking an exam, standing for one’s views, delivering presentations, and so much more. It also reminds me that our Creator has deposited something in us that, individually and collectively, we can use to excel and make our dreams come true. In short, I shall possess my possessions; I shall possess the gates of my enemies!

Colonial Secret Papers Concerning Nigeria

According to the BBC, The United Kingdom will soon be releasing to the public sensitive documents relating to her colonial past. Will they would shed more light on the Berlin Conference, the amalgamation of Nigeria, slavery (especially in Akuland), and the collusion with the northern oligarchs against the protectorates of southern Nigeria.