Solagbade Popoola still intercepts my messages and doesn’t want to let me be

On July 11, I announced that this blog and my other social media accounts were being hacked. Well, the culprits led by Solagbade Popoola haven’t stopped but have been deleting messages from persons who have been contacting me for my services. I don’t even get their notifications. But they didn’t delete some comments on my essays for which I got no notifications. He doesn’t want me to do this work at all and his desperation is shows that he’s simply insane.

Blog, email and other platforms hacked

Some lunatics have been using proxy IP addresses to hack into my emails, blog, etc. Even when I’ve changed passwords they resume their nuisance. So, if you’ve contacted me for any services or to exchange ideas within the last 6 months, be wary of whatever communication you might have received in return. Bankole Popoola who is a son of Solagbade Popoola is a hacker without conscience and used to tell me about his hacktivities up until late 2015 when Ifa told me to flee for my life from them all.

Some of the IP addresses used include


Solagbade Popoola and his gang have reduced the frequency of sending mails to me posing as prospective clients and also issuing threats.

Why all these nonsense if they have been truthful? Its because they are liars. Even the odu for this new year 10,062 speaks of being spied upon.

I’ll soon take action as already prescribed by Ifa.

Happy New Year 10,062 (2018/2019): Snippets of the Odun Ifa Agbaye

Yes we have entered another new year starting 29 May 2018. The day before I cast the Ifa for this new year as directed and authorized by Ifa.

All the messages of the previous year whose Odu was Ogbe Ose came and are still coming to pass. For instance, the Fulani persecution increased – 3½ years of persecution followed by 3½ years of defeat of the Fulani and similar oppressors; personally I met Sungbo (instead of Olokun who is spiritually her mother) who got my oshe for me and prospered me; I met Afefe (Bolaji Ayinla Mustapha) a fraudster human parts babalawo who defrauded me by deliberately doing rubbish Egbe initiation for me, owing me some money that I lent him, publicly issuing a threat against me that he would kill me like a chicken, and I had to curse him and use my oshe to call upon my enikeji the irunmole Aganju to deal permanently with him; and many more.

Unexpectedly I met the orishas Jakuta, Aje and also Olubobotiribo aka Baba Enu who offended me. The irunmole Oya also spoke directly to me through her enikeji, and I was abandoned by a certain orisha whom I so much admired – Ogun was responsible. Also, I started using fire to offer ebo in an advanced way – different with each ebo. It has been wonderful.

So, on May 28 I cast the Ifa for the new year and Olodumare declared the Odu Okanran Otura with iku (again) on Nigeria. A basic message here is that certain nationalities non-native to the geographical terrain defined by colonial enslavers as Nigeria want to displace, kill and replace the natives using hunger. The Fulani and Boko Haram are among the antagonists – note that Boko Haram have been reported to speak Fulfude which is the Fulani language. Another message is that I have to publish an expose about Olubobotiribo, and I’ll do so along with that of Afefe.

Ifa prescribes ebo of 3 pigeons and Shea butter, use of kolanut to propitiate Ifa, and 400 naira as the ebo fee.

More details later.

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The Holy Trinity really are the Erscheinungsformen of Zeus

Many “paths” or Erscheinungsformen have been attributed to Zeus through which he was alleged to be manifested and his various epithets and names within and across various oyinbo groups reflect this. He has also been described as one of a trinity with Hera and Drimios/Dionysus. Hera was allegedly a mother and queen of their deities[1] and Drimios/ Dionysus was thought of as a son of Zeus, just like Christianity’s Holy Spirit and Jesus respectively. But, during the classical and Hellenistic age, the oyinbo people began to acknowledge the monotheism of their polytheism. They began to regard him as universal and this bred a Zeus monotheism among them.

Going further, the birth of a supposedly monotheistic Christianity that is based on the concept of a polytheistic trinity of “the father, son and holy spirit” is a schizoid fraud, being yet a paradox – old wine in old skin (cf. Mark 2:21-22). Moreso when Ifa has it that each person has not just an enikeji but also an eniketa (spirit triple).[2]

When juxtaposed in the light of the understanding that the Helper (Spirit of Truth) referred to by Oshu (Ashkenazi Yeshu) as recorded in the bible (John 16:7-15) is his enikeji and not a completely different person as taught in Christianity, the resulting logical conclusion is that the “God in three persons” also known as Holy Trinity of Christianity is in fact the Zeus trinity.

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  2. Feyisetan Opeyemi, The Saviour also has an Ẹnikeji,