Lucifer as the Olósí of Yorùbá History

Lucifer is an appellation attached to the devil also known as Satan. It is a cognate of Olósí, someone described in a version of Yorùbá creation mythology as rebelling against Olódùmarè (God Most High). Support for this is immediately obvious from the similar accounts recorded in the Bible (Isaiah 14:12-15) and the aforementioned version of Yorùbá creation mythology of the arrogance, pride, vanity, expulsion and fall from heaven to the Pit of someone who dared to rebel against OlódùmarèLucifer is from Lucis ferre, which is still used by a section of his people (West/World Superpowers/Amorites who have acted just like him: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, racism, white supremacy, and so on) that handle Lucis Trust, the publishing concern of his United Nations. Since the appellations Lucis and Olósí are cognates, Lu- > (O)lo and –ci(s) > -si; the s in Lucis being of a Hellenist (Greco-Roman) method of altering Biblical/Yorùbá names to that end in vowels by padding such ends with consonants. Olósí is a concatenation of Olo which means owner, and ósí which means left. Thus Olósí is translated in that Yorùbá creation mythology as:

  • owner of the Left side, or
  • owner of the other side, or
  • owner of the side of darkness, or
  • owner of the evil path.

Lucifer and Lucis do not mean light bearer and of light respectively as the Amorites want the world to believe. Arguments have been put forth by his people who use his-story (phony/false history by Amorites to cover their lies and fill the world with stupor and delusions) to portray him as voluntarily leaving run (heaven) for aiye (earth) to give man the technical abilities to survive in this world. Obviously this is a lie as Olódùmarè threw him out and he fell to earth. In their deranged white supremacist urge to boast and defend their evil actions, they up revealing to us that Lucis is their mentor and the one who gave them the technology that they have faithfully used to destroy the earth – warfare, fashion, consumer goods, deluded medicine, industrialization, disease, fornication, etc. – aimed at bypassing Olódùmarè.

The Greco-Romans (Christians/West), Turks (Muslims/phony Arabs) and Russians (Jews/synagogue of satan/Khazar/Khazakstan/Ashenazi/Slavs) massacred the people of Èṣú (see: Èṣú is the true name of the Rock of Ages), the Son of Olódùmarè, and the indigenous Negro populations of the Levant/Middle East while selling some into slavery. These violent people thereafter divided the Holy Land amongst themselves, but it was not enough for them. They conspired to engage in the most idiotic and deranged group identity theft, declared themselves to be Olódùmarè’s people, and used violence, brainwashing, and delusions to spread their tentacles all over the world (Psalm 83).

Just like Olósí/Lucifer, they took the land of Èṣú’s people by force (John 11:12), they steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), there is no truth in them (John 8:44) though some have realized that they inherited lies (Jeremiah 16:19-21), and they till date they try hard but vainly to hide the truth (Matthew 10:16-33; Mark 4:22; Luke 8:17; 12:2). Examples abound including deliberate edits (insertions, deletions, other alterations) of the Bible; destroying the noses of ancient Egyptian sculptures; forging artifacts; destroying and hiding ancient and revelatory manuscripts (Turks/Muslims destroying the libraries in Egypt and elsewhere, the British suppressing the original manuscript of “History of the Yorubas” authored by Samuel Johnson who soon joined his ancestors due to the shock, and Wikipedia suppressing information about the actual identity of ancient Biblical nations, physical appearance of the Amorites, and lying that the name Jesus is derived from Joshua and Yeshua); using sorcery to propagate schizoid visions (Isaiah 47:9; Micah 5:10-15), use the masses as drones and driving them to commit psychotic acts of violence (Jeremiah 51:6-8); and using mass media including the internet which they dominate and control. The erection of the altar and statue of Zeus (IeZeus/JeZeus/Jesus) on top of the altar of Olódùmarè in His Temple in 168 BCE, the destruction of this Temple and the subsequent erection of the temple of Jupiter (Roman for Zeus) in 138 CE, and a church in 325 CE, the erection of mosques and Islamic centres in 700 CE, the erection of Judaism synagogues, the use of symbols – images (Isaiah 21:9; 45:20-25; Jeremiah 50:38; 51:47,52; Daniel 3; Micah 5:10-15), numbers, letters – to erect the temples of Christianity-Islam-Judaism over the altars of human hearts, the deception of the world into looking up to Amorites as if they are of Olódùmarè, and pushing people to argue against His existence, exactly matches the Biblical and Yorùbá description of Lucifer. These Amorites, white supremacists, and people who look down on blacks including the Yorùbá do Lucifer’s will and are therefore his people (Psalm 83; Isaiah 14:1-27).

Perhaps the original Yorùbá name and cognate of Satan is recorded somewhere in the Ifa liturgy, perhaps it has been forgotten just like the people and priests forgot the Name (IYE; the ‘Ye’ part of Yeve/Yehve/Yihve) of Olódùmarè (Jeremiah 44:24-26). It should be possible to reconstruct the devil’s name in Yorùbá using the etymology of Set, the ancient Egyptian cognate of Satan.

Nevertheless, we can safely conclude that, using Olósí as reference, Lucifer or Lucis does not mean light bearer but

  • darkness bearer
  • bearer of evil
  • bearer of destruction.

Also, his people, especially the Roman Catholics with their numerous images like those of the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican in Rome, Italy, have gleefully but morosely given us the express image of Olósí (the image of a man wearing a red robe and surrounded by naked beings) and his prophet Zeus (JeZeus/Jesus) Christ. This we can use to avoid the image of the beast and his mark (the cross and not an electronic chip that many have been led by the Amorites to believe).

Olósí’s network seems to be everywhere in this world, going by the information his people openly share on the Lucis Trust website., including also their deceptive but vain efforts to achieve the reign of Christ of earth. What they do not openly admit is that their Christ refers to Zeus; Èṣú is not known to His people as Christ but IMISI IYE, which the synagogue of satan and fellow Amorites erroneously transliterate as Messiah. Only Èṣú can save those who love and seek Him (Truth) with all their heart, strength and soul.

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Èṣú is the true name of the Rock of Ages

Èṣú as pronounced by the Yorùbá, real descendants of Jacob/Orion/Ọranyan/Ọranmiyan, is the true name of the Rock of Ages. This name has been insanely and mischievously edited by the Amorites, a people who brazenly oppose Olódùmarè (Yorùbá for God Most High). This fraud is quite easy to detect as all of creation is founded on Truth.

Ọpa tẹẹrẹ kanlẹ, o kan ọrun

Truth is a staff stretched thin from heaven to earth yet does not snap

Otitọ ni omi fi tẹlẹ isa

A jar of water is lined with Truth (Truth is crystal clear)

Names in Old and New Testaments

Most Translations of the Old Testament are from the Greek Septuagint and other doctored Hebrew (‘Hebrew’ a deviously misleading pronunciation) manuscripts. From the Amorite Bible versions of the West/Hellenists it can be seen that almost all names in the Old Testament differ from those of the New. Of the New Testament the Amorites, Satan’s lizards (synagogue of Satan – Revelations 2:9 and 3:9) included, allegedly admit that they do not have original scripts, and cannot fully translate, transliterate, read, write and speak the language of Oduduwa (Abraham), Ajaka (Isaac) and Jacob (Orion / Ọranyan / Ọranmiyan). They refer to their Satanic and phony language as modern Hebrew and the true language as ancient Hebrew. This is not surprising as the Amorites slaughtered the Negroes, including Oduduwa’s descendants, who were the original descendants of Shem and lived in the Levant/Middle East, and took their places and divided the land among themselves (Jeremiah 8:10; 12:14; 51:51; Lamentations 1:10; 2:7; 5:1-2; Ezekiel 36:1-7; Joel 3:2). Since then that part of the world stretching into North Africa has been almost totally filled them with foreign/Amorite/Lucifer populations and are the peoples of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Amorites also plagiarized the Bible. These constitute the most notorious, most insane, most brazen, and most imbecilic fraud in the history of mankind. Thus the Orthodox Church and Satan’s lizards – Christian, Judaic and Islamic gatherings ≡ profane and insane assemblies – which claim to use the closest translations and transliterations of the true language, have put up various names as that of the Son of Olódùmarè, with the same name consistent in both Old and New Testaments of the Peshitta Bible versions of the former. Such names include Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yahoshua, Yahushua, Yahushua and so on. Furthermore, the name Yeshua in the Old Testament of the Peshitta is rendered as Joshua and Jeshu(a) in the Old Testament of the Latin/Catholic/Protestant/Greek Septuagint/Western/Hellenist/Greco-Roman/Insane/Profane versions. It is especially with these versions that the Amorites have used as one of their tools to sow confusion, disorientation and deceit around the world.

Before the genocide, a terrible time of tribulation and sustained racial cleansing, the Greco-Romans whose language is flat and necromongous but unlike that of Ọranmiyan’s descendants which is tonal – it is easier for native speakers of tonal languages like Chinese to pronounce accurately indigenous black African names at first attempt than for an Amorite – did write the name of the Son of Olódùmarè as Iesou which is a cognate of Yeshua; Ie- > Ye- and –sou > -shu(a); the a in Yeshua is intentionally misleading. After the mass murder they set about producing copies of the Scriptures, Gospels and other holy texts but with many misleading and deliberate edits, including replacement of Iesou with IeZeus, a name recorded in ancient texts as corresponding to the number 666. IeZeus was also written as IHCOUC, Iesous, Iasous and later Jesous/JeZeus/Jesus, and is derived from the name Zeus of the chief Hellenist (Greco-Roman) god: Ie- > Je- and -Zeus > -sous ->sus. Centuries before the racial cleansing the Amorites associated Zeus with many appellations including Savior/Christ and they have deceived almost the whole world into praying for the reign of Zeus and thinking that Oduduwa’s people knew the Son of Olódùmarè by the name Jesus which is in fact meaningless and strange to their tongue. These people of Lucifer (they have behaved like him) still carry out such fraud today even among themselves. An obvious example is Turkey’s invasion and annexation of a part of Cyprus.

True Name as known by HIS true people

Long before the racial genocide the people of the northern kingdom of Israel (not actual pronunciation) who are known today as Ọyọ / Yorùbá, and many of those of the southern kingdom of Judah known today as Ifẹ, along with others like the Egun /Aegean people of Philistine/Palestine ( Ae- > E- and –gean > -gun) now known as Badagry, the Ijebu/Jebus (Je- > (I)je- and –bu(s) > -bu; the s in Jebus being a deliberate distortion by the Amorites) who were absorbed into Judah/ Ifẹ but had already left with the aforementioned Ifẹ emigrants, and so on, migrated from the Levant/Middle East to West Africa, especially Southwest Nigeria. The first (Ọyọ) group migrated upon the collapse of the Hausa/Assyrian Empire (Assur/Aššur: -A > Hau – and -ssur/-ššur > -sa) in 605 BCE while the second group migrated perhaps about the time prior to, during or immediately after the start of Greco-Roman imperialist campaigns, taking with them sacred items from the Temple in Jerusalem (deviant pronunciation). One of such items is Ifa/Ephod (Eph- > If and –o(d) > -a; the d in Ephod being an insane distortion by the Amorites) which Daodu/David (Da- > Da- and –vid > -(w)odu; David being a retarded distortion; Daodu also spelt as Dawodu by the Yorùbá) used with dexterity to inquire from the Son of Olódùmarè about various decisions – 1 Samuel 23:2,4,6,9,12. Ifa, the name of the divination instruments, is also the name of the spiritual system/liturgy that uses these instruments for communication with the divine. Also, Paul in Romans 3:1-2 noted that Olódùmarè committed Ifa to Ọranmiyan’s descendants. In Ifa is the name of various deities (doubters of deities should see Psalm 8:5; 82:1,6; 95:3; Isaiah 44:26; Ezekiel 44:6; Daniel 4:13-17; John 3:11; 10:31-38). Thus Ifa would be a reliable spiritual repository to use in searching for the true name of the Son of Olódùmarè that the Apostles knew.

Of all the names in Ifa the closest to Yeshua and Iesou is Èṣú, pronounced as ÈŠÚ or Eshu; the È sound is similar to that of ‘a’ in late and the or š as sh: Ye-/Ie- > È- and –shu(a)/-sou > ṣú. Taking it further, Èṣú is the One Ifa querents inquire from concerning their lives because He sees everything (Psalm 11;4; 14:2; 33:13-14,18-19; 34:15; 51:9; 80:14; Isaiah 3:8; 63:15; 65:16; Jeremiah 5:3; 16:17; 23:23-24; 32:19; Lamentations 3:49-50; Ezekiel 7:4,9; 8:18; 9:9-10; Matthew 6:1-6), He is the Rock that the Ifa devotees worship and symbolically anoint with palm oil daily till today just as Ọranmiyan did (Genesis 28:18), and His activities as described in Ifa exactly matches that of the Son of Olódùmarè as described in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Meaning of the Name Èṣú

The shu in Eshu means to emit, to throw out, to evacuate, to eject/inject. These conform to Eshu’s activities when preaching the Word about 2,000 years ago during which He healed people via the evacuation of illnesses and unclean spirits and the injection of life into the maimed and wounded.

Èṣú in Ifa and the Bible

The following is a comparison of a poem, italicized, from the Ifa perspective dedicated to Èṣú, and Biblical descriptions of the Son of Olódùmarè.

Esu is the Divine Messenger between God and Man. Esu sits at the Crossroad.

(1)    The Son of the Almighty brought to us the Gospel which is the Divine Message – summed up in Psalm 102:17-22; 146:5-9; Isaiah 42:6-9;58; 61:1-3; Ezekiel 34:16; John 3:16-18.

(2)    The Almighty does not interact directly with man but through His Messenger, Esu (Isaiah 58:14; 63:9; John 3:13; 7:28-29), much like in traditional African societies where the king is rarely seen in public but his son and co-regent acts on His behalf. It is for this reason that the Yorùbá Ọba (royal father) wears a crown with fringes that shrouds his face and Moses did not see His face (Exodus 33:17-23; for more on such crowns please see “Coronation crown of a Yorùbá king” and “King’s Crown (Adenla)”). The Divine Messenger is the co-regent (Psalm 101:1; Matthew 22:24-26; John 1:18; 8:16,28,38,40; 12:50; Hebrews 1:13) who interacts directly (John 1:18; 3:13; 6:46; 14:5-10) with the Almighty, implying that anyone who sees the Son has seen the Almighty (John 12:45).

(3)    When the Almighty created all using the Word (John 1:1-2; 1 Corinthians 3:11), He gave the authority over creation to Esu (Psalm 45:6-7; John 13:3; 14:10; 16:13-15; 17:2,7-10,22-24; Hebrews 1:8-9). This authority is what the Yorùbá call àṣẹ (Tiv – tsav) and the symbol is the scepter or rod (Psalm 23:4; Micah 6:9; Hebrews 1:8-9) that is in the shape of a shepherd’s staff/crook (Micah 7:14) as seen for instance in royal sculptures of past Oonis of Ife (the throne of Daodu has not lacked a man) and Pharaohs of Egypt. These kings are strongly associated with this symbol because they are the Almighty’s divine representatives (Jeremiah 22:24; John 6:27); Christian pastors are counterfeit, thieves and robbers (Deuteronomy 13:1-5; 18:20-22; Isaiah 2:5-9; 9:15-17; Jeremiah 23:25-32; 26:16; Lamentations 2:14; Micah 3:5-7; John 10:7-18), many of whom acquire chariots/cars/planes and property (Isaiah 2:7-9; 5:8-10,14-17) for themselves. In traditional African societies the one to whom the king gives the staff is regarded as the direct messenger from the king who has the authority to pass/execute judgment (Ezekiel 34; John 5:22-23,26-27; 7:17; 17:1-3).

Esu is the Orisa that offers choices and possibility.

The Son of the Almighty tests and refines man (Ecclesiastes 3:18; Jeremiah 11:20; Zechariah 13:7-9) to fill him with knowledge, wisdom and understanding (Psalm 17:15; Isaiah 60:19-20; John 11:9-10; 17:20-23); these three constitute light and Ela (El) is Light (Isaiah 60:19-20; John 1:2-10). It is for this reason that He taught His disciples to pray not to be lead into temptation (Matthew 6:13). We get the reward for our choices (Matthew 16:27; 20:1-16; 24:45-51; 25; Revelations 2:23; 22:12) of LIFE or DEATH (Deuteronomy 27)!

Esu is the gatekeeper, the guardian of the door.

No sacrifice, prayer and offering can get to the Almighty and the Orisha (Psalm 82:1; Isaiah 44:26; Ezekiel 44:6; Daniel 4:13-17; John 3:11) if Esu does not open the Way as He is the Way (Psalm 20:3; 28:1-2,6; 30:7; 54:2; 55:1; Isaiah 8:17; 54:8; John 14:2-6). This is why Esu seats at the crossroad (remember Ojuelegba in Lagos) and why He is appeased first – hence He teaches us to pray to the Almighty in His Name (Psalm 138:2; John 15:16; 16:24-28).

Esu safeguards the principle of freewill.

Refer to “Esu is the gatekeeper, the guardian of the door”.

Esu is the keeper of Ase.

Refer to (3) of Esu is the Divine Messenger between God and Man. Esu sits at the Crossroad.

Esu is called the divine trickster that lures man’s emotions creating variety which spices life.

Refer to “Esu is the Orisa that offers choices and possibility”.

Esu brings out the fool in man. Esu brings out the symbolic child in man. Esu’s mischief serves to wake a person up and teach them a lesson.

Refer to the entire Book of Ecclesiastes.

Esu represents the balance of nature. Day and night, white and black, construction and destruction. Esu is an old man and a child. Absolute balance of nature.

This is why the Son of God warns us of the dire consequences of rebellion (Isaiah 30:8-17), destroying the earth (Revelations 11:18), admonishes us to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 7:12), and cautions against bias (Matthew 7:1-5). He is coming to kindle a fire on earth to destroy the destructive works of men (Psalm 7:11-16; 9:15-16; Isaiah 26:21; Nahum 1:1-6). There has to be balance in our lives.

Esu has a voracious appetite. Esu has a constant drive and is always ready (erect penis).

He is ready to dispense justice without tiring, quick to show mercy, and shows no favor to man (Isaiah 63; John 5:17; Luke 12:49). JeZeus and the people of Lucifer/West need Viagra (lies, plagiarism, weak and unnatural foundation) as seen in ancient Greco-Roman sculptures of nudity. Why is there from the Amorites/West/people with pointed noses/oyinbo a huge market and lots of spam mails concerning erectile dysfunction, Viagra and the likes?

Esu counterbalances aspects of our reality. Esu is the patron of the “underworld” and their way of survival.

The Almighty is the God of the living, including the ancestors and others who are not physically present (Matthew 22:31-32; John 14:2-3; Revelations 6:9-11). He maintains the consciousness/sanity of those who obey Him, thus keeping them from straying and drawing them unto Him (Isaiah 43:13; Jeremiah 23:22; John 6:35-37,44-45; 10:26-29; 17:6-19; Romans 15:21), but fills the disobedient ones with stupor and delusions (Psalm 60:3-4; 75:8; Isaiah 51:17-23; 56:10-12; 63:6; 66:3-4; Jeremiah 13:12-14; 19:9; 25:14-29; 48:11-12,26; 51:6-10,39-40,57; Lamentations 3:61-66; 4:21; Joel 1:5; Nahum 1:10; Habakkuk 2:15-17; Zechariah 12:2-4; John 12:37-41; Acts 28:26-27; Romans 11:7-10).

Esu—The means justify the end!

To those that do wickedly He will recompense their deeds likewise on their heads (Psalm 9:15-16) even if such requires a lot of bloodshed (Isaiah 66:6,14-17,24). There must be balance.

Esu must always be appeased first.

Just as the authorized messenger of a traditional African king has to be appeased first else no request would get to the latter, no request can get to the Almighty unless you first appease His Son. Ifa/Ephod devotees do this faithfully and the Son reminds us to do likewise when He tells us to inquire from the Almighty in His Name. Refer to “Esu is the gatekeeper, the guardian of the door”.

Ase O!

Our people have always known words like Ase/Ise and the likes but not Amen/Amin.

The poem is from an brilliant article from Asar Imhotep about Asẹ and Èṣú in Yorùbá and ancient Egypt.

His Name blasphemed continually everyday

About 200 years ago, a Yorùbá boy named Ajayi was kidnapped by the Fulani, a terribly wicked people, who sold him to the Portuguese into slavery. He was later set free by the British – such activities like slave abolition were used as a ploy by the British Amorites/reptiles monarchy to deceive the world, including Negroes and especially Oduduwa’s people that they (British) cared for them (Negroes) – in faraway Sierra Leone, deceptively brainwashed into accepting Christianity, given the Amorite name Samuel Crowther, indoctrinated into British Amorite ways, used as a conduit and zombie to deceive and infect Oduduwa’s people, and rewarded with the title of Bishop. The British needed one of Èṣú’s people because the Amorites needed a mole/Judas Iscariot/DNA insider as an agent/vector to spread the virus of Jesus: “a man’s enemies are the men of his own household” (Micah 7:6; Matthew 10:35-36). He was the first to translate the Bible from English to the Amorite script now used by the Yorùbá to read and write though he did not indicate any awareness that the English Bible is a plagiarized record of the history of his very own people; at least he was used to bring it back to us. The worst part of all these is the British/Lucifer used him to declare JeZeus/Zeus as the Savior and Èṣú as Satan to Èṣú’s people and other descendants of Oduduwa like the Igbo (from Edo) and their Nupe (Moab? Nebo?) cousins. Many of Èṣú’s people who had just experienced civil wars, ritual murders and slavery fell for the signs and wonders of the Amorites/Lucifer/Gentiles thereafter served them and adopted Christianity, thus committing the abomination of playing the harlot with foreign ways and religions and fornicating with the spirit of harlotry; a repetition of history – Isaiah 57:7-8; Ezekiel 23; Hosea 4:12; 5:3-4. That the Amorites/Lucifer achieved this evil and deranged transposition is a testimony of their purely Satanic and insane disposition, an appropriate reason to act with skepticism toward everything Amorite and reject anything Amorite to be on the safe side. Note that some Gentiles like Cornelius of Acts 10, the Roman centurion officer of Matthew 8:5-13, and Adunni -Olorisha Susanne Wenger, would have noticed that they inherited lies, and these ones would seek to be grafted in as one of Èṣú’s people (Isaiah 11:10; 49:6 56:3,6-8; Jeremiah 16:19-21). Èṣú’s people have to take responsibility for their actions as they let it happen – an indicator of their present morose state of consciousness.

Till today there are many of such moles amongst Èṣú’s people, just like during the time of the Maccabees when many Judaeans fornicated with Hellenist (Greco-Roman) ways. These zombies have been increasingly infecting their brethren and their population also increasing while they erect temples to Zeus everywhere and on every street corner:

Ezekiel 16:23 “It has happened after all your wickedness (woe, woe to you!) says Oluwa, 24 that you also built for yourself a shrine, and made a high place for yourself in every street.25 You built your high places at the head of every road, and made your beauty an abomination, and have opened your feet to everyone who passed by, and multiplied your prostitution.”

Thus they blindly pray with all their heart, might and soul in the name of Zeus for the earth to be destroyed and cursed (Malachi 4:6), for him to reign at their expense/disposal, and for the impossible defeat of Èṣú, the Son of Olódùmarè.

Satan, into whose hands has been given the dominion of this world and its glory to do with as he wishes (Luke 4:5-8) deceives these people with the cares of this world (which manifests as an insane rat race for materialism – consumer goods, industrialization, the glitz and glamour, Amorite/Hollywood/Oscar/MTV/Grammy type of fame, honor from men, corporate/white collar jobs, Hellenist/formal miseducation like MBAs, and so on), and they gullibly believe that Olódùmarè has been answering their prayers. They do not understand the advice from Èṣú to have their treasures stored in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21) as the redeemed would receive their reward when He establishes His Kingdom on Earth (Matthew 6:1-6). They also blind themselves to His declaration that He has a mandate to kindle a fire on the Earth that would utterly melt/destroy/consume the worldly cares. Since Èṣú is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the opposite is true of the one referred to mostly as the Anti-Christ: Jesus/JeZeus/IeZeus/Iesous/Zeus is the Obstacle/Wall/Dead-End, the Lie and the Death! The Amorites who worship Jesus are his bride/body while the Negroes who choose to serve him have been giving their lives, shedding their blood, as a ransom for his. These Negroes, especially those of Ọranmiyan’s seed, are the ones sacrificed by the Amorites on his behalf to enable him and them take over and rule the Earth.

Nigeria is the location where most of the Biblical nations, including Ọranmiyan’s descendants and those who contended with them like the Edomites (Edo & Igbo), Nupe (Moab?), Assyrians (Hausa & Kanuri), Egun (Aegean) of Ekron (Akran) and others yet to be identified settled according to similar geopolitical patterns. The British monarchy got this choice portion along with other “commonwealth” nations to colonize by Satanic means just like the Greco-Roman-Byzantine imperialists did about 2,000 years ago in the Levant– the United Kingdom will be utterly obliterated (Isaiah 59:18-19; Ezekiel 39:6). It should not come as a surprise that Nigeria has been seen by others as an astonishment, a hissing, a curse, a proverb and a byword. The country has witnessed a directly proportional relationship between religiousness (brain-dead/zombie-like zeal for foreign religions especially Christianity and Islam) and chaos – the more people pray in the name of Zeus and speak blasphemies against Èṣú the more the chaos in the land and the lives of these people. This is also the sorry story of the Negro.

It is very sad that Èṣú’s people whom He delivered, nurtured, brought up, protected and sacrificed Himself for as a ransom, now speak evil of Him. Indeed He has been the most afflicted of all men (Isaiah 52:14), just like His people who profane His Name. Èṣú spoke of the blasphemies very long ago via he mouth of Isaiah (misleading transliteration) His prophet:

Isaiah 52:5 “Now therefore, what do I have here,” says Oluwa, “seeing that my people are taken away for nothing? Those who rule over them mock,” says Oluwa, “and My Name continually all the day is blasphemed.

Ifa priests having added to confusion

In the period prior to and during the Amorite occupation of Yorùbá kingdoms (17th century till date: colonialism = neo-colonialism = adoption of foreign ways and religions = horror = abomination), a repetition but on a grander, similarly Luciferan scale by the Greco-Romans (Daniel 7; 8;10; 11; Matthew 24), many terrible sins were being committed by Èṣú’s people, including the elders and priests, and of the kind described throughout the Bible like in Jeremiah 2. For instance there were lots of ritual murders, use of ogun ika (sorcery) against innocent victims, and the likes. It seems many priests were under a delusion that they knew what they were doing, and eventually passed on a misunderstanding of Ifa from generation to generation. In addition, some Ifa devotees still speak of Ẹla, Ọrunmila and Èṣú as of different Persons whereas they are One – Moses reminded His people that Olu awa (Oluwa or Our Ruler/Leader) is One (Deuteronomy 6:4). Another is that many people did not learn that the Ifa symbols/objects/figurines are, in the words of Asar Imhotep, “mnemonic devices that remind the wisdom seeker of how he/she’s supposed to act.” Eventually many people believed that in such objects was their salvation, thus giving an excuse for the hypocrites or idolatrous Christians to accuse the former of fetishism and idolatry.

There is also a version of an account of Yorùbá creation mythology about the establishment of the Yorùbá seven weekday names. Here, it is narrated that Èṣú had brought chaos on Earth which Olódùmarè halted by sending Ẹla (El being a mistranslation) from heaven to Earth to restore order and thereafter ascend back to heaven. It is also added that Èṣú sought but failed to oppose Ẹla. This account appears to have been tainted by Amorite/Zeus/Christian/Islamic feedback, probably an outcome of the exponentially multiplier effect of Bishop Ajayi Crowther’s ignorant betrayal. Such a conclusion should not be dismissed since Ẹla has appeared in the flesh earlier among men as Ọrunmila, when He appeared to Oduduwa, and later as Èṣú when He was born to Mọrẹmi (Miriam/Maryam/Mary: Mi/Ma- > Mọ and –riam/-ryam > rẹmi) sometime between 6 BCE and 33 CE. This is given credence by a  Yorùbá version of the creation of the Universe, in which Olósí, not Èṣú, rebelled against Olódùmarè and was thereafter imprisoned in the bottomless Pit at the centre of the Earth and from which He has been released periodically.

Searching for Yorùbá cognate of Satan

Some Ifa devotees have argued that there is no Satan and nothing like a final judgment. This is strange because the priests also say that Ọrunmila means Ọrun ni o mo ẹni ma la or Heaven knows those who will be saved, which implies that not all will be saved and conversely others will be condemned. Those who will be saved are the ones who call upon and His Name and believe Him, they will become like Oyigiyigi (Rock of Ages; an epithet for Ọrunmila). Those who follow Zeus will be condemned to the Pit. Since Èṣú is the true Name of the Son of Olódùmarè and which the Amorites cognates are Yeshua, Iesou, etc, and Satan is the Amorite name of the devil and Zeus of his false prophet, there must be a cognate of the name Satan in the Yorùbá tongue. Supporting this hypothesis is the fact that cognates of Èṣú exist in the languages of the brothers, cousins and neighbours of Ọranmiyan’s people and of Satan in the languages of their neighbours:

  • Èṣú – Èṣú (Edo), Ekwensu (Igbo), Ayeshu (Akan of Ghana), Shu (ancient Egypt, not the present day lunatic Egypt) and so on.
  • Satan – Set (ancient Egypt).

Furthermore, the appellation Lucifer, which is said to be of Satan, is seems to be a cognate of Olósí. Support for this is immediately obvious from the similar accounts recorded in the Bible (Isaiah 14:12-15) and the aforementioned version of Yorùbá creation mythology of their expulsion and fall from heaven to the Pit. Lucifer is also written as Lucis, which is still used by a section of his people (West/World Superpowers/Amorites who have acted just like him: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, racism, white supremacy, and so on) that handle Lucis Trust, the publishing concern of his United Nations. It should thus be safe to consider that Lu- > (O)lo and –ci(s) > -si; the s in Lucis being of a Greek method of altering Biblical names to that end in vowels by padding such ends with consonants. Olósí is a concatenation of Olo which means owner, and ósí which means left. Thus Olósí is translated in that Yorùbá creation mythology as:

  • owner of the Left side, or
  • owner of the other side, or
  • owner of the side of darkness, or
  • owner of the evil path.

Lucifer and Lucis do not mean light bearer or light. Perhaps the original Yorùbá name of Satan is recorded somewhere in the Ifa liturgy, perhaps it has been forgotten just like the people and priests forgot the Name (Iye?) of Olódùmarè (Jeremiah 44:24-26), perhaps this name is that of Olósí. It should be possible to reconstruct the devil’s name in Yorùbá using the etymology of Set.

Èṣú’s people call upon and believe Him

ThankfullyÈṣú has already prayed to Olódùmarè for mercy (Luke 23:34), to forgive His people for their ignorant actions (Psalm 82:5; Isaiah 6:9-10; Acts 28:25-27). Those of His people who worship Him in this world have been facing persecution and ostracism (Daniel 3; 6; John 15:16-25; 16:1-4) from the zombies, also known as walking dead, who worship Zeus and have received his mark (Ezekiel 9; not a chip as the Amorites want the world to believe).  It has thus been an evil time as some of Èṣú’s followers including those who return to Him have had to keep a low profile (Isaiah 59:15; Jeremiah 26; Daniel 3; 6; Amos 5:12-13; John 7:7; 19;38). Anyone still arguing for the name Jesus loves lies (John 3:18-21; 12:42-48) and will not enter Olódùmarè’s kingdom (Psalm 73:27; John 3:18-21; Revelations 21:27; 22:15). Rather, those who love the name Èṣú and wait for Him shall not be put to shame (Psalm 17; 22; 31; 40; 69; 71; 109:21-31; Jeremiah 15:15-21) but will dwell in the Kingdom (Psalm 69:36)!